realsupport: Online Marketing for Real Estate Pros - 10/12/15 02:52 PM
Inman News recently published a brief article about top digital marketing tips for real estate agents. We're going to share highlights with you, and add some helpful detail to help you form an online marketing plan that you can implement! First, some background. Inman News conducted a survey of real estate agents and brokers to find out what online tactics proved to be successful for them. Subscribers to Inman News can read the entire report.  Successful online marketing boils down to some of the things we've talked about extensively in our own blog posts. Namely, having a strong brand, a good online reputation, … (3 comments)

realsupport: Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant the Smart Way! - 05/17/15 12:59 PM
A recent article in Entrepreneur entitled, "5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Assistant" spoke of the drawbacks of outsourcing. They ranged from not having a clear purpose in mind for your VA, to dealing with training processes and language issues. The 5 listed pitfalls were as follows:
1. Hiring a VA for the wrong reasons
2. Not writing a clear VA job description
3. Expecting too much from your VA candidates
4. Not considering language barriers when hiring a VA
5. Not committing time to training your VA
The article should have been entitled, "The Pitfalls of Hiring the Wrong Virtual Assistant," as most … (2 comments)

realsupport: The 3 New Rules of Facebook Organic Reach - 04/24/15 05:03 PM

Facebook's newest algorithm change will potentially reduce organic reach for business pages, as Facebook draws a deeper line between personal posts and unpaid business posts. As of April 21, 2015, Facebook quietly made the following changes to user news feeds:
1. Priority is now given to personal content from family and friends. A user's news feed will give priority to Grumpy Cat memes from their Aunt Sophie, while your new listing will show further down the thread.
2. Posts in news feeds with active comments will no longer default to the top of the feed. In other words, if a user isn't part … (3 comments)

realsupport: 4 Key Aspects of a Mobile-Friendly Website - 04/17/15 05:58 AM

As of April 21, 2015, Google will make mobile algorithm changes that may impact the search results of your website.
Simply put, when a user performs a Google search on a mobile device, the search results will give preference to “mobile friendly” websites. This means that despite your content, keywords and SEO strategies, your website may not show up in a mobile search, if Google does not view your site as mobile-friendly.
To gauge mobile-readiness, Google looks at these 4 key areas:
1. Website software and features compatible with mobile. No Flash!
2. Display of large, readable text
3. Automatic resizing of content to … (1 comments)

realsupport: The Better the Real Estate Photos, the Better the Offer! - 02/23/15 01:28 PM
You may already know that 92% of home buyers use the Internet for their home search. Excellent real estate photos are needed to draw buyer attention, and to convey a positive opinion of value.
What's more, studies by Redfin have shown that using professional real estate photos can attract higher offers for properties priced at $200,000 and above.
However, not all real estate agents are in a position to supply professional photography services. Professional photography takes money, time, appointment coordination and sometimes post-production editing. It's an investment that is certainly worth consideration. But if the constraints of time and money are holding … (1 comments)

realsupport: Why the Zillow-Trulia Merger is Good for Real Estate - 02/16/15 08:31 AM
Now that the FTC has approved the Zillow-Trulia merger, Zillow is to real estate what Amazon is to retail; a dominating force that may change the industry. Analysts have speculated for months about what the merger could mean for real estate professionals, with many painting a grim picture for the future.
There's valid reason for concern. Zillow was launched in 2005 by former Microsoft execs Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, the same duo that created Expedia and rendered travel agents obsolete.
After several years of traffic growth - at annual rates as high 103% - Zillow began an aggressive series of … (1 comments)

realsupport: Your RealBuzz Update: Getting in the Halloween Spirit - Facebook Style - 10/29/12 03:41 AM

realsupport: Exciting Announcements & Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update - 03/23/11 05:27 AM

realsupport: Diary of a Virtual Assistant - 01/27/11 06:10 AM
We often get wrapped up in our own world and assume that everybody knows what we know and sees what we see. Your job as a real estate agent is second nature to you. You use terms such as MLS and REO on a regular basis and assume that everybody else knows what you are talking about. More than often though, they don't. That's why they trust you with their homes and not themselves. I often speak to you in this blog and assume that you know exactly how my company works. But more than likely, you don't. So here goes... … (3 comments)

realsupport: Well Worth Your Time - 01/04/11 08:29 AM
Have you heard about yet? If not, I suggest that you go into Google and type in "Your City, Patch". Chances are, you will be brought to this incredible webpage created by and for your community, filled with local events, news stories, volunteer opportunities, a classified page, and a directory. This little beauty is a gold mine for real estate agents. Some Patch sites are so popular that they are showing up on the first page of the search results simply by typing in your city alone. Patch, owned by AOL, is part of a network of 500 online news … (6 comments)

realsupport: Using Your Real Estate Tools to Their Full Potential: Notes from a Zillow Webinar - 12/16/10 02:17 AM
A few of the RealSupport virtual assistants had the pleasure of participating in a Zillow Webinar this week called "The Top 10 Power Tools of Zillow." As an avid user of Zillow, there were a lot of features pointed out that I was already awared of. However, sometimes even though you know something is there, doesn't mean that you are using it to its full potential. Attending this webinar allowed me to see Zillow in a new way. As soon as I finished, I spent a good half hour perusing Zillow and discovering new ways to use it that I never … (4 comments)

realsupport: Real Estate Agents Love A Good Motivational Book - 11/12/10 12:14 AM
I have an addiction to admit. My name is Stacey Clarke and I am addicted to motivational books. I love the thrill you get while you're reading them.  I love how they make you think anything is possible. And I love the new-found outlook on life you have once you’ve read that last page.  Although some may beg to differ, I don't think this makes me a sucker; I simply think it makes me one of those people who is in need of a little help every once in a while to keep me working towards my very lofty life goals.Why … (28 comments)

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