tips for real estate agents: Tips to Win Real Estate Reviews & Referrals - 08/15/16 09:15 AM
Positive reviews and client referrals are the lifeblood of a real estate business! Yet some agents are passive about these critical elements, and simply hope that someone will remember them.
Here are our suggestions for getting great reviews, testimonials and referrals, along with a few tips from Inman News!
Set service expectations up front. When you meet with a buyer or seller client for the first time, establish expectations:
What services are you providing for them?
What is your plan for helping the client succeed?
What days and hours are you personally available? “Anytime” isn’t realistic – set some reasonable boundaries!
How often … (0 comments)

tips for real estate agents: Why Skilled Listeners Make Great Real Estate Agents! - 04/10/16 07:35 PM
Have you ever been in a situation where you needed help from customer service, but the representative was too busy reading from their “script” to actually listen to you? Or they failed to understand your problems, or brushed your concerns aside? Of course you have. Unfortunately, this also happens with real estate professionals.
Inman News recently published an article about “4 personal gestures to leave a bigger impact on your clients.” While listening was counted as just one of them, it’s important enough that we’re focusing on that point and sharing our own discussion.
First, let’s consider how impersonal the industry makes … (1 comments)

tips for real estate agents: Hassle Me! I'm Local! - 02/01/11 10:53 AM
“Don’t hassle me, I’m local.”  This saying that appeared on Bob Wiley’s shirt in the classic movie “What About Bob?” makes me laugh every time I watch this comedy.  And, while this shirt was a vain attempt to fit in with the locals, something tells me you’re trying to do the same!  The only difference is you wouldn’t actually mind being “hassled”, at least from a business perspective.  You’ve heard time and time again about SEO and how important it is to the success of your business.  But what about localized SEO?  It makes sense to be able to hone in … (2 comments)

tips for real estate agents: 6 Personality Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents! - 01/13/11 07:09 AM
Have you ever wondered if you have the “IT” factor for Real Estate?  It seems that some people are natural Real Estate agents and for others, well, it just seems to take more work.  In working as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we have the opportunity to work with all different kinds of personalities; which can make our job much more exciting!  If we were working with the same personality type day in and day out, our job would be more predictable and probably less of a “stay on your toes” experience.  No matter what your personality- whether introverted, extroverted, high maintenance, … (9 comments)

tips for real estate agents: Boost Your Success in 2011 by Hitting the Gym! - 01/04/11 08:05 AM
The new year gives us all a fresh start and, as well all know, a new found determination to stick with the resolutions we’ve made.  Of course with the weeks of holiday festivities and irresistible food, the resolution that climbs to the top is fitness. Now, before you roll your eyes about yet another “get fit after the holidays” post; finding time to exercise and eat right is more that just a physical feat.  Did you know that consistent exercise can boost your business?  It may seem unrelated, but there is a direct correlation.  You may be wondering why, as a … (5 comments)

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