real estate broker: Vendors - 10/31/17 09:52 AM
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is in its third week of a Real Estate Broker Course and to make the course as convenient as possible, we asked vendors to sponsor a dinner each night and to give a short presentation about their products and/or business.  Vendors are the bomb!  Without these vendors, TEAM Hughes could not accomplish such a successful broker course.  Historically, the school has presented this course only once a year and preparations for it are time-consuming at best.  To rely on vendors to help take the edge off can be a risk.
After the course is finished, TEAM Hughes … (2 comments)

real estate broker: Travel - 09/19/17 09:32 AM
I love to travel.  We spent more than a few years in an RV ministry where we got to travel around the country while working on churches, Christian schools, Teen Challenges, etc.  It was a great life, but not for the faint of heart.  Now that we’re out of ministry and have settled into a routine with our real estate school, we don’t travel as much as we’d like to.  As you read this blog, we are in New England enjoying friends, family and foliage.  It was on our bucket list to take a train ride and to get Bob up … (1 comments)

real estate broker: Think About It - 09/18/17 05:11 AM
If you think about it, the practice of real estate can sometimes be stressful.  The public perceives real estate agents as having it easy, a cushy job if you will.  They think the entire commission goes to one real estate agent, and that agent hardly worked for it at all.  Think about it long enough and it will make you want to educate every consumer you meet!
Realtors® and real estate agents work for their money, and sometimes work harder than other times.  I always told my agents sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but other times you win big.  Once you’ve … (1 comments)

real estate broker: Become a Hurricane! - 09/11/17 12:47 PM
Florida just got knocked on its “keester” with Hurricane Irma, Texas was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and while writing this blog, we still don’t know the calamity Hurricane Jose will cause.  Let’s face it:  this hurricane season was not your Momma’s hurricane season!  Time stood still, businesses shut down, schools shut down, people evacuated, and life became disorganized.
Now it’s time to get back to work.  Now it’s time for you to become a hurricane!  Of course, I’m using a hurricane as a metaphor in your real estate career.  Hurricanes can be scattered, unnerving and unpredictable.  That’s not what I want for … (2 comments)

real estate broker: To Be or Not To Be a Broker - 08/20/17 02:46 PM
Many real estate agents think it is a waste of time to go through the time and expense to get a broker license.  To be or not to be a broker is the question.  Some think a broker license is only for agents who either want to manage an office or who want to open their own office.  They couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion!
To be or not to be a broker is a no-brainer in my world.  When I first got a Florida broker license in 1985, I had no idea of ever owning my own company.  I wanted … (4 comments)

real estate broker: Become an Avenger - 08/11/17 06:06 AM
It seems a bit strange to me that I love the Avengers.  If I were 9 years old, my imagination would run rampant and I would become an Avenger.  Avengers are the coolest superheroes ever!  I would become an Avenger, and if I couldn’t do that, then I would become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.  
I know there are many superheroes in the comic fantasy world, but for some reason, I want to become an Avenger.  Of course, I speak metaphorically about this.  After all, I am female, 68 years old, and hardly a candidate to become an Avenger!  My heart, however, … (1 comments)

real estate broker: It’s the Little Things - 08/03/17 10:58 AM
One of our grandsons is visiting from Maine and his time here has been wonderful for me.  I don’t normally get to have grandchildren visit because they all live far away.  Having our 10-year old grandson has been educational, comforting and joyous and I am continually reminded that it’s the little things in life that are the most important.  Having a 10-year old caress my face or hug me and tell me he loves me is at times overwhelming.  I really like having him here.
It’s the little things that count in a solid real estate career as well.  I remember clients … (1 comments)

real estate broker: Why I Do What I Do - 07/11/17 04:43 AM
Allow me to explain why I do what I do.  My real estate career began in 1983 (I tell people I was only 10 at the time).  I was a single mother receiving zero child support.  Although my background had been as a legal assistant and paralegal, I quickly found I could not continue in that profession and raise my daughters without being catapulted into poverty!  My real estate rental agent gave me a job lead with a real estate broker and it didn’t take long for me to realize I wanted to be on the other side of the desk!  … (1 comments)

real estate broker: It’s Your Choice - 06/21/17 03:33 AM
Again, it’s raining!  We’ve had more rain than we know what to do with, and quite frankly, calling Florida the “Sunshine State” right now is a bit of an oxymoron if you ask me.  As I write this blog, I am in my nightgown, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to the rain flood my yard and, of course, I began thinking about the practice of real estate and how it’s your choice when it comes to getting dressed today.
In a real estate career, it’s your choice to go into the office, to go into the field, to go door knocking … (0 comments)

real estate broker: Recruiting Agents - 05/02/17 04:05 AM
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School serves one primary purpose.  We teach students how to get a real estate license.  We are not in the business of recruiting agents for any real estate firm.  With that said, we listen to our students when they voice concerns about placing their license with different firms, and when they ask for advice, we give it to them.
Recruiting agents has long been a standard for real estate companies.  Brokers and managers understand the practice of real estate always has been and always will be a numbers game.  Hopefully, some of the agents recruited will turn out … (1 comments)

real estate broker: It’s Already April! - 04/01/17 04:06 AM
Wasn’t Christmas just a few weeks ago?  I’m pretty sure the holidays zipped by so quickly that January came out of nowhere.  Valentine’s Day passed us by and then March blew in and out.  Now, it’s already April!  Why is the time passing by so quickly?  Did someone shorten the number of hours in a day?
We were concentrating on goals a few weeks ago, and it’s already April.  The first quarter has closed out, and there are only three quarters left.  Only 39 weeks remain until we see the year change.  That means we have roughly 9 months left to do … (3 comments)

real estate broker: Spring is Coming - 03/18/17 06:04 AM
Cold weather is soon on its way out and hopefully, spring is coming soon.  For many of us, spring means all things new, a revitalization of the way we’ve been doing business, and a chance to make changes.  Year-end is always a great time to assess goals, but when spring is coming, it seems to be the time to reassess those goals.
I don’t know about you, but I always feel more energetic in the spring, having come out of the dreary doldrums of winter.  When my body senses spring is coming, an excitement follows and I’m like a kid anticipating a … (2 comments)

real estate broker: Smile! They Can Hear You! - 03/14/17 02:15 PM
Basic real estate training includes teaching agents how to respond to phone inquiries from complete strangers.  I remember one of my trainers telling us to smile!  They can hear you!  That bit of advice stuck with me over the years, and as a former paralegal who had to deal with lots of people over the phone, the advice was priceless.
Have you ever checked out at a cash register with a cashier who was absolutely just shy of being rude?  The indifference that some cashiers exhibit in their careers is almost intolerable.  I always assumed unhappy store employees were working in a … (4 comments)

real estate broker: What I Know - 03/12/17 06:20 PM
Lots of agents have been licensed longer than I have, but what I know is plenty enough to devote a lifetime to transferring knowledge, wisdom and experience to others.  I know what I know, and that’s all I know.  So why do you think students from all walks of life, representative of all ages, and having all kinds of reasons to come to a real estate school pick us?  I ponder this question because, quite frankly, I like pondering.
What I know is that expectations run high each time a student chooses TEAM Hughes Real Estate School.  What I know is that … (1 comments)

real estate broker: This is Monday - 02/27/17 02:43 AM
This is Monday, and although we just finished a weekend, Mondays sometimes are needed to regroup.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School was still in session through the weekend, as we finished up our February One-Week Fast Track Class.  On Sunday our evening students joined with the Fast Track students to take their final exit exam.  We had 17 students test, and all of them passed.  Scores ranged from 97 to 72, and we couldn’t be prouder.
This is Monday, and although some of us may be dragging, I suspect there are 17 future real estate agents who are busy formulating their plan … (0 comments)

real estate broker: Burn Out is Our Enemy - 02/18/17 04:08 PM
I am on my 5th straight week of teaching.  You may not see the enormity of that statement, but for someone my age who uses a high-energy level when teaching, it’s huge.  I know my limits and believe me, this week is going to push me beyond them.  I am ready for burn out and I know burn out is our enemy. 
When I practiced real estate as a broker, my compassion was limited for agents who allowed themselves to become burned out.  I preached often that we must avoid burn out since burn out is our enemy.  I saw it … (1 comments)

real estate broker: Define Your Objectives - 12/03/16 05:03 AM
This is the time of year when we begin preparing for the upcoming new year.  One of the first things I ask a student needing help is to, “Define your objectives.”  How can you possibly prepare a map showing how to get somewhere without first knowing where you want to go? 
Many real estate agents get their license, get trained and start working.  They take floor time, they sit on model homes, they talk to everyone they know and they wear their name badge wherever they go.  Yet, if you ask them to define their objectives, they would most likely say … (2 comments)

real estate broker: Get Ready for Winter - 10/26/16 10:37 PM
As children, we learned about the ant and the grasshopper, one storing and one having fun.  There were also many stories about squirrels scurrying around in the fall of the year to get food for the winter scarcity.  We’ve been told time and time again as adults that we should save for a rainy day.  All of these idioms have great morals designed to tell us to get ready for winter.
We used to be a nation of savers, but that trend has fallen off over the years.  We lost our way and credit became the norm rather than the exception.  There … (0 comments)

real estate broker: Changing Seasons - 10/18/16 09:44 PM
Have you noticed it getting darker earlier?  That’s because in a couple days we’ll be changing seasons.  Goodbye summer, hello autumn.  If you live in Florida, you may not notice it so much during the day as we continue to enjoy warm weather.  We recently visited Illinois, and although the days were still pleasantly mild, evenings were chilly, which reminded us we’re changing seasons for sure.
As the days grow shorter, changing seasons also includes changing seasons in our careers.  Every career will have paradigm shifts as every life goes through their own shifts.  Change is good and changing seasons seems to … (2 comments)

real estate broker: REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent - 07/25/16 09:53 PM
In my line of work, I have a great opportunity to explain to my students the difference between the terms REALTOR® and Real Estate Agent.  Then I explain that each student will make the choice of becoming a REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent.  The brokerage firm where they “hang” their license will either be a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) or not, and that membership dictates the student