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I would love to let you take a look into one of our classes.  TEAM Hughes is a unique type of real estate school in that we have a history of serving others.  Bob and I were blessed to have had an opportunity to serve in an RV ministry for about 9 years, and through that ministry, we came into co...
In my line of work, I have a great opportunity to explain to my students the difference between the terms REALTOR® and Real Estate Agent.  Then I explain that each student will make the choice of becoming a REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent.  The brokerage firm where they “hang” their license will ei...
Yesterday we tested our July students.  The exam included students from our One-Week Fast Track class as well as our Three-Week Evening Class.  Yesterday was a pretty good example of commitment.   Between both classes, we had three students commuting from Alabama, and I don’t mean right across th...
When you were in school, you put off doing your homework until the day before it was due.  You wait as late as possible to file your tax return.  You still dislike having to do certain things by deadlines.  Procrastination is something you’ve experienced many times.  If you can relate to some of ...
A real estate agent’s world is unlike most other people’s worlds.  It’s terribly difficult to walk in a real estate agent’s shoes unless you are actually in real estate or have knowledge of the real estate industry.    Once licensed, a real estate agent’s world pretty much changes from their form...
In the practice of real estate, the skills you will need are voluminous and varied.  Many agents excel in the area of friendliness, making people feel welcomed, greeting strangers with warmth and caring, and all of these traits are excellent.  The skills you will need, however, go beyond your per...
The TEAM Hughes office is located in our home, which makes it really convenient.  On any given day, you’ll hear lots of  buzz words going around, and it occurred to me that, while we no longer practice real estate, we still speak some of the same language.   Buzz words spoken around here can incl...
The practice of real estate has a huge attrition rate.  Some statistics indicate over 50%, others say over 80%, of all new real estate agents will fail.  Why many real estate agents drop out may come as a bit of a surprise to some.   With the real estate market improving, there are newer, less se...
Becoming a real estate agent is exciting, but there are some things you need to know about practicing real estate before you jump in and take off.  In this industry there is a huge turnover of agents.  The National Association of REALTORS® doesn’t necessarily paint a positive picture, but then ag...
Many prospective students call our school and their first question is, “What are the costs to get started?”  This question can be answered in one of two ways.  We can either talk about the initial costs to get a license or we can talk about the costs to really get started in a real estate career....


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