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Most professionals operate under a set of goals.  This holiday season is well known for giving, and as I was thinking of year-end goals, it occurred to me that there is a gift you can give yourself. A gift you can give yourself would be the completion of one of your goals.  Many people tell me th...
A quick Thanksgiving always occurs when you are a working adult with many responsibilities.  As a child, Thanksgiving seemed to come and go at an inordinate speed, and it seemed as though Christmas would never get here! A quick Thanksgiving is a sign that we have matured, that we have undertaken ...
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  TEAM Hughes is thankful for so many things.  I hope you, like us, are thankful for your career.  We are one of the few industries that offer unlimited success to each and every member, whether you have a graduate degree or whether you are a high school dropout. Be th...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School offers something that no other real estate school in the area offers.  Our One-Week Fast Track real estate course is highly unique because a course that takes some schools a month to present is offered in one week.   A week investment in your career doesn’t seem lik...
As a former seasoned REALTOR®, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot, I’ve experienced a lot.  As a real estate instructor, I get to teach a lot, advise a lot, and squelch a lot of myths.  Many consumers have some rather interesting misunderstandings about real estate agents, and then some of those c...
Let me share some memories from the 1980’s.  My first real estate license was effective June 3, 1983, and I was living in Ocala, FL at the time.  A rather unpleasant divorce had been looming, and as the mother of two young daughters, I was faced with having to raise them without child support or ...
Dear Person who wants to practice real estate:   You don’t know me, but I know you.  You’re the person who had a tiny idea one time about selling real estate.  You’re the person who commented once that you were sure you could do it better than that Bozo who sold you the house.  You’re the one who...
The one-week fast track real estate class is scary and can be pretty intimidating to some.  Many prospective students comment to me, "I just don't think I can go that fast."  Believe me, a fast track real estate class is the only way to go!Anyone interested in a career in real estate has an array...
I’ve been reading several blogs from another time that were written by real estate agents, Moms of small children, divorced women, school teachers, and the best of all, people who fashion themselves to be comedians. Now, I’m no comedian, although I do find humor in many forms. Sometimes I read a ...
As a productivity coach, a real estate instructor and a broker, many times seasoned agents complain about new agents not knowing how to do something properly.  You were in their shoes once.  Has it been so long that you cannot remember that time in your career? There is no doubt that new agents o...


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