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Now that 2016 is practically behind us, it’s time to think about the direction you want to go in your career.  You can either soar with the eagles or you can keep on groveling with the turkeys! That sounds direct, but in this case, it needs to be.  The practice of real estate has many levels.  Ju...
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School operates its courses from several different locations, one of which is Daphne, Alabama.  Daphne, AL is where an extraordinary opportunity awaits those who want it.  TEAM Hughes is now offering a two-week Fast Track Real Estate Class to the Daphne, AL area, as well a...
We at TEAM Hughes Real Estate School hope you had the most wonderful Christmas ever!  Now, we are moving into the new year with great expectations.  This week may find people still celebrating or recuperating from celebrating.  We were in Illinois for the holiday and hated to leave so quickly, bu...
Our Daphne, AL campus is in a Keller Williams office, and as my class was taking their final exam last week, I set up in the training room to grade them.  There was plenty of time to kill, so I began reading the different posters on the wall, and one caught my eye.  Gary Keller was asking, “What’...
Christmas trees with pretty lights, lovely Menorahs laid out for Hanukkah, nippy cold weather ahead of us and lots of food and drink at parties all set us up for the holiday spirit.  Regardless of your religious affiliation, you must admit the last month of each year comes in with much anticipati...
It’s that time of the year when people begin looking back and contemplating the new year that’s right around the corner.  Many are thinking about their new year resolutions, but quite frankly, resolutions are not for me!  Years ago, I used to make tons of new year resolutions, but became frustrat...
Today’s world of technology makes life easier, but many people seem to be wandering in the desert.  Things have gotten so hectic that they don’t know how to slow down and enjoy their career.  Working and getting a paycheck is their first priority, rather than happiness or passions.  Wandering in ...
I’ve found dancing with your past can be debilitating.  Most people don’t even realize that they’ve allowed their past to lead them through the present.  Dancing with your past can determine the choices you make and can affect the roads you travel throughout life. As a woman of faith, I try to la...
Here it is again, the dreaded Monday.  Recently I’ve discovered that Mondays need not be that way.  You know which way I’m talking about.  We all seem to hate Monday, we all seem to dread its weekly arrival.  Let’s face it:  having a weekend off naturally makes us wish for more.  We’re kind of a ...
Look back.  Did you do everything you set out to do?  Reflection can be good this time of year.  It shows us what we did right and it reminds us of the things we did wrong or should not have done in the first place.  Reflection can be good to sharpen our skills.  If we don’t look back at the past...


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