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Social networking can be tough to keep up with, and our Real Estate Marketing team is aware that the hyper-rapid evolution of social media and online marketing means that there are always new websites and innovative ways of social sharing being developed. The latest social networking giant to rep...
Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. Whether you’re simply having an “off week” or have been too busy to stop and recharge, finding motivation to approach a day, a marketing plan, a blog or anything else can sometimes be tough. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team is relied on by all ...
In the real estate industry, this time of year is typically considered the “off-season”; a much slower-paced time in business when both buyers and sellers can be scarce. It can be a far cry from the busier spring and summer months, when people are much more eager to move, buy and sell property. O...
Blink and you’ll miss it! It’s that time of year again once more, and it seems as though 2014 has flown by. Our Real Estate Marketing group wanted to take the opportunity to give thanks to our clients, our colleagues and the team members that make up our innovative, professional Real Estate Virtu...
As a long-time Real Estate Marketing company, one of the key components of our professional listing coordination efforts for our clients is the listing description. Because the Multiple Listing Service typically only offers a limited amount of characters for descriptions, it is essential to make ...
So you have the Facebook business page set up, the local community  has taken notice and you have several “likes” and fans that have taken the time to follow you – The question on most peoples’ minds is simple: “Now what?” Frequent, relevant updates and a properly filled out business page are, of...
Our Real Estate Marketing team recently came across an interesting article via Chicago Agent Magazine. The article details how different the industry landscape has become, even in just the last ten years, for buyers searching for properties. In the space of a single ten-year period, from 2004 to ...
Competition within the real estate industry is fierce and out-spending your competitors can seem like an impossible task. Large real estate franchises spend enormous sums of money to keep their brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds and are constantly competing to be the biggest, the best and...
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has long championed the multitude of benefits that come with regular blogging. From increased SEO rankings to giving your business and your brand a "voice", blogging is a fantastic way to both connect with the local community as well as showcase your profess...
Many real estate professionals are already aware of the importance of Google+, but not many know exactly how to use this newer social network or understand the value that it can create for their online marketing. While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are also essential for a...

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