reva: How To Create Your Own Gold Medal Winning Team! - 08/09/12 07:39 AM

For many of us, the Olympics can’t come around soon enough and when they do, we find ourselves glued to our TV’s or mobile devices!  Whether you enjoy watching swimming, gymnastics, soccer or even the trampoline competition, it’s hard to break away from seeing these amazing athletes in action.  For me, the women’s gymnastics is a favorite as these young girls find themselves in front of millions of people, yet perform jaw dropping flips and twists with such ease.  After they took home to Gold for the team competition, I watched an interview which focused on their strong team bond … (5 comments)

reva: 4 Step Strategy for Pinterest Success - 08/07/12 07:20 AM
Whether you are already on Pinterest or have just heard the chatter, there is no doubt that this is one of the most fun and addicting social media sites out there. What could be better than looking at statuses and photos of friends for hours on Facebook? How about a never ending visual representation of all of your favorite things all in one place? Trust me, it’s not hard to get lost for an hour or two in a black hole of delicious-looking recipes or dream homes or your favorite fashion ensembles. Beyond all that, this blossoming social network is a … (8 comments)

reva: RealBuzz Update: Pitch an Idea in 15 Seconds or Less - 08/01/12 01:29 AM

reva: Find Time to Start Blogging…TODAY - 07/31/12 02:41 AM
Work. School. Family. Work…work. We’ve all got a lot going on in our lives and don’t have the time to accomplish everything we want to. In the world of social media the list of social platforms only continues to grow. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ …and the more time we spend on these sites (along with our normal day to day activities) the more our blogs become neglected. While it’s important to stay connected to the online world using all of the sites mentioned, the significance of providing your clients with quality blogging content is equally necessary.
As real estate … (1 comments)

reva: Pitch an Idea in 15 Seconds or Less - 07/24/12 04:24 AM
Today’s consumers love everything to be short and sweet. Think about it. When you want some info on a specific topic, instead of reading an entire article, you Google your topic and read a few sentences until you have the basic gist. Unfortunately, the same disinterest or distractions can take place during a face to face conversation. So when you’re presenting an idea to a friend, co-worker or client, it’s important that you get the message across quickly while still being effective. Reeling them in is key - save the questions and fluff for later!  
As real estate virtual assistants, … (2 comments)

reva: Drive More People to Your Facebook Page with These 3 Simple Tips! - 07/19/12 07:19 AM

We know you’re busy.  As Real Estate Virtual Assistants who work with real estate agents on a daily basis, we understand the tight schedule you keep and the number of things you’re trying to keep balanced on your ever-growing plate.  In fact, you may have already glanced down at the three points here in an effort to gather the information you want and get on with your day.
We get it!  That’s why this post will be short and sweet and to the point.
We all want more likes and interactions on Facebook.  It makes us feel like we are truly reaching … (9 comments)

reva: Your RealBuzz Update: 5 Habits of Charismatic People You Can Use! - 07/17/12 06:29 AM

reva: Boost Your Real Estate Business with Pinterest! - 07/17/12 04:34 AM
With so many social media sites on the internet nowadays, a big question is, “Which sites will I benefit from?” One of the newer websites which has taken over the social networking sphere is Pinterest, a collection of online bulletin boards where members can add their own original pins, repin, or like pins of fellow members. You follow people with similar interests, and people follow back.  As a newer technology many people are not aware of how exactly to use Pinterest in order to gain business.
One important tactic is to build relationships with your followers and the people you follow. … (4 comments)

reva: Paying Attention to Your Ratings Pays Off - 07/17/12 01:36 AM
As a real estate agent, people probably talk about you. But do you know what they’re saying? Finding a way to monitor your reviews is crucial to staying on top of the wants and needs of your clients, and also to stay a step ahead of your competition. While we are awesome at maintaining our own online social presence, we also have to be conscious of how our clients are contributing to that. Have you read your reviews on Yelp lately? Have you ran a Google search of yourself? Other than the great testimonials on your website, what are people saying … (2 comments)

reva: 5 Habits of Charismatic People You Can Use! - 07/12/12 06:21 AM

What comes to mind when you think of the word “charisma?”  For me, I think of those outgoing people who always seem to say the right thing, have tons of energy and are always toting a huge grin.  (I imagine them breaking into a broadway style song and dance at any moment.) They seem to be successful at everything they do and can easily win over a crowd of people in no time. I’m sure as real estate agents you’ve found these charismatic people in the industry and these “super agents” tend to be your highest competition.  So, would it … (11 comments)

