reva: Add unlimited photos to your listings on Trulia AND best of all it's FREE & you don't have to upgrade your account! - 07/14/09 12:53 AM
I'm sure most of you post or have your listings "feed" to They just launched an exciting new feature that allows you to add as many photos as you would like to your listings. This gives you some control over your syndicated or manually added listings.
Best of all, you do not have to upgrade your account to access this feature, it is FREE!
Here's how to use it:
First, access your My Listings page (if you don’t already have a Trulia account, you’ll be prompted to create one).  Then, for any listing on your page, select from the drop-down … (4 comments)

reva: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 07/13/09 02:28 AM

reva: Google Maps Real Estate Search - 07/07/09 10:50 AM
I just blogged about Google Maps and it's latest feature, What's Here. The more I am on Google Maps, the more cool features I find! It is really becoming a business tool to take advantage of! I have just discovered their Real Estate Search - another great tool!
This feature allows users to search for listings on Google Maps. The listings on the search pull through from GoogleBase - which is free to post your listings to and also receives feeds from several sites. So your listing could potentially be on GoogleBase without you even being aware - try doing a … (5 comments)

reva: Have a Marketing & Closing Team at Your Fingertips, Not at Your Office! (Free Webinar) - 06/25/09 02:16 AM

You’ve signed the listing agreement and promised your client the moon when it comes to marketing the property...
Now, you have to figure out how you’re going to live up to your promises...  How will you have time to extensively market their home online and figure out how to create classy, professional print marketing (brocure, postcard, etc.) and still have time to devote to your other clients, attend to your office business and maybe, just maybe, have a life...
Sound impossible? Not if you join the growing ranks of real estate agents and brokers who are using a Real Estate … (2 comments)

reva: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 06/24/09 09:36 AM

reva: What’s Here? Feature on Google Maps - 06/23/09 07:17 AM

Just when you thought Google Maps couldn’t get any better, they launch their newest feature - What’s Here. This is an interactive tool that allows users to pick a point on the map, click “What’s Here” and like magic, you are given a list of “the most relevant results representing that location” - or ways to explore the area! For example, let’s say you are working with a client moving to the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston. You sit down with them to show them some local attractions and features, and search the area using Google Maps.  Right click the … (5 comments)

reva: Fresh Summer Marketing Ideas - Creative Ways to Stay In Front Of Your Past Clients/SOI! - 06/16/09 09:21 AM
Summer is officially here!  You need some creative ways to keep in touch with your past clients and SOI.  Here are just a few ideas to have your Real Estate Virtual Assistant implement for you:

1.) Calendar of Local Summer Events: This can be a postcard or 1 page calendar w/a note from you.  Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can look up local events happening in your area over the summer and then put them on a graphical calendar (jumbo postcard or 1 page).  This calendar would then get sent out to your past clients and SOI. 
They'll appreciate … (13 comments)

reva: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 06/05/09 04:37 AM

reva: - A Great Resource - 05/27/09 07:57 AM
What is ? is a site that provides community information and more importantly local events, seminars, etc for specific towns. Consumers can search by town, then by date, type of event, venue, etc. It is a really great resource for agents and can be used in a several different ways.
As a Real Estate Agent/Broker, How can you use it? 1.     Do you host any type of class, seminar, or event? If so, you can add it to this site for free. It displays nicely with your web address and information, and appears when anyone searches for that city … (3 comments)

reva: Manage your online reputation with Yelp - what is it and why do you care? - 05/27/09 03:46 AM
Recently, I was looking for the address of a place that I was going to host a baby shower at.  When I did a google search for the address, a Yelp Review came up!  It actually gave me all the information that I was looking for so I didn’t even have to find the “official website” of this place. I saw there was a review so of course I read it. This personal experience opened my eyes to the power of Yelp.  I’m trying to summarize what it is and why I think you as a Real Estate Agent or Broker … (5 comments)

reva: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 05/21/09 07:11 AM

reva: Why We Love - and HATE - Automatic Syndication! - 05/12/09 10:40 AM
For those of you that are not familiar, syndication has become all the rage with MLS’s, websites, you name it. The way it works is you enter your listing onto one site, let’s say your MLS. Your MLS then “feeds” it (or sends the listings automatically) to several other sites.
Why We LOVE Automatic Syndication:
It is convenient and less work for us/our agents. Time is money, and this saves a lot of time, in turn saving money. Agents who do not have large budgets can strategically place their listings on a select few websites that feed to many other … (17 comments)

