reva: 4 Lessons We Can Learn from the Super Bowl! - 01/24/13 02:21 AM

Excitement is building as we get closer to Sunday, February 3rd.  Whether you’re a football fan or not, the Super Bowl is a great reason to get together with friends and family, eat wings and pizza and see the best commercials of the year!
I keep seeing advertisements for the big game, and even the grocery store is boasting a Super Bowl section with all the junk food and drinks you need to create the perfect party.  
And, as I got to thinking about this much anticipated game, I started to think about some of the life … (3 comments)

reva: How Can Twitter Help With My Engagement? - 01/22/13 03:44 AM
Many real estate agents have already embraced social media, particularly Facebook and Pinterest. What I’ve also noticed is that there are still several professionals out there who just don’t understand Twitter. It’s understandable. Twitter seems to be a platform with a language all its own. In a forum where you only have 140 characters to express your thoughts, there are a number of abbreviations and “Twitter-isms” that the average agent might not understand upon first glance. This causes many to throw in the towel early-on and disregard Twitter. This is a mistake. Studies show that in terms of effectiveness, Twitter is … (2 comments)

reva: 4 SEO Myths You'll Want to Be Aware of for 2013! - 01/17/13 03:02 AM
When it comes to SEO, it seems there’s always a little confusion.  You hear rumors of what works, what doesn’t and how you can master the art of SEO to see your name in lights... or at least on page one of a search engine! 
Recently, we came across an article, 17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2013, from our friends at Hubspot. Rebecca Churt, SEO Marketing Manager at Hubspot knows her stuff and we thought these myths are ones we should all be aware of as we look at improving our SEO for the new year. 

reva: Kick Procrastination to the Curb! - 01/15/13 04:56 AM
Be honest: How much of your work stress is related to procrastination? Are you one of those people that procrastinate regularly and find reasons to rationalize it? Part of it is that some produce their best work when they’re under pressure and have a tighter deadline, but the bigger, more truthful fact of the matter is that most are just easily distracted. Sometimes, when there’s something that people really need to get done, they opt to do the easier tasks first than tackle the big project, or they decide “this can wait until tomorrow.”
The description above is one I’m sure … (15 comments)

reva: Reaching Beyond Your Business and Into Your Community in 2013! - 01/11/13 02:25 AM

It’s not everyday you come across a company doing great things in their community and for a great cause.  You may know of a few people who volunteer their time or a company who gives an end of the year donation to a local cause, which are all fantastic things, but what if a company really lived by a motto of giving back?
Recently, Ron in our office, came across a website of a real estate company who was going above and beyond... not only for their clients but also for their community!  Pink Realty is committed to donating … (1 comments)

reva: Take a S.M.A.R.T Approach to Social Media - 01/08/13 05:52 AM
It’s a new year and with that come a fresh set of goals. If you’re like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is probably to be more active on your social networking sites.
It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that social media is effective. As real estate virtual assistants, we have to be S.M.A.R.T in how we approach our clients’ social networking initiatives. Yes, I’m throwing an acronym at you. Trust me, if you can keep S.M.A.R.T in mind, you’ll have a successful social media presence sooner than you think. It’s all about getting people to … (4 comments)

reva: 4 Tips for a Productive New Year! - 01/03/13 04:52 AM

With any new year comes a slew of new years’ resolutions.  For business owners, this oftentimes includes a long list of goals and things you’re going to change to take your business to the next level.  
So, why does it seem so hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays?
You want to do great things in 2013, but with a few extra pounds of holiday treats and enjoying time off with family and friends, all these new years’ resolutions can seem a bit daunting and you may feel as if you’re starting … (2 comments)

reva: Visual Social Media- The Biggest Marketing Tool for 2013! - 12/20/12 04:43 AM

It’s no wonder with the success of sites like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; we see our society moving from social media to visual social media.  While blogs began to be overshadowed by Facebook and Twitter due to length, our culture is now gravitating towards even more fast paced, visual content.
Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be providing great content on your real estate blog or even smart posts on your social media sites, but for 2013, it will be the visuals that will draw people to your online presence.
In a recent article by social … (3 comments)

reva: How to Unplug from Work this Holiday Season! - 12/13/12 12:54 AM

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, chances are you’ve caught yourself day dreaming of holiday parties, time with family and friends as well as devising a plan to get all your Christmas shopping done amidst your busy schedule.  And, while we would all agree that “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” it’s important that we actually take time to enjoy it!
Finding time for a vacation may seem impossible as you wrap up deals before the end of the year and tackle your marketing plan that you want in place by the first of … (4 comments)

reva: The Lowdown on Google+ Communities From Your Virtual Assistants - 12/11/12 06:56 AM

If you’ve logged in to your Google+ account at all this week, you may have noticed a brand new icon on your sidebar called “communities.” This is yet another new feature that Google+ has added to their growing social media platform. It’s funny: many people gripe about the social networking site and how they don’t find it useful, but it is a necessary element of your online marketing, so it’s important to keep up with their new features. Any and all aspects of the social media platform are designed to improve your search engine rankings, particularly in Google.
So, … (3 comments)

reva: 4 Simple Tips for Creating a Solid Business Plan for 2013! - 12/06/12 03:39 AM

