social media: 7 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile! - 06/15/15 01:35 PM
LinkedIn operates the world’s largest online professional network with over 364 million members. LinkedIn is also growing fast, with 2 new members per second, and many sign-ups coming from recent college graduates and current students.
If you haven't updated your LinkedIn profile lately, now's the time! Newsweek recently published an article about taking your LinkedIn profile from good to great. We're sharing those strategies here, summarized for fast reading!
1. Your LinkedIn Profile must include:
Who you are What you have done What you can do Specific areas of knowledge, special skills Your unique value proposition 2. Keep your summary short and snappy:

social media: The 3 New Rules of Facebook Organic Reach - 04/24/15 05:03 PM

Facebook's newest algorithm change will potentially reduce organic reach for business pages, as Facebook draws a deeper line between personal posts and unpaid business posts. As of April 21, 2015, Facebook quietly made the following changes to user news feeds:
1. Priority is now given to personal content from family and friends. A user's news feed will give priority to Grumpy Cat memes from their Aunt Sophie, while your new listing will show further down the thread.
2. Posts in news feeds with active comments will no longer default to the top of the feed. In other words, if a user isn't part … (3 comments)

social media: Real Estate Business with Millennials: 4 Easy Things - 04/06/15 01:24 PM
There are many articles about the importance of doing business with Millennials. And for good reason: these tech-savvy young adults, aged 18 to 34 years old, will number 75.3 million people during 2015.
Generation Y will soon outnumber the Baby Boomer generation, according to data from the Pew Research Center.
Capturing the attention of the Millennial audience requires more than a token effort at social media. It requires offering communication methods and business interaction that is comfortable for them. It also requires loosening up the suit and tie and showing your authentic self.
This doesn't mean you need to chuck your own style … (5 comments)

social media: Google Plus LIVES! - 03/08/15 11:57 PM
Rumors of the death of Google+ have been greatly exaggerated. Again!
The latest spate of "Google Plus is Dead" articles were instigated by TechCrunch, who previously reported the demise of Google+ in 2014.  Some form of dead Google+ reports have circled the web since 2012.
Many of these articles are sensationalized speculation, and because they draw traffic, they periodically resurface under new a new premise.
And while it's true that Google+ has seen changes in executive management, there isn't any Google+ apocalypse.
In an interivew published by Forbes on Februrary 26, 2015, Sundar Pichai, Senior … (3 comments)

social media: Why Google+ Matters! - 10/15/14 03:29 PM
Many real estate professionals are already aware of the importance of Google+, but not many know exactly how to use this newer social network or understand the value that it can create for their online marketing. While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are also essential for any business's online presence, Google+ shouldn't be brushed aside! Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team manages and maintains the online presence for several clients and are well-versed in social media platforms both large and small. As a result, we've noted the many benefits of spending equal amounts of time in cultivating a presence … (5 comments)

social media: The Must-Haves of a Facebook Business Page! - 10/06/14 09:41 AM
We all know that Facebook is one of the major top social networks when it comes to online marketing and brand visibility. Figures and statistics don't lie, such as the fact that 30 million businesses now have a Facebook page (Source: - Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team believes that a Facebook business page is one of the most paramount facets of an online marketing plan. However, not all Facebook pages are built the same. There are certain elements that our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team knows are essential to a complete business page while boosting SEO and brand awareness. … (1 comments)

social media: Save Time by Automating Your Social Media! - 08/26/14 11:43 AM
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team understands the busy life of a real estate professional - With appointments, meetings, closings, showings and office time, you're constantly on the go! Every real estate professional can use an extra helping hand, particularly during the busy season, so they have a few less things to worry about and can focus on the major tasks in front of them. Social media, the necessary tools for any online marketing plan, can quickly and easily be automated with the help of a few user-friendly applications. While they all have different pros and cons, learning to use a … (4 comments)

social media: Why Twitter is Essential for Your Social Media Marketing! - 06/22/14 12:11 PM
It's no secret that social media has taken off at a rapid pace in the last few years and has only continued to evolve. With no signs of slowing, it can be difficult to remember which ones work best for specific target audiences. There are the big social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which are essential for any business's online presence, and then there are several smaller social and more specific social networks beyond those. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team creates and maintains social media accounts for many of our clients and are experts at using each tool … (1 comments)

social media: Social Media Marketing Statistics to Remember! - 03/11/14 11:38 AM
Everyone has heard the age-old phrase that “knowledge is power”. This is particularly true in business, and especially within the real estate industry. Professionals are highly dependent on themselves for clients and referrals, and the ability to reach out will certainly determine success. As a professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we often field questions about social media marketing and its importance. While we can cite many examples of social media success and how its now an integral part of a real estate professional’s life, oftentimes the facts speak for themselves. Here is just a sample of some mind-blowing, eye-popping social … (13 comments)

social media: The 4 Steps to Owning Your Social Media Presence! - 02/11/14 12:56 AM
Over the years, our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has recognized the importance of social networking, online marketing and how it relates to a real estate professional's brand. As experts on the ins and outs of social media, we wanted to share a few tips for getting a foothold in all of the various networks out there, what exactly they do and how they can help your business. For those starting out, there are four major categories that most social networks (used by beginners) fall into:
1. The Local Networks. Localized social networks, such as Yelp!, Angie's List, Google Places, … (3 comments)

social media: Boost Your Marketing & Business for 2014! - 12/05/13 05:52 AM

As we approach the end of 2013, you may be brainstorming ways to boost your marketing and your business for the new year!  If you’ve experienced a surge in your real estate business over the past year, you’ll want to note what worked for you and how you can continue to make those various aspects work in your favor.  On the other hand, if things didn’t go quite as planned as you look back on your goals and how your business did overall, it’s time to change things up!
Creating a business plan is vital for your success in … (0 comments)

social media: The Power of a Logo & 3 Signs You Might Need a New One! - 08/22/13 05:04 AM

