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Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has long championed the multitude of benefits that come with regular blogging. From increased SEO rankings to giving your business and your brand a "voice", blogging is a fantastic way to both connect with the local community as well as showcase your profess...
Many real estate professionals are already aware of the importance of Google+, but not many know exactly how to use this newer social network or understand the value that it can create for their online marketing. While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are also essential for a...
We all know that Facebook is one of the major top social networks when it comes to online marketing and brand visibility. Figures and statistics don't lie, such as the fact that 30 million businesses now have a Facebook page (Source:
By now, we've all heard the tragic news about Arkansas real estate professional Beverly Carter. It is safe to say that the industry as a whole is shaken by this brazen, horrific event and all of us at RealSupport, Inc. extend our deepest apologies and condolences to Ms. Carter's family, friends a...
With September coming to a close and the fall season well underway, the real estate industry typically sees its annual slowdown begin. With the frantic and busy chaos of spring and summer finished, this can be a tricky time for real estate professionals. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has...
Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and evolving at a rapid pace. While this is excellent for technology and online advancements, it can oftentimes be difficult to keep up with rules, standards and expectations when it comes to your own search engine optimization! One of the m...
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has written frequently about blogging in the past, and the many benefits that it offers you, your online presence and your search engine optimization. However, there are a few key things that we always suggest implementing into each and every blog post to en...
Oftentimes, the individuals that have started or continue to run major companies can be considered visionaries and geniuses, or at least highly successful people with a strong sense of business acumen. So when these certain people talk - The world, and the public, tend to take notice and listen i...
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team understands the busy life of a real estate professional - With appointments, meetings, closings, showings and office time, you're constantly on the go! Every real estate professional can use an extra helping hand, particularly during the busy season, so they...
With online marketing and social media becoming larger and more sophisticated means of communication, it is oftentimes easy to forget the importance of traditionals ways of marketing. While some forms of traditional marketing are out-dated and no longer offer the same return on investment, newsle...

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