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We have a myriad of students who seek us out and who use our services to get their real estate license.  We have affluential students, students who need our financial help with tuition, students who feel they’re stuck in a job and going nowhere, and we have students who want to change the course ...
The thing about blogging is that if you are committed to regular scheduled posts, it is always going to be a project that has to be done.  Blogging doesn’t get done until and unless you make a concerted effort to do it.   The thing about blogging is that, no matter the reason for your blog, someo...
We recently visited a casino for a little R&R.  Bob and I are light-weights when it comes to gambling.  For us, our lives have been about the biggest gamble we’ve been willing to take, but every once in a while we want to do something silly, and our visit to the casino was just that.  We told our...
The latest storm hit us the other night while we were having dinner with some friends in a local Italian restaurant.  I only describe the restaurant because it was relevant to the events of the evening.  The food was good, conversation was the best, and the subject of weather came up.  Bob inform...
No belief will automatically remain alive in our minds.  We need to hold on to our beliefs.  If we commit to a belief and we are never reminded that the belief is true or real in our lives, the belief will eventually fade.  For instance, someone with a particular religious belief must exercise th...
Mickey Mantle’s quote inspired me the other day while watching “Moneyball,” a movie about the Cardinal Athletics’ general manager and how he changed the way ball clubs now view statistics and recruiting.  The quote used in the movie was, “It is unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game ...
“Be prepared” is the Boy Scout motto.  That motto has so much depth to it, although most people rarely think deeply about those two words.   Be prepared is not only a motto, but it is also some really good advice.  The economy over the past few years has been precarious, to say the least, and the...
I remember the Hulk’s line, “puny god” from one of the Avenger movies, and it always stuck in my mind because many of us do have puny gods.  In the real estate industry, many have puny goals.  Puny goals equal puny rewards.  If we are afraid to aim high, we will only ever achieve less than greatn...
Is your but too big?  I’m a rather large-framed woman and believe me, sometimes my but is too big and sometimes my but shrinks to allow for success.  You may be wondering what I’m talking about or how my anatomy can change so quickly.  Let me explain.  The “but” I’m referring to has nothing to do...
We were gone for a couple of weeks recently, and when we came home, we saw the market is still hot here.  Facebook is covered with posts form local agents touting their success in seeing contracts put on their newly listed properties within just a few days.  Market time is dropping, buyers are st...


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