using a real estate virtual assistant: Do Your Online Marketing Efforts Inspire Trust in Your Brand? - 02/01/12 08:59 AM
Trust is imperative to the success of any business, and real estate is no exception. After all, people hire you to help them buy or sell their homes because they trust that you have the experience, knowledge, work ethic and integrity to do so. If you lose trust in your brand, then you lose business, and if you lose business, then let’s just say it: you’re out of business.
Part of our job as your real estate virtual assistants is to help you implement more marketing efforts that will help you build your business. The main reason that we are successful … (0 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Some Quick Tips To Boost Your Productivity - 01/25/12 09:19 AM
If there is one quality that a real estate virtual assistant has to have in order to be successful, it’s the ability to use their work time productively. Our time-management skills and ability to get the job done quickly is what allows us to work on projects and tasks for several different clients per day while completing them all in a timely fashion. We have a 48-hour turnaround time at our company, and unless you have a special project that requires more time, we stick to it.
Real estate agents are incredibly busy, and we understand that sometimes, it just doesn’t … (0 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Straight From the Source: Sally Tells You Why She Loves Using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant! - 10/19/11 09:16 AM
As real estate virtual assistants, we love hearing feedback from our clients, especially when it’s positive. Some professionals in the real estate industry haven't quite embraced and/or don't fully the benefits of using a real estate virtual assistant, so we thought we’d go straight to the source for you, and ask one of our clients why she loves working with us!
Sally Bowman of Sally Bowman Real Estate in Cheshire, CT responded with some great feedback, and we thought we’d let her share with you a few of the reasons why she enjoys using a virtual assistant:
“Time is of the … (0 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Take Your Listing Marketing to the Next Level With an eProperty Website! - 10/05/11 09:16 AM
You’ve been hearing it more and more lately: the search for a home is beginning to start on the internet. Home buyers are already starting to look at properties of interest before contacting a real estate agent for assistance. While the ability to have featured listings on your website and visual tours on various websites such as, Zillow, and Trulia is key to marketing your listings, there is one way you can truly take your initiatives to the next level: creating a separate website for each property.
Think about it: you can have all of your listings in one place, … (3 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Save Time and Keep Track of Your Leads Using an Automated Leads System! - 09/28/11 10:33 AM
Every real estate agent knows that lead management is key to generating more business and achieving the level of success that you’re aiming for. The problem is that keeping track of your leads can get exhausting! Every time someone fills out a contact form on your website, signs up for your newsletter, or sends you an email, you have to manually import them into your lead system on your website and place them in a drip campaign list. This can become time-consuming and tedious if you don’t keep track of what leads are coming in every day, and as a result, … (1 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Are You News-Worthy on Google? - 09/21/11 10:22 AM
Given how important technology has become in marketing your real estate business, many of today’s real estate agents have one thing in common: they want to be number one on Google. More and more people are using the internet to start their home search or sale, so it’s become imperative to be easily found on Google. One common practice is to set up a “Google Alert” when you search for your area, business name, or company. These alerts show you exactly what comes up on the search engines when someone types in that information. They’re great tools to use when monitoring … (5 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: 8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Social Networking Sites - 08/17/11 06:01 AM
The Real Estate industry has significantly changed since the arrival of social media and mobile technology. I mean come on: Don’t you think Social Media deserves at least some of the credit for that house you just sold or that new client who called you? Posting your listings and information about your business on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow them to spread rapidly across the web and be seen by many more people than the old days of running classified ads in the local newspaper. Mobile applications for smartphones can also help your business, by keeping you on … (4 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Want to Get Rid of Mundane Tasks? There's an App for That! - 07/28/11 08:18 AM
It was only a matter of time before the famed iPhone came out with an app for doing those daily, mundane task that you don’t want to do.  It’s called TaskRabbit.  Now, TaskRabbit, formerly known as RunMyErrands, has been around for a little while allowing those with a limited schedule and a less-than-limited budget to assign chores like grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning or any other task you can think of to other people who will do it for you.  What a great concept!
Well, as we continue expanding on our super convenient lifestyle, TaskRabbit just announced their new … (5 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Make Your Social Networking Posts "Valuable" - 06/15/11 10:02 AM
Building and maintaining a social media presence is difficult enough, but on top of everything else, you have to start assessing how much interaction your page is getting. Whenever we start maintaining a page for one of our social networking clients, we always ask ourselves this question: what can we post that the public will see as valuable? Whether you’re offering a freebie or telling a joke, your Facebook fans want content that they feel is both interesting and valuable to them. It’s the number one way to get interaction.If you’re new to the social networking sphere, it can be tricky … (3 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: What Matters More in Social Media: Quality or Quantity? - 05/25/11 09:52 AM

Each time we log in to Facebook and start jumping around to different business pages, we’re always impressed by the Facebook pages that have large numbers of fans. It’s impressive to have a large following, particularly for smaller businesses. Sometimes, however, we get caught up in the how many Facebook fans and Twitter followers we have and forget what the whole point of building a social networking presence is: interaction. That’s why, when it comes to building up our clients’ social media presences, we tend to think that it’s better to have a quality following, not just a large amount … (2 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: It’s That Time...Social Media Spring Cleaning - 05/18/11 09:14 AM
Spring has finally arrived! The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting progressively warmer, and we’re already gearing up for Memorial Day next weekend. Many of you have probably already done the appropriate “spring cleaning” on your homes, but what about your social networking sites?

