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  Back in the 80’s as a young agent with lots of responsibilities to deal with, I noticed that there were lots of men and women in their 40’s or later who were the top producing agents.  Back then, I was in my early 30’s, so everyone over 40 was old to me.  There were almost zero minorities where...
  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has completed its January classes, and reflections of January are definitely in order.  Historically, January is a successful month for real estate schools.  People’s goals and resolutions are renewed once Christmas has passed, and January is a month of new beginn...
  Last week during our One-Week Fast Track Real Estate Class, a student asked me, “Weren’t you ever scared?”   My response was, to my surprise, an emotional one with tears welling up in my eyes.  Of course, I’ve been scared.  In 1983, I was a young, single Mom receiving no child support.  A bad m...
  Brittany Cook (permission to use her real name was given) is a local REALTOR®, and I was honored to teach Brittany her pre license class, as well as her post license class.  When I first met Brittany, she not only struck me as being intelligent, but she also struck me as a woman who would stick...
  We TEAM Hughes Real Estate School instructors regularly get asked our opinion as to which is better, a classroom or online course.  Each type of course has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some are below.   Obviously, an online course is less expensive because instructor time is not bu...
  January is historically a time when people still have their resolve about them and they are determined to meet all those New Year resolutions they made on December 31st.  In our industry, breaking records will usually occur in January and/or February.  This year is no exception.  Between the tw...
When the plate is full, time is speeding by quickly, and curriculums all need to be updated, it’s easy to forget to blog.  Blogging is not for the faint of heart, and when it is compounded by a state of frenzy and a cluttered mind, it can become a huge burden.   Have you ever wanted to do somethi...
  Last night the president gave his state of the union address.  Regardless of your personal politics, many of us felt some of the rhetoric was all too familiar to us.  Actually, we’ve been told over and over that things will get better, and that we can make it happen.   I began thinking about th...
  When you were in school, you put off doing your homework until the day before it was due.  You wait as late as possible to file your tax return.  You still dislike having to do certain things by deadlines.  Procrastination is something you’ve experienced many times.  If you can relate to some o...
  As a real estate instructor and school owner, my opinion is that we always need new agents in the practice of real estate.  Many seasoned real estate agents would disagree with that statement, but that’s because most of them no longer welcome competition and they’ve lost their love of synergism...


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