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Lots of people want to “try” selling real estate, but I say let’s make it a career!  I’ve never heard anyone say they were going to law school or medical school to “try” practicing medicine or to “try” practicing law.  I don’t understand why some people think they can just “try” practicing real e...
How do you cope with stress?  For years, my coping mechanisms included overeating, smoking and drinking.  Those days are gone, thankfully, although I do still try and eat my way to sanity sometimes.   How do you cope with stress when you’re trying to take care of business?  Business is the culpri...
Yesterday Bob and I were officially introduced as new affiliate members, and we attended our first meeting of the Board of REALTORS®.  It was a nice affair, the food was good, and we met lots of new faces.  The Pensacola Association of REALTORS® has over 1,800 REALTOR® members and about 85 affili...
  A recipe for success can include anything from hard work to great personalities.  Someone’s recipe for success could be dedicated daily cold calling or weekly walking certain subdivisions.  Someone may have a penchant for mailers, newsletters, emails, or brochures.  A recipe for success can com...
  What did you do last week?  I started the week out with 16 people from all walks of life, who took our accelerated one-week real estate class.  We actually had 15 students, but then at 9:00 a call came in from a young man who wanted to start immediately, and he made it in before the first break...
I get many questions about how our class works.  People wonder how we can fit so much information into 6 days.  My first answer is one bite at a time.   Here’s how our class works:  Monday is the first day.  My husband opens the class while I complete registrations and collect money.  Everyone is...
Many years ago a wise broker gave me permission to fail.  He was spot on when he said, “Failure can increase your success.”  Of course, back then, I never believed him.  I didn’t understand how failure could increase anyone’s success.  Failure is not winning; failure is losing.  Failure represent...
Let me start out by explaining we do not offer daytime classes that run more than a week.  We offer our One-Week Fast Track Class and every other month we offer our Evening Real Estate Class that runs for three weeks.  I sometimes get asked which is better, daytime classes vs. evening classes?  S...
When I broke the news to Mom that I was getting a license, her question to me was, “Why would you ever want to sell real estate as a career?” She went on to give me a litany of reasons why I should stay in my chosen profession as a paralegal.  When she finally came up for air and gave me a chance...
If someone had said, “Hey Lady, you can change your life in one week,” I probably would have reacted the way Elaine used to react on the Jerry Seinfeld Show when she hit the guys with both hands, shoving them back and saying something like, “Get outta here!”    Being gullible is one of my weaknes...


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