reva: Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant! - 05/30/13 12:30 AM

So, you’ve heard of Real Estate Virtual Assistants and how many agents are hiring these REVA’s on as an extension of their real estate team.  But, you’re skeptical.  
Is it really worth the additional cost when you can do it yourself or hand of daily tasks to someone in your own office?  What kind of training do I have to give a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to make sure they correctly handle my marketing?  How long does it take them to get my tasks done if they’re working with multiple agents?   
And these are just the tip of … (4 comments)

reva: 5 Tips for Taking a Break This Memorial Day Weekend! - 05/23/13 04:04 AM

With the Memorial Day celebration this weekend, many of you are gearing up for a little, well deserved, time off!  You’ve been in the throws of the busy spring real estate market and a day to relax and enjoy family and friends can be just the thing to boost you through the summer months.
We know that it can be challenging in the real estate industry to actually take a break, but the truth is: work will always be there.  No matter how much you work ahead, you’ll always have something else you can be doing, so taking time … (20 comments)

reva: How to Give Back Without Spending a Penny - 05/16/13 03:27 AM

You’ve probably heard the recent story about self-made billionaire Sara Blakely pledging to give away half of her fortune.  As one of the youngest female billionaires at age 41, Sara has always been about trying to help others.  Her company Spanx was created off of her desire to give women a body slimming effect without the restriction of panty hose.   The idea took off and the company now has over 200 products in more than 50 countries... and she remains the sole owner.
Her motivation behind giving away half of her hard earned fortune is because she wants … (3 comments)

reva: Twitter Ads Just Launched! 5 Steps to Get You Started! - 05/09/13 04:31 AM

Over the past few years, we’ve created a number of Facebook ads for our clients, and they’ve worked amazingly well!  Marketing yourself where millions of people spend time each day seems ideal, especially when you can hone in on your target market right in the area in which you serve!
Well, it comes as no surprise then, that Twitter has recently jumped at the chance for business advertising.  Over the past year, they’ve been doing a test run with American Express small business card members.  They’ve taken countless surveys, tweaked their approach and have finally launched their advertising platform … (0 comments)

reva: The Power of Blogging- A Medium You Don't Want to Leave Behind! - 05/02/13 02:43 AM

Social media.  It’s all around us, everywhere we look and on the tip of of our tongues in conversations.  We all understand the importance of it, but it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest app, or the ever changing rules on how to use it most effectively.  
As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, our goal is to keep you up to date with what’s on the cutting edge, and are constantly making necessary adjustments for our clients that have given us the reigns on their Facebook and Twitter.  They love that they don’t have … (3 comments)

reva: Tough Day? 3 Ways to Stay Productive When Everything Falls Apart - 04/25/13 03:17 AM

Have you ever had one of those days where things just keep going wrong?  You planned to have a highly productive day filled with meetings, showing appointments, and a chance to market that new listing... but people cancel, you get side tracked and before you know it; your day is completely thrown off.  It happens to us all, and probably more so than we’d like to admit.
But what if there was a way to stay productive when everything seems to fall apart?  Planning is the key!  Failure to plan is a plan for failure!  Expect that there will … (0 comments)

reva: Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile with These 5 Tips! - 04/18/13 03:57 AM

As you know spring is a great time to freshen up and organize your home and office.  While some of us are still waiting for spring weather to arrive, the cleaning bug has many of us sorting, revamping, prioritizing and checking “to do’s” off our list.
In our work as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we understand the demands on those in the real estate industry and how finding the time to do everything needed on a given day can be overwhelming.  That’s where we step in to help lighten your load and allow you to stay on tasks with … (3 comments)

reva: 3 Tips for Creating Engaging Landing Pages on Your Website! - 04/11/13 06:12 AM

When it comes to your website, it seems that there’s always something to improve upon.  And it makes sense.  Potential clients are savvy about doing research and one of the first places they’ll go to learn more about who you are and what services you provide in the real estate industry will be your website.  
In a world of social media, it’s important to not forget about the importance of your online presence through your website.  This is where you can provide all the information potential and current clients want to know and will help give a well … (3 comments)

reva: 3 Tips to Avoid Burnout this Spring! - 04/04/13 04:13 AM

We’re entering the busy spring season in the real estate industry and you may already be feeling the affects of increased activity!  Whether you’re an agent, broker, stager or any other real estate professional, chances are you’re finding your days full of things to do!
It’s a great problem to have, but as one who’s leading a team or handling a company, you may feel the added pressure and wonder just how you’re going to make it through.  Burn out is one of the biggest issues industry leaders and entrepreneurs face as the weight of all that needs to … (0 comments)

reva: 5 Life Lessons from the Easter Bunny - 03/28/13 05:07 AM

Now that spring is officially here, many of us are getting anxious for the warmer weather and signs of nature springing to life all around us.  The Easter holiday this coming weekend always seems like a great kick-off point to the spring season, and the much anticipated increase of activity in the real estate industry!
Here at RealSupport, we, as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, try to provide the best service to our clients and information on the leading marketing strategies in the industry.  Today, however, I’d like to take a step back from industry talk and take a look … (5 comments)