reva: Take Better Photos on Your Phone - 07/10/12 02:25 AM
As real estate agents, you know that carrying a camera around is always a good idea. You never know when you will need to snap a quick photo of a new listing or of your real estate team at a special event. But what kind of camera do you carry? Do you have your handy Nikon or Coolpix that can easily fit in your pocket, or are you carrying something even lighter and more compact than that? While those cameras are great and produce quality images, we don’t always have them on hand, which is why knowing how to effectively use … (3 comments)

reva: Monitor Your Brand’s Effectiveness - 07/03/12 05:55 AM
Building a brand is about attracting an audience that will be of value throughout your business’s entire lifespan. If you based your brands success solely on numbers and figures, that wouldn’t do much good because you would have no way of knowing which of your strategies are a success and which need some re-working. In today’s world of Internet marketing and social media, brands are fighting for success amidst thousands of other brands striving for recognition on the same platforms.  So what do you do to set yourself a part? For starters, stop monitoring the numbers and focus on what you … (2 comments)

reva: Don't Let Your Facebook Posts Slip Away- Improve Your EdgeRank Score! - 06/28/12 05:06 AM

Did you know that the less interaction your Facebook page receives, the less your posts will actually be seen by your fans?  It’s sad, but true!  Now, this may seem frustrating to you as you are finding you only have time to post to your Facebook page a few times a week.  With this news, you begin to wonder, “is it even worth posting to my page?”  Overall, it just doesn’t seem fair.  So, how does Facebook determine what’s seen by your fans?Here’s how it works. Your brand page's EdgeRank score (Facebook's algorithm for determining how content is featured in … (24 comments)

reva: Facebook Changes Default Email Addresses - 06/27/12 07:17 AM
ATTENTION: FACEBOOK HAS MADE SOME CHANGES…again. If you haven’t heard the news, Facebook has changed your default email address. Don’t panic. Your email address is still the same, but the way it appears under your contact info on Facebook has changed. Instead of your standard or or, your email now has the ending of 
Wait? I have a Facebook email address? My thoughts exactly. Most people don’t even know they have a Facebook email address, but you do. On your personal page, your Facebook email address is For example, if your Facebook URL is, … (2 comments)

reva: How to Get More Facebook Likes/Interaction - 06/26/12 07:49 AM
When it comes to Facebook, you’ve tried it all. You’ve been posting everyday (maybe even multiple times a day), your posts are informative and you are posting what you think both your peers and clients will be interested in reading. But even with all of your productive efforts, you are still not receiving interaction or as much as you would like. While there’s no magic trick that will instantly give you the results you desire, there are small steps you can take in order to find the best strategy that works for you. From you real estate virtual assistant, here is … (8 comments)

reva: How To Keep Calm And Carry On as a Real Estate Agent! - 06/21/12 03:47 AM

Staying calm as a real estate agent has to be one of the toughest challenges.  With a myriad of things that can go wrong in the home buying and selling process, varying personalities you’re dealing with on a daily basis, as well as a non-stop schedule; getting through a day calmly seems like a small victory!  I was recently talking with a friend who just purchased a home, and she kept saying how impressed she was with her real estate agent.  She noted that even with a difficult seller, delayed closing date and other hiccups that came along, her real … (4 comments)

reva: Your RealBuzz Update: Online Mistakes that Could Hurt! - 06/20/12 04:31 AM

reva: Real Estate Essentials: iPhone and iPad Apps - 06/19/12 08:07 AM
By now we all have smart phones, and many of us tablets, too. But how we use them is the pertinent issue. Are you utilizing everything these computer-like objects have to offer – or are you still just using them for phone calls, emails and Angry Birds? Ok, so maybe that was a little harsh. But there really are so many ways to make our jobs (and lives) easier by downloading a few apps here and there – especially in the world of real estate. As real estate virtual assistants, it is a part of our job description to stay up-to-date … (0 comments)

reva: A Mid Year Social Media Check Up! - 06/14/12 07:17 AM

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly half way through 2012 as we approach the official start of summer.  Now is a great time to do a bit of reflection on how business is going and to get a boost of energy to finish out the rest of the year on track!Remember those New Years’ resolutions and business goals you made at the beginning of the year?  How are they going?  Do you find you bit off more than you can chew or have you been focused on keeping a steady pace with your goals?For those of you who wanted to … (6 comments)

reva: Online Mistakes that Could Hurt! - 06/12/12 12:51 AM
The online world has so many rules to follow and they are constantly changing. Post to Facebook at this time. Say this to get more followers on Twitter. Use these strategies to post to Google+. Sound familiar? With so many guidelines and so many different resources telling us what to do, it’s only natural that we will make mistakes along the way. As your real estate virtual assistants, we not only want to keep you up-to-date on all the changes in the online community, but to also make sure you are aware of common mistakes that could leave you in the … (6 comments)

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