As Real Estate agents and other industry professionals, you understand the importance of a clearly defined plan for success.  Without this plan, you’ll feel as though you’re simply going wherever the wind takes you and you’ll find yourself in the same spot next year.
With this year coming to a close in a few weeks, now is a great time to look ahead at 2013.  However, you'll first want to take time to reflect back over this past year with your successes, failures and your opportunities for growth.  Did you end up where you wanted to be?  

reva: A Zig Ziglar Approach to Real Estate - 11/29/12 05:03 AM

“Stop selling. Start helping.”
When it came to motivational speeches and inspirational quotes, Zig Ziglar seemed to be full of them.  We can all probably think of a few of our own favorites from this world renown salesman turned power consultant, and speaker to millions.  

For many, his passing on Wednesday at the age of 86, was a day to look back and remember his positive life with a sense of resolve to be more like Ziglar.  He had faced many hurdles in his life growing up in a home of twelve children with a single … (3 comments)

reva: Balance Personality and Professionalism in Social Media - 11/27/12 06:53 AM
A large part of our job, as real estate virtual assistants, is to attempt to capture our clients’ “voices” on their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. We want to come across as engaging, personable and approachable while still maintaining a certain level of professionalism. This is complicated, and it’s something that many real estate agents throughout the industry struggle with. How can you remain professional without being boring, and how can you show your personality and humor without being inappropriate? It does, admittedly, present a bit of a conundrum.
There a few ways that you can successfully capture an adequate balance … (0 comments)

reva: Freshen Up Your Email Marketing with These 5 Tips! - 11/15/12 02:41 AM

While it may seem like a thing of the past, email marketing is still alive and well!  With all the hype of social media, emailing clients and leads seemed to fall to the wayside in exchange for the instant gratification of a more social setting.  And, although Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media avenues will continue to be at the forefront of our minds, there’s nothing like the direct approach of having your information in someone’s inbox.
Think about how many times a day you check your email.  I know for me, I enjoy seeing the latest deals … (2 comments)

reva: Create Eye-Catching CTAs! - 11/13/12 06:53 AM
One of the most important elements of your website are your call-to-actions. They are what create lead generation from your online presence. This has also become incredibly important on your Facebook page, too. With the Timeline layout, you have the ability to create custom CTAs on your Facebook page that you can showcase to your fans immediately, and they can match the branding of your timeline! Within these two major online marketing mediums, call to actions have become imperative to their success. Many still struggle, however, with making their CTAs eye-catching and creative.
This is where your real estate virtual assistant … (0 comments)

reva: 4 Ways to Connect with Your Clients this Holiday Season! - 11/01/12 02:43 AM

It’s hard to believe that we’ve arrived in November and that the holiday season is kicking off this month!  As a busy real estate agent, you’re probably looking forward to the slowing market and extra time to spend with family and friends.  It’s a great season to reflect back on the past year, focus on what you’re thankful for in your life, and look ahead to where your business is heading for the next year.
All of these thoughts can quickly fill your mind and it can be easy to put your clients on the backburner.  While you may … (5 comments)

reva: Your RealBuzz Update: Getting in the Halloween Spirit - Facebook Style - 10/29/12 03:41 AM

reva: Don't Be Afraid of Letting Go of Your Niche! - 10/25/12 05:43 AM

With Halloween just around the corner, a host of scary movies and events come to the forefront to highlight this spooky time of year.  Yet, most of us aren’t rushing out the door to search for this years costume or find ourselves headed to the nearest haunted house in hopes of being spooked.  We’ve turned our attention to the kids in our lives who can’t wait to go trick-or-treating, or we can’t wait to take pictures of our reluctant pets in their cute costumes.
Yet, while we may not be jumping into the Halloween spirit, there are a few … (3 comments)

reva: Get Noticed on Twitter Using 5 Strategic Tactics! - 10/23/12 09:18 AM
Twitter can be a tricky system to get the hang of. Trust me – I’ve been there. But throughout my time as a real estate virtual assistant, I have helped many real estate agents reach their Twitter potential using the latest tips, tricks and techniques. One of the main goals of any social networking platform is to be noticed, right? Whether we are promoting are website, blog or new office space, we want our posts to be seen and we want to get results. So, how do we get noticed? How do we stand out from the rest? Take a look … (2 comments)

reva: 5 Crucial Elements Needed on Your Websites' Homepage! - 10/18/12 05:19 AM

With much of the emphasis of marketing being on social media these days; it can be easy for your website to find it’s way to the back burner of your crowded stove.  Yet, having a dynamic website is still something clients will look for as they weed through the list of real estate agents and professionals from which they could choose.
While things like Facebook and Twitter are fantastic ways to interact with past, present and potential clients; there’s nothing like having a customized website that allows you to really shine.  
A website that’s been customized with … (0 comments)

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