reva: 4 Traits of a Great Leader! - 03/21/13 05:31 AM

The world can’t survive without leaders.  In fact, they’ve been around since the beginning and, have changed the course of history through determination, innovation and inspiration.  
Chances are, you find yourself looking up to certain people in the real estate industry who are set apart as leaders in the field.  And, while the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the term “leader” might be a dynamic person with a “Type A” personality; leaders come in various forms.  There are those who lead quietly by example, those that are leaders without even realizing they have followers and … (0 comments)

reva: 5 Tips for Becoming an Expert at Networking! - 03/14/13 02:53 AM

We’ve all been there... the dreaded networking event.  And, whether you’re an introvert or not, sometimes it’s just nerve wracking to carry on small talk with people you don’t know.  
These types of events are a great way to meet people in your field and hopefully make those connections that will help grow your business and the real estate industry as a whole.  But, how often have you found yourself just wishing you didn’t have to attend?  The thought of maybe knowing only a handful of people, or no one at all, and having to mingle for a … (1 comments)

reva: Words of Inspiration from Our Favorite Entrepreneurs! - 03/07/13 03:11 AM

Now that we’ve entered into March, it’s a good time to check up on where you’re at with your goals for 2013.  Sure, it’s only a few months in to the new year, but it’s important to do frequent check ups to help ensure you’re staying on track!  
It could be that you feel overwhelmed by how much work you created for yourself.  You may be wondering how you’re already behind and think there’s nothing you can do other than alter your goals.  But, before you lose sight of why you made those goals in the first place, … (3 comments)

reva: Social Media Checkup: Coasting or Cutting Edge? - 02/28/13 12:14 AM

Now that we’ve all been on the social media bandwagon for the last few years, we thought it would be a great time for a check-up!  It can be easy, once you get a handle on something, to merely coast through the process.  However, social media (especially!) needs to be fresh and on the cutting edge of what’s happening!  No coasting allowed!
So, how can you look at your social media from an objective perspective to see if you’re coasting or cutting edge?  Here are a few quick points that you’ll want to take a few minutes to run … (0 comments)

reva: The Top 4 Online Marketing Trends for 2013! - 02/21/13 03:30 AM

Online marketing is constantly evolving and here at RealSupport Inc, our team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants are focused on staying on top of what’s new, what works and how to implement these tools for our clients.  
It’s been a great start to 2013 and we are looking forward to working with our loyal clients and the new clients we’ll meet throughout the year!  While we do cover print marketing and other tasks for our clients, the heart of our company is online marketing.  Our world today is becoming more and more integrated online and we’re excited about … (0 comments)

reva: Instant Video Marketing with Vine! - 02/14/13 04:22 AM

By now you’re well aware the videos are quickly coming to the forefront of marketing and creating an online presence.  Yet, maybe you’re still a little leery of taking on the whole video medium.  Excuses such as: you don’t have the equipment to make a compelling video, you don’t like to talk on camera, or you don’t really know what to say have all been keeping you from jumping on board.
But, what if there was a way to get on the video band wagon that was as simple as instagram or a tweet?
Say hello to … (1 comments)

reva: Prevent Stress with These 3 Tips! - 02/07/13 02:36 AM

The real estate industry can be tough.  If you’re not dealing with high maintenance clients, you’re running to the next showing or listing appointment.  And when you’ve returned all the emails, calls and texts for the day, you’re sitting down to tend to your social media, website and other office tasks.  Weekends are never “free” and your days go far beyond the typical 9 to 5.
In fact, you’re far more than an agent or broker.  You wear a number of hats including:
- Blogger
- Stager
- Social Media Guru
- Marketing Executive
- Office Manager

reva: The Content Treasure Hunt: Where’s the Value? - 02/05/13 06:28 AM
You’ve heard it several times before: content is king. In order for your online marketing presence to be effective, you have to have top-notch content on your website, social media sites and blog. This presents a problem for some agents in the industry. They become afraid to grow their presence on the internet because they think themselves unable to come up with a consistent stream of quality content for their consumers.
As real estate virtual assistants, part of our job is to help our clients come up with valuable, customized, quality content for their online presence. Believe it or not, … (4 comments)

reva: Remember, Your Time Is Never Free - 02/01/13 05:33 AM
As real estate virtual assistants, we are often asked about the benefits of using our services. Since we work virtually for industry professionals all over the country, many are skeptical. The most common question that we get is, “Isn’t it more effective for me to hire an in-office assistant?” In some cases, yes, having someone in-office might be what works for you. The main response that we give is, “Your time is never free.”
What do we mean by that, exactly? Well, let’s consider a few things. Sure, social media sites, some listing marketing sites, and marketing efforts that you use … (2 comments)

reva: Track the Effectiveness of Your Social Media in Real-Time! - 01/29/13 04:20 AM

Have you ever wondered if you social media is really working?  Sure, you may get a few comments or “likes” from time to time, but is spending time on social media being effective in driving new traffic to your website?
Well, thanks to Real-Time Google Analytics, you can view activity on a new tweet, Facebook post or blog post as it’s happening! 
Here’s the deal:
Real-Time lets you see activity as it happens on your site with continuously updating reports!  You can see how many people are on your site, their locations, what pages they’re viewing on … (2 comments)

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