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Sitting in Maine as I write this blog, feeling the draft around my feet, I am reminded how the weather affects your market.  You practice in Florida and Alabama, so there is no way to relate to real estate agents practicing in New England.  The weather affects their market in such a way that they...
I know a guy who lost tons of weight and got his exercise by walking.  He looks great and can eat pretty much anything he wants because every day he walks his allotted miles and it seems to be keeping him healthy.   Real estate agents sometimes don’t get enough exercise, especially when they spen...
If you are currently licensed to practice real estate, you should be thankful.  We live in a country that allows us to do what we enjoy doing and yet, we get paid to do it.  We chose a career field that does not require a college degree, a huge capital investment and a monthly overhead that is im...
My father was a down-home Southerner who married during his Army military service.  He met my mother through one of his Army buddies.  She was an Italian from Boston, and though I’ve never understood the match, they were married almost 50 years before passing on.  During my childhood, I was betwe...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School now has two campuses, runs three pre licensing classes that overlap, is expanding further, and sometimes it gets crazy!  When we have three separate pre licensing classes going at the same time, things get a little hectic.  We try hard to remember students’ names an...
We recently heard a sermon in church that discussed “divine checklists,” which gave me an idea for this blog.  As the preacher went through the checklist of things God gave us to do, I began to relate the sermon to the practice of real estate.  Recalling the many times I would go on an appointmen...
Today is Saturday and we just got back from fishing.  The weather was perfect, we took the boat and we settled in for the duration.  Fishing is a little of a science and a little of an art.  Fishing helps clear the mind and offers excitement, anticipation, fun and sometimes boredom.  Today was no...
Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all political and religious persuasions and all types of morals and character.  The question at hand, then, would be what makes a good real estate agent?  Regardless of all the differences between them, is there some similar trait that yo...
Time is passing way too quickly for me!  I need to stop sitting on the fence about a few things I want to get accomplished.  In thinking about my personal goals, my mind wanders toward our business, which is teaching people how to get a real estate license or furthering their real estate educatio...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has a policy to assist students with their tuition.  We try to make it as painless as possible for them because we know that there are many more expenses they will be facing as they get further into the process of getting a real estate license.  We also do this beca...


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