If you haven’t updated your account in what has seemed like forever, or you haven’t sent a tweet in months, you might be surprised as to what you’ll find when you log in. You might have spam all over your Facebook page, or have gotten hundreds of new Twitter followers, all spam. It’s understandable that … (2 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Build Your Social Networking Presence Without Lifting a Finger! - 04/13/11 10:15 AM
Many of the agents that we speak to everyday know the importance of having a strong social networking presence. Much of marketing has gone virtual, and having active Facebook and Twitter accounts is important to expanding your presence in your community and building your brand. The problem is this: most agents don’t have the time it takes to create and execute a successful social media marketing campaign. Think about it: you have to have the time to build your Facebook page and Twitter account, find a list of quality resources to use for your posts, and then take the time each … (4 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Top Tips to Get More Twitter Followers - 03/02/11 09:12 AM
Starting out on Twitter can be very difficult. It’s an entirely different language most of the time, it’s very fast-paced, and you’re not quite sure how to get people to read, or care, about your content. In fact, many who start trying Twitter often give up very quickly when they don’t get immediate results. It’s very frustrating to feel like you’re not getting any followers, but thankfully, the social media specialists at RealSupport have some trusty tricks in their playbook that are guaranteed to get you more followers on Twitter:
Be patient. You are not going to create a Twitter account, … (5 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: What Should Feed Where? Breaking Down Social Media Feeds - 02/24/11 02:13 AM
One of the biggest questions we get from our social networking clients when we first start setting up their Facebook business page and Twitter account is “How will my blog show up on my Facebook and Twitter accounts?”, “How will I get good content on LinkedIn?”, and “How will you have time to make sure all of my social media sites are populated on such a low budget?” The answer to all of these questions lies in a few short words: social media feeds.        Making sure all of your social networking sites feed content to one another is integral to … (3 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: The Importance of Capturing Leads - 11/10/10 04:01 AM
Well, you don’t want to hold them hostage, but you’d certainly like to capture them!  When thinking about your website, you may wonder who (if anyone at all) stops by and how effective your website really is.  Wouldn’t it be great to get a list of the visitors that stop by your site, especially those that are truly serious about buying or selling a home?  Now, we know lead capturing is nothing new, but we wanted to revisit the topic and give you some creative ways to ensure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.  You may have a fantastic … (9 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Real Estate Blogging Success Story: “They’re Choosing a Home!” - 10/15/10 03:25 AM
One of the joys of blogging for Real Estate agents is hearing their success stories!  The more clients we have come to us with their need for an SEO rich, real estate relevant blog; the more success stories we hear about real estate blogging.   I “sat down” for a virtual interview with Theresa D’Antuono, our client and an agent in the historic town of Lexington MA to discuss her Lexington MA Real Estate blog:  We’ve been working with Theresa for years and in June when she came to us for help with a new advertising project, RealSupports’ Project and Design … (2 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Need a Vacation? How to Have the Stress Free Getaway that You Deserve! - 08/19/10 06:53 AM
So, you haven’t had a vacation in years.  Or maybe you’ve attempted to get away from it all, but it seemed that there was always a call to take or an email to send and you found it impossible to put your blackberry down.  As an agent, you’ve experienced the chaotic workday schedule and probably wonder what it’s like to get away from it all the way people with “normal” job schedules do.  The Real Estate industry is a fast paced, moment to moment environment, which means you have to follow suit or fall behind. 
And what about the holidays?  Although … (0 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: New Year’s Resolutions - Serve Don’t Sell! - 01/04/10 08:22 AM
Do you sell or serve?  It is a simple question.  I believe there is a big difference and your success in 2010 depends on it. Read more to gain a fresh perspective and start serving...These days no one wants to be sold.  We cringe when a telemarketer calls or someone knocks on our door selling something.  We are reluctant to give our phone number to anyone for fear they will call us!  Selling is just passe. It is the way of the past and a way to scare off your potential clients, that is for sure!How do you serve?  Depending on … (58 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Add unlimited photos to your listings on Trulia AND best of all it's FREE & you don't have to upgrade your account! - 07/14/09 12:53 AM
I'm sure most of you post or have your listings "feed" to They just launched an exciting new feature that allows you to add as many photos as you would like to your listings. This gives you some control over your syndicated or manually added listings.
Best of all, you do not have to upgrade your account to access this feature, it is FREE!
Here's how to use it:
First, access your My Listings page (if you don’t already have a Trulia account, you’ll be prompted to create one).  Then, for any listing on your page, select from the drop-down … (4 comments)

using a real estate virtual assistant: Quick Tip - How to fit a "written thank you note" into each day - Are you telling your clients you appreciate them? - 07/10/09 02:14 AM

I wanted to share a quick idea that I've implemented recently.  At one point, I had a running list of people I needed to send a thank you notes to. This list of course was growing and I never had time to write out any of my notes. My email and everything else always took priority. My solution?  Everyday while my computer is booting up, I write a quick note. I've got a MAC, so it is pretty quick to boot up, but it still allows me time to write my note and not feel like I should be doing … (9 comments)

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