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Are you a dreamer?  Do you ever dream about being more than you are?  Do you ever dream of living a life that allows you to follow your passions? I believe in dreams.  I believe dreaming helps you achieve your goals.  I believe if we don’t have dreams, we aren’t motivated to do more.  Where do th...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, by the way, the best real estate school in Pensacola, lives by the calendar.  Every third week of the month (except December), we hold our One-Week Fast Track Real Estate Class.  We begin on the third Monday and run all the way through Saturday, 8:30-5:30.  We some...
Life is good.  We have been blessed with this great opportunity to have our own real estate school, which gives us a chance to help others achieve their goal of becoming a licensed real estate agent. Life is good.  In 2006, we felt the call of God on our lives and entered an RV Ministry through t...
Today during class, I came back from a break, and there on my podium was a card that said, “From All of Us Thank You.”  Inside the card was signed by all the students, and some of them had written kind words that I’m just not used to receiving collectively from a class.  They even gave me a bouqu...
The TEAM Hughes Real Estate School September Fast Track Class finished up about three weeks ago, and we’re into the October Class. In September we had 12 students, all of whom were thinkers, seekers, asking questions and learning concepts rather than just memorizing. They were awesome!As I write ...
Licensed in 1983 at the age of 10 (okay, so that would make me 42 – yerright!!!).  Okay, let me start over with a bit of honesty here.  Licensed in 1983 at the age of 34, I experienced a bit of arrogance, a bit of excitement, some anticipation, and a whole lot of fear!  Prior to that, I had worke...
Laura has been a REALTOR® for about two years.  Her first career is at a local bank and she is a people person.  Through her many contacts from her first career, Laura has been able to make as a high an income in her second career of real estate, as most other agents who profess to be “full time”...
Every third week of each month (except December when it’s the second week) TEAM Hughes Real Estate School presents a One-Week Fast Track Real Estate Class, which is an accelerated version of the required 63-Hr. Pre License Salesman Class.  We have calculated the number of minutes required by the ...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School instructors regularly get asked our opinion as to which is better, a classroom or online course. Each type of course has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some are below.Obviously, an online course is less expensive because instructor time is not built into ...
What do you have to do is one of the first questions someone will ask me when it comes to practicing real estate.  The next question I usually get is something to the effect of wondering who will pay his or her salary.  Laymen seldom understand that most real estate agents pretty much pay most of...


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