reva: Are you a Customer? Read this important notice from's Founder/Owner - 05/06/09 10:07 AM
Hi Fellow Active Rainers,
As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Team, We use for a few of our clients and I wanted to pass along this important message to those of you that use them.  See below:
To All HomeVisit Customers and Users,
We have made a very difficult decision to temporarily suspend access to We hope to restore services today, May 6, 2009. We will communicate status to all HomeVisit customers via email.
Last week, our technicians detected a remote security breach to our servers from China. This incursion was a very sophisticated attack designed to cause … (0 comments)

reva: Build your referral network thru social networking and posting your new listings on Twitter - 05/03/09 02:03 PM
Many of you have already jumped on the social networking bandwagon.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Digg, Twitter and more.  Social networking is the newest and hottest marketing phenomenon and it will certainly give you more public exposure and can potentially take your business to a new level!
If you haven't already heard of Twitter, you need to check it out. (along with many other social networking sites) has taken the country by storm as the latest networking technique! 
This website allows you to connect with colleagues, clients and even friends and family by keeping them informed of your wherabouts and activities … (6 comments)

reva: Seller Reporting and Visual Tour - 04/29/09 01:55 AM

We do what we call “Seller Reporting” for many of our clients. This is simply a gathering each month, week, etc of the hits their listing has received on various sites. This feature is available on many sites (Zillow,, VisualTour & more) and is typically very user friendly. This keeps your sellers in the loop and also makes them feel they have not been forgotten! A very important thing in today’s market, where sometimes listings remain on the market for longer than usual.
We used to have to manually send these VisualTour hit reports through their system, which worked … (6 comments)

reva: Do you have PR contacts? Here’s a little secret to get several queries - reporters LOOKING for sources - in YOUR Inbox daily! - 04/19/09 01:45 PM
Whether you or your Real Estate Virtual Assistant are writing your press releases, you are probably wondering if you’re sending and/or submitting them to the best places or websites.  Are they getting picked up and are you getting the exposure you deserve?How would YOU like to know what the reporters WANT or NEED to write about?  Now you can.  I was at a conference over the weekend and one of the presenters shared this secret with us and I wanted to pass it along to all of you. Peter Shankman (CEO, Entrepreneur & Adventurist) started HARO - Help a Reporter Out … (2 comments)

reva: Zillow Feeds - 04/15/09 01:05 AM
At first, when various sites began "feeding" or sending information to Zillow, we got excited. It seemed it would be less work and save our clients money. Just let your listings automatically "feed" through to Zillow, it seems like it should be so easy. We have found some thorns on this rose since then, and I'm sure others are experiencing the same thing. Many of our clients have their listings feeding into what Zillow calls "dummy" accounts. These accounts do not have profile photos, links to your website, nothing. You cannot access these accounts, therefore, you cannot change profile information, listing … (2 comments)

reva: Facebook Business Profile - Creating a Professional Profile for Your Real Estate Business - 04/10/09 05:09 AM
While many real estate professionals are hearing that Facebook is the place to be, they are torn about actually using Facebook. Many feel that it is quite personal and do they really want their client reading a post by their 21 year-old cousin (who we will call Josh) who is also a "friend" of theirs on Facebook. This is actually the power of Facebook, because guess what, that 21 year-old cousin Josh has Facebook friends that may be looking to purchase their first home and bam, you are right there on Josh's Facebook and you're an agent. So hopefully, they … (8 comments)

reva: What goes up, must come down - here is some inspiration for you. - 03/31/09 08:19 AM
What goes up, must come down.The good news is that what is down, will always go up.  This is kind of like "is the glass half full or half empty". How do you choose to see it?It is rough out there for everyone, but what I refuse to do is jump on the pity party bus.  We all knew this would happen (maybe not this severe). We all knew we should plan for this day when things are not as hot as they were 3 years ago.  Perhaps if nothing else, we learn from this experience and when this market is … (1 comments)

reva: Looking for a creative, interactive way to display your documents? Check out Issuu! - 03/24/09 07:36 AM
Looking for a creative, interactive way to display your documents?  Look no further.  Check out!
Issuu is a Living Library for individuals, publishers and businesses.  Best of all, it's FREE and open for everyone to use!
Even YOU Can Do It!  Upload any kind of document and Issuu will turn it into the best looking online publication available today! 
They even have three different view modes to fit your needs: Magazine, Presentation and Paper.

Plug & Play ANYWHERE! 
Get your favorite Issuu on Facebook, Blogger, … (3 comments)

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