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Recalling memories of small children in the back seat of the car, I can still hear them asking, “Are we there yet?”  No matter how short or how long the trip, that question was always in the forefront of their minds.  Thinking about that question that all parents hear sooner or later, I begin ask...
Oh no!  Interest rates have increased, but what’s this?  Interest rate increases are good?  The market is changing, yes, but not for the worst!  Interest rates increased, but ever so slightly, and managed to gently bump some consumers out of their nests to start the homebuying process they put of...
Traveling has always been enjoyable for me, especially when family is involved in the destination.  I enjoyed the past 10 days with my grandchildren in Illinois even though my daughter was recuperating from surgery.  I found out all too well that I am no longer good at getting little girls out th...
This week I am in Illinois helping my younger daughter who recently had surgery.  Sarah has two little girls, and her husband is on a business trip for about three weeks.  Sarah can’t get around too well, and with a 2-story house, it made sense for me to come up and help.  Besides, it made for a ...
We’ve all heard the old saying, “home is where the heart is.”  Most of us would agree with that sentiment, and if we truly believe that home is where the heart is, then that makes us pretty important people!  If you are a real estate agent or a REALTORÒ, your job is to help people achieve their g...
Cold weather is soon on its way out and hopefully, spring is coming soon.  For many of us, spring means all things new, a revitalization of the way we’ve been doing business, and a chance to make changes.  Year-end is always a great time to assess goals, but when spring is coming, it seems to be ...
Basic real estate training includes teaching agents how to respond to phone inquiries from complete strangers.  I remember one of my trainers telling us to smile!  They can hear you!  That bit of advice stuck with me over the years, and as a former paralegal who had to deal with lots of people ov...
Robert Schuller once said, “Winning starts with beginning.”  At the time I first heard it, I thought it was kind of catchy, and as time went on, it began to make more sense to me.  I now understand that unless I am willing to do something, I can never be good at it.  I also recognize that since w...
Lots of agents have been licensed longer than I have, but what I know is plenty enough to devote a lifetime to transferring knowledge, wisdom and experience to others.  I know what I know, and that’s all I know.  So why do you think students from all walks of life, representative of all ages, and...
I am a creature of habit.  I admit it, and I admit that sometimes it’s difficult to shake it up a bit, to move outside my comfort zone, and to do something totally spontaneous.  From the time I leave bed to greet the world in the morning, certain habits kick in.  I first turn on the Keurig, feed ...


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