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks when passing by a stack of mail or a rack of business cards?  Something catches your eye and makes you take a second look, you may even stop long enough to find out more.  What is it that makes you take notice?  A great logo.
Logos are a visual way to represent your company in a single glance and can give the mind a quick point of reference whenever that logo is seen.  Having a fantastic logo for your real estate company shouldn’t be underrated, and is something for which each … (4 comments)

social media: Who Sees Your Posts? Here are Facebook's Latest Guidelines! - 08/08/13 07:27 AM

Wondering who sees your Facebook posts?
Recently, Facebook let us all in on a little secret about their mysterious algorithms for posting items in the news feed.  Gone are the days of EdgeRank being a factor, in fact, one Facebook spokesperson noted that EdgeRank is a term that’s never used internally, but has been pushed by the media.  
The algorithm that was EdgeRank was one of Facebook’s earliest ways to determine which news items showed up in user’s feeds.  Now?  It pretty much comes down to you.
As you know from using your own personal Facebook … (2 comments)

social media: What NOT To Do on Social Media! - 07/11/13 07:48 AM

As you know, social media is a major player in marketing and online branding, and has become a more powerful tool than any of us probably thought possible.  Real Estate industry professionals have victoriously jumped on the bandwagon and, those who do it right, have been reaping the benefits.  
The social media experts on our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team have successfully helped many in the industry take their online presence from conception and branding to daily interacting on Facebook, Twitter and other sites on their behalf, and our clients have been thrilled!  They enjoy not having to … (8 comments)

social media: Capture Your Online Audience by Creating Infographics for Free! - 06/20/13 07:01 AM

We’ve all seen our fair share of infographics popping up all over our social media feeds and in our favorite blogs.  They’re eye-catching, give you a quick synopsis of the information you want and are easy to share.  And you may wonder how people create these fun graphics and how you can jump on board!
I recently ran across an article that showcased three free infographic tools that are simple to use.  Did I mention they’re FREE?  Take a look at this quick round up and each tools features.
This free tool has six layouts … (25 comments)

social media: 10 Tips for Great Customer Service! - 06/13/13 07:05 AM

In our online culture today with trying to keep up with our social media, marketing, blogging and a myriad of other tasks, it can be easy to forget the key to our success: our clients.  
As real estate agents, you’re constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions, most of which are important, and finding the time to devote to each specific client can be tough.  Yet, great customer service is one of the tried and true keys of a successful business and should remain on the forefront of our minds.
So, what makes for great customer … (21 comments)

social media: Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant! - 05/30/13 12:30 AM

So, you’ve heard of Real Estate Virtual Assistants and how many agents are hiring these REVA’s on as an extension of their real estate team.  But, you’re skeptical.  
Is it really worth the additional cost when you can do it yourself or hand of daily tasks to someone in your own office?  What kind of training do I have to give a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to make sure they correctly handle my marketing?  How long does it take them to get my tasks done if they’re working with multiple agents?   
And these are just the tip of … (4 comments)

social media: Twitter Ads Just Launched! 5 Steps to Get You Started! - 05/09/13 04:31 AM

Over the past few years, we’ve created a number of Facebook ads for our clients, and they’ve worked amazingly well!  Marketing yourself where millions of people spend time each day seems ideal, especially when you can hone in on your target market right in the area in which you serve!
Well, it comes as no surprise then, that Twitter has recently jumped at the chance for business advertising.  Over the past year, they’ve been doing a test run with American Express small business card members.  They’ve taken countless surveys, tweaked their approach and have finally launched their advertising platform … (0 comments)

social media: The Power of Blogging- A Medium You Don't Want to Leave Behind! - 05/02/13 02:43 AM

Social media.  It’s all around us, everywhere we look and on the tip of of our tongues in conversations.  We all understand the importance of it, but it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest app, or the ever changing rules on how to use it most effectively.  
As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, our goal is to keep you up to date with what’s on the cutting edge, and are constantly making necessary adjustments for our clients that have given us the reigns on their Facebook and Twitter.  They love that they don’t have … (3 comments)

social media: Tough Day? 3 Ways to Stay Productive When Everything Falls Apart - 04/25/13 03:17 AM

Have you ever had one of those days where things just keep going wrong?  You planned to have a highly productive day filled with meetings, showing appointments, and a chance to market that new listing... but people cancel, you get side tracked and before you know it; your day is completely thrown off.  It happens to us all, and probably more so than we’d like to admit.
But what if there was a way to stay productive when everything seems to fall apart?  Planning is the key!  Failure to plan is a plan for failure!  Expect that there will … (0 comments)

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