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One never appreciates what they have until they don’t have it anymore.  Florida is one of the best places to live as far as I am concerned.  We’re in Florida for a reason.  Visiting Illinois in February is an interesting experience.  When I got here, the temperature was in the 60’s.  The first fe...
I regularly blog three times a week.  Sometimes I ask myself when is blogging too much?  Do people really read these blogs?  What good can come out of blogging? Time over time, someone will mention to me something they read in my blog.  When we first began our school, our IT guy advised me to blo...
As I write this blog, I’m working for something I believe in.  I am in Carbondale, Illinois visiting with my younger daughter and her two daughters.  Sarah’s husband is on a business trip, Sarah recently had surgery, and I am here doing what I love most – being her Mom and their Nana.  The second...
Something interesting is happening. I have been teaching real estate, in some form or another, over 25 years. In the pre license classes we teach to students who want their real estate license for a variety of reasons. The majority of them want to practice real estate, and some have already procu...
  It may be time for a fresh start.  Life throws curves at all of us, and sometimes we cannot walk away unscathed.  Many of us look for answers in obvious places, such as friends and family.  While those who love us can offer moral support when we are down, it’s little consolation when we are not...
  Looking back at real estate trends in this country since 1983, I am amazed at how cyclical things are.  In 1983, when I first began my career in real estate, interest rates were double-digits.  I recall my first sale, i.e. a 3/2 doublewide mobile home.  It sold for $39,900, owner financing with...
  “Monday, Monday so good to me; Monday morning, it was all I’d hoped it would be!”  (For all you young ‘uns, this was a Mama’s and Papa’s song back in the 60’s.)  I woke up singing this song in my mind, wondering what today would hold for us.  Today starts our February One-Week Fast Track Real E...
  There are two schools of thought.  One says we need to work smart; the other says hard work pays off.  In a real estate career, I think we have to work both smart and we have to work hard.   Paradigm shifts abound in this industry!  We start out as novices, confused, not knowing the lingo, not ...
 I happened to be in a local real estate office, and I overheard an agent who had opportunity time.  This is a 4-hour period an agents is allowed to take calls that come into the office regarding listings to talk with consumers who may wander in wanting information.  This time is typically known ...
  February evokes thoughts from the heart, usually about loved ones and long-time relationships.  My children all live away from Florida, my husband is also my business partner, and my dearest friends and I stay in touch regularly.  So instead of thoughts from the heart about friends and family, ...


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