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What might your New Year expectations include?  Will there be improvements in finances, job security, personal satisfaction?  Do your New Year expectations include a certain amount of focus on your spiritual life or your theology?  Are the New Year expectations just about money, career and workin...
We are in Illinois and pray you have a blessed few days!  Our time here has been wonderful.  We've played with grandchildren and are exhausted!  We've caught up visiting with one of the kids and her husband.  We've eaten way too much and laughed way too hard.   We want you to have a blessed few d...
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.  That makes it difficult to concentrate on blogging.  Sitting by my daughter’s Christmas tree, sipping hot coffee, Gracie and Anna tugging at me for attention – all of these sweet memories remove us from the reality of our lives in Fl...
Be honest with yourself; tell the truth.  Are you really in control of your life?  Admittedly, a great deal of what happens to us in life is beyond our control.  We are, however, in control of how we react to the various things that happen. Many well-meaning friends and family will caution you to...
Do you make resolutions for the New Year, hoping to achieve something you’ve not been able to do in the past? I used to make all kinds of New Year resolutions when I was younger. After many years of seeing the resolutions fall by the wayside, I stopped making them. Now I make goals, and for some ...
Remember, “Where’s Waldo?” I feel like Waldo because TEAM Hughes is taking a holiday. We are somewhere in the US, but nobody knows where for sure. We headed for Illinois, but we may be in Missouri today. It’s going to be hard to keep up with us for a while and classes are done until January. TEAM...
Our December fast-track class is quickly coming to an end. This was the last class of 2015, and they’re absorbing more information than they ever thought possible! It’s been a great week, and I am confident our high pass rate will not be in jeopardy. I believe each and every one of our students w...
Do yourself a favor when you are talking on the phone – smile!  People on the other end of the phone can usually “feel” your smile, your contempt, your frustration, your anger.  No doubt you’ve been the victim of a phone call from a solicitor.  It may have been a soft-spoken female voice; it coul...
In our country, career changes are not unusual.  Statistics show that most consumers will change careers at least three times during adulthood.  Most real estate agents come into the profession from having worked in another field and then either have grown tired of it or have become the victim of...
Hi everyone, January is right around the corner.  Don’t substitute that job for your dream.  I know it’s easy to get lulled into the idea that you can’t pursue your dream because you’re busy paying the bills.  We’ve come up with a solution for you in case your dream is to sell real estate.   TEAM...


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