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    Rumors of the death of Google+ have been greatly exaggerated. Again! The latest spate of "Google Plus is Dead" articles were instigated by TechCrunch, who previously reported the demise of Google+ in 2014.  Some form of dead Google+ reports have circled the web since 2012. Many of these artic...
Life can pile up. And for real estate professionals who work around their client's schedules, it can be hard to keep your house in order. Mail stacks up, closets overflow, and desks become buried in miscellaneous stuff. Attics, basements and garages become family museums. Most of us deal with som...
You may already know that 92% of home buyers use the Internet for their home search. Excellent real estate photos are needed to draw buyer attention, and to convey a positive opinion of value. What's more, studies by Redfin have shown that using professional real estate photos can attract higher ...
Now that the FTC has approved the Zillow-Trulia merger, Zillow is to real estate what Amazon is to retail; a dominating force that may change the industry. Analysts have speculated for months about what the merger could mean for real estate professionals, with many painting a grim picture for the...
There's no such thing as an overnight success in SEO. Great search engine optimization requires content updates, targeted keywords, and a robust website that indexes your data with Google and other search engines.  It also takes time and patience. If someone promises you a fast SEO fix, they migh...
With unique features and occasional updates on the major social networking websites nearly all of the time, our Real Estate Marketing team understands how trying it can be to keep up! These little-known features can easily get bypassed, but can also have a large impact when utilized. We’ve listed...
LinkedIn is one of the best social networking websites built specifically for professionals in virtually any industry. However, learning how to best leverage its array of features and using your profile to your advantage can oftentimes be something that falls along the wayside once you’re up and ...
The new year is here and, with another busy real estate season just around the corner, now is a great time to consider your productivity in years past and implement small changes to better improve your organization! Our Real Estate Marketing team is always seeking tips, tricks and “hacks” to shar...
It seems unbelievable, but 2014 is almost coming to a close and a new year is on the horizon. This is the time of year when many people make New Year’s resolutions, typically with the intentions of making improvements in various facets of their life in 2015. It’s also a great time to consider pro...
Like most real estate professionals, you’re probably using this time to take stock of your marketing and customer service tactics over the last year and deciding how to improve upon them in 2015. Our Real Estate Marketing team has always been big believers in organized, streamlined processes and ...

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