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A good real estate agent needs a servant's heart to be a help to others.  Many is the time that the phone will ring in the middle of dinner or in the middle of family time.A good real estate agent needs a servant's heart to be able to put self on the shelf in order to meet someone else's needs.  ...
Real Estate Agents need to position themselves in order to ride the cycle of this industry.  History repeats itself over and over again, and there are signs the typical agent can look for.Real Estate Agents need to position themselves in order to sustain their business when the cycle changes.  Af...
Real Estate isn't just about selling anymore.  Back in my day, when I first got licensed in 1983, there was no such thing as a computer, much less the Internet.  MLS books were thick and were published once a month.  Every other week, we got a thinner book that supplemented the MLS book with newe...
Making your mark in real estate can be accomplished many ways.  Some people make their mark by trying to find good "deals" and then fixing them up for resale.Making your mark in real estate can be done by getting your real estate license.  Depending on your goals, working as a licensed real estat...
The logo, TEAM Hughes has been around for many years.  Bob and I paid $600 back in 2001 to develop our TEAM Hughes logo.  We were beachy people back then and we're still beachy people.  TEAM Hughes was designed by a graphic artist who understood what we wanted to convey.  Back then, it was used s...
It's an amazing time to be practicing real estate.  Interest rates are still low, buyers are still plentiful, and most sellers are still seriously motivated to sell.It's an amazing time to consider getting your real estate license because we are into the latter half of the year, and things are go...
What could your life be like a year from now if you get your real estate license 2015?  In one year, you could get as much training as possible, you could establish yourself in the area of your expertise, you could produce enough money to sustain you and your family, and you could look back on 20...
Not all real estate schools are the same.  I began teaching real estate for the Ocala Board of REALTORS way back in the 1980's when I was asked to conduct their 2-day Board Orientation for new licensees.  I was barely out of being new myself, but my broker said it was a good way to get myself kno...


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