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2017 will be an interesting year for real estate professionals! Rising interest rates will motivate home buyers to take action, while the same conditions will make current homeowners less motivated to sell. This means we can reasonably expect another year of low home inventory, with more agents c...
Google is changing the SEO game again, and this time it’s all about the mobile experience. The new mobile-first index being launched by Google requires your website to be more than merely “mobile-friendly.” Here’s a rundown of what’s happening, with tips from Entrepreneur magazine!In the past, Go...
Christmas and Hanukkah are almost here, time is running out, and you haven’t completed your holiday shopping. Don’t panic! We have ideas to help you! Time is short, so let’s jump right in!1. Don’t over-think when you shop! It’s the thought that counts, and to complete your gift-giving list, you’l...
Mortgage interest rates are at their highest level in two years, and home buyers are not only off the fence, they’re vaulting over it! With limited inventory and pressured buyers, 2017 could be an exciting year for real estate professionals. It could also be challenging and frustrating for first-...
As we wind down 2016, you might be looking at your real estate business and either feeling pretty good about it, or wondering where all the listings went! There are always elements of the business you cannot control. Relying on favorable market conditions isn’t a strategy; it’s trusting to luck. ...
As a real estate company owner, the holidays give you the opportunity to recognize your team while celebrating the season. Though you might feel uncertain about the type of gesture you should make, if any, and how to please a very diverse group of personalities. Fortunately, we have suggestions f...
Lean home inventories have been the real estate story of the last two years, and 2017 will hold similar conditions. Real estate agents who want to increase market share must prioritize one thing: prospecting home sellers. Real estate is a year-around business, and so is prospecting clients! Yet m...
As a real estate agent, standing out from competitors is a top priority. This is especially true in a market environment where listings are few and far between. With the slice of pie getting smaller, and more agents showing up at the table, what can you do to protect your business, and grow your ...
Becoming a top real estate agent involves hard work, tenacity, good planning, excellent people skills and numerous productive habits. Inman News recently published an article about the qualities of today’s best agents – and frankly, we think they left a few things out! Therefore, we’re sharing hi...
An effective real estate email marketing campaign isn’t rocket science, but it does take good planning! Here are tips we’re sharing from Entrepreneur magazine, along with our own suggestions! Include images with descriptive tags. Make your message stand out from a crowded inbox! Include an intere...

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