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You know you've succeeded in your Real Estate Career if you don't get up in the morning worried about paying the bills.  You know you've succeeded if another bill coming in doesn't bother you because you know you can pay for it. You know you've succeeded if the weather is gloomy, it's been rainin...
Just in case you didn't know how to get a real estate license, but you've been thinking you'd be good at it, you may want to check our website out further.Just in case you didn't know how to actually get started in the process, we offer a one-week Fast Track Real Estate Class that happens the thi...
Life throws curveballs in all kinds of ways, and when it does, your plans may get flushed down the toilet.  Does that mean you won't achieve your goals?  Not necessarily, but it does mean the map you were going to use to get there has to be changed.I spoke with a young man recently who had had hi...
What's your passion in this world? Many adults started out with passions and aspirations that fell by the wayside as they got older. Too few get to live out their passions, and many don't even remember what once drove them to passion.One definition of passion is, " the object of an intense desire...
It takes brains and courage to become a bellwether real estate agent. Whether you are presently licensed or not, one of the keys to your success may be your willingness to march to the beat of a different drum.What is a bellwether real estate agent? If you understand the meaning of the word, "bel...
"What's it going to take to become successful in the real estate industry?" Students invariably ask me this question during each class I teach, and my answer is always the same, i.e. good training, a great attitude, a strong heart and "sticktuitiveness."  "What's it going to take to make lots of ...
The Minds of Real Estate Consumers are pretty much focused on one thing - either they are trying to sell a piece of property or they are hoping to purchase a piece of property. Real estate consumers do not set out to do anything but to achieve their goals.Because they are focused on their goals, ...
Be a Real Estate Super Hero!  Yesterday a friend of mine challenged people on Facebook to post and become a comic super hero for one day.  I agreed, and he sent me a cartoon of "Storm," with the following explanation:  "Of the many mutants in the world, Ororo Munroe is one of the most powerful. B...
Do it with style!  Don't slouch, don't be slow, don't mope, don't be negative.  Throughout the real estate industry, we have instructors, trainers, teachers, coaches, brokers, mentors - all kinds of people telling new real estate agents what they should be doing.  What they fail to mention many t...
Without training you're just another agent.  Throughout my real estate career I've seen many new agents stumble upon great deals through their sphere of influence.  Someone throws them a bone, they manage to put it all together with the help of other agents, and pretty soon, they are thinking the...


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