reva: Getting in the Halloween Spirit – Facebook Style! - 10/16/12 02:14 AM
Happy mid-October! You know what that means…Halloween is right around the corner. While we are seeing decorations and paraphernalia popping up around town, we can also use the upcoming holiday to boost our social media efforts. Every day we spend too much time looking for the perfect things to post on Facebook and Twitter – when it reality, it doesn’t need to be that hard. The simplest of ideas can sometimes spark the most interaction. Give it a try with these Halloween ideas and see for yourself!
Costume Contest: As real estate virtual assistants, we know all the great ways in … (0 comments)

reva: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself From Getting Burnt Out - 10/11/12 04:29 AM

Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, lender or staging expert, we know that you lead a busy life.  At times you probably feel that carrying the weight of your business has completely taken over your personal life and you wonder how long you can last at this hectic pace before getting burnt out.
As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we understand putting time and energy into making sure your business succeeds.  Our President/CEO, Carrie Gable, built RealSupport from the ground up by starting in her home with a few clients and has built great momentum over the past twelve … (2 comments)

reva: Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Need a Virtual Assistant - 10/09/12 04:48 AM
Virtual Assistant: it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I think so. But what IS a virtual assistant? What do they DO? Well – virtual assistants are pretty cool. It’s basically having an entire marketing team at your fingertips, without using up office space. What could be better than that? If you’re a real estate agent who loves focusing on selling, customer service and producing, then a virtual assistant could be just what you need to exceed even further. From a real, live, virtual assistant herself (me) here are the top 5 reasons why hiring a virtual assistant is … (3 comments)

reva: Boost Your LinkedIn Business Page! - 10/04/12 02:56 AM

We all love LinkedIn for its ability to connect us with colleagues and make those imperative connections, but have you tapped into LinkedIn’s latest feature?
LinkedIn has been undergoing quite the overhaul and has recently rolled out new updates to its’ Business Page feature!  You may be thinking, “LinkedIn has Business pages?”  Yep!  If your real estate company does not have a business page with LinkedIn; now’s the time to create one!
Ted Prodromou, author The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, recently pointed out three key things you’ll want to be sure to do to boost your … (6 comments)

reva: Social Media and Real Estate…What NOT to Do - 10/02/12 06:50 AM
Business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals use social media to do much of their daily communication. But when you’re communicating via social networking, you are communicating with a vast sphere of people. So is what you’re saying relevant? Is it appropriate? Is it what people want to hear? You only get a limited amount of characters to get your point across, so here are some things not to do to make sure your tone and content is right on par. 
Do NOT: 
Be Irrelevant: We’ve told you before that is 100% OKAY to be personal on your professional social media accounts. But … (2 comments)

reva: Your RealBuzz Update: Pinterest for Your Real Estate Brand - 09/28/12 12:45 AM

reva: Facebook & Dropbox- The Perfect Pair - 09/27/12 05:54 AM

Don’t you just love when two of your favorite things are put together?  For me, things like ice cream and cookie dough, wine and chocolate, and rainy days and a cup of hot tea are ideal combinations that make me smile.  I’m sure you can think of your own perfect pairs that tend to lift your spirits no matter what mood you’re in.
Here at RealSupport, our Vice President Erica, just came across two of our favorite things that just teamed up and the news spread quickly throughout our office.  You’re probably wondering what could possible bring that much … (3 comments)

reva: Real Estate Movies: What Can We Learn from them? - 09/25/12 04:25 AM
When we think about movies and real estate, it may be hard for you to pinpoint movies that are specifically about real estate. Well, most aren't. But there quite a few movies out there that make some pretty good points about buying or selling a home. For example, is the house haunted? Are the neighbors crazy? Will you see a good return on investment if you buy a less-than-perfect home? All of these questions are super important in the world of real estate, and we think these movies tell us exactly why. From your real estate virtual assistant, I hope you … (2 comments)

reva: 3 Simple Tips for Creating Great Videos! - 09/20/12 07:26 AM

Does the thought of jumping into videos as a marketing tool make you cringe?  While there are those who enjoy being in front of the camera and are naturals at doing so; not everyone was made to have that news anchor persona or on camera “spark” that drives them to embrace this popular medium.
So, does that mean that those “naturals” are left to reap all the benefits of this growing trend in social media?  Absolutely not!  Just because you’re not jumping out of bed in the morning to shoot your next video doesn’t mean you can’t do it; … (1 comments)

reva: Five Important Real Estate Tech Tools - 09/18/12 07:35 AM
When you get home from a long day's work, don’t you just wish dinner would magically appear on the table? When it’s time to leave for work again in the morning, wouldn’t it be nice to have your personal driver drop you off and pick you up? Sure. We all want ways we can make our lives easier – especially if your profession is in the busy world of real estate. Luckily, the real estate industry is the perfect place to point out the ways in which one big thing can make our lives easier – technology. 
That word can be … (4 comments)

reva: How To Make Your Website More Social - 09/13/12 06:37 AM

When you first think of social media, what comes to mind?  Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a myriad of other accounts come to the forefront.  You are well aware of the need for engagement and consistent interaction on these sites.  Which is great!  All of your social media platforms deserve your attention as clients and potential clients oftentimes find it easiest to interact with you through these mediums.
But have you considered your website as a means of social media interaction?
Oftentimes, people focus on how their website looks at first glance and work hard to make sure … (0 comments)

reva: More Blogging = More Traffic = More Sales - 09/11/12 05:43 AM
You don’t have to be a writer to maintain a blog. And let’s face it, even writers find an excuse to neglect blogging. Take it from me – writing has always been a passion of mine and I love providing unique content for RealSupport, Inc and our real estate clients. But when it comes to sitting down and busting out content for my own blog, the motivation starts to fade. Suddenly, the dating television show in the living room is more interesting, or calling my mother for the fifth time, or making brownies just because I have nothing else to do.  … (2 comments)

reva: 5 Questions to Ask Every Time You Post! - 09/06/12 02:55 AM

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to social media?  
For many, it’s coming up with things to post on their Twitter or Facebook, or to post about on their blog.  We’ve all been there.  We want to make sure that we’re not just posting to post, but that what we’re actually saying matters to our audience!  It’s true that being consistent is key to social media success, but equally important is the quality of the content.
So, how can you as a real estate agent, broker, home stager, etc... ensure that you’re on target with … (2 comments)

reva: Are you a TOP Real Estate Agent? Take the Quiz! - 09/04/12 07:48 AM
As real estate agents, you want to know if the time and effort you put in for your clients is really paying off. Sure you have a ton of testimonials to back up your good work, and you know yourself - you're awesome at what you do. But as your real estate virtual assistants, we want to help you stay ahead of the game. Take our customized quiz to find out if you're the top real estate agent you have always strived to be! 

Quizzes by Now for the results!
Mostly As: Wait. What? Are you really a licensed … (2 comments)

reva: Take a Break & Enjoy Our Free Gift! - 08/30/12 06:16 AM

If you feel like this, we completely understand.  

With a long summer now behind us and a four day weekend in front of us; most of us are shutting off from work and getting ready to enjoy time with family and friends for Labor Day weekend.
So, today I thought we’d get the celebration started early by offering you something for free! 

Now, our goal is to give you great tips and cutting edge advice for marketing for your real estate company, and we always offer this information for free.  But, we rarely take … (4 comments)

reva: Your RealBuzz Update: 3 Things to Stop Doing Every Day - 08/30/12 01:39 AM

reva: Common Social Media Mistakes - 08/28/12 02:23 AM
Learning how to use social media is a lot like learning how to play golf. While the game looks easy, you’ll soon find yourself cursing, pulling your hair and breaking clubs. Ok, maybe not that extreme. But nonetheless, learning a new skill is not an easy task. When it comes to marketing your business through social media, there are many rules and tactics you have to master before you make a hole-in-one. And just like any sport, game or buying or selling a home, there are things you should and shouldn’t do. As real estate virtual assistants, we like to focus … (2 comments)

reva: Social Media Not Working For You? Here’s Why - 08/21/12 04:13 AM
Last week I sent out a tweet that I was positive would receive a ton of feedback. When I logged into my Twitter account the next day, I was crushed that instead it got nothing. Sound familiar? Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or another social networking platform, you want to see results. And as more time goes by you become increasingly disappointed. But there are so many people who have been successful with social media – you’ve seen it with your own eyes! So how can you be successful with your social media efforts?
As real estate virtual assistants, we … (3 comments)

reva: 3 Tips from Comedians to Boost Your Social Media! - 08/16/12 02:52 AM

Most of us wouldn’t consider ourselves comedians.  The sharp wit, impeccable timing and ability to deliver a story or one liner that has people roaring with laughter is really an art form that many of us are glad to leave to those who grace the stand up circuit.  We’re content to get a chuckle out of retelling a story or that moment of humor that happens to land in our lap unexpectedly.So, I was intrigued when I saw an article that was on the American Express Open Forum recently that encouraged businesses to enhance and grow their business by thinking … (9 comments)

reva: Your RealBuzz Update: 4 Step Strategy for Pinterest Success - 08/14/12 07:15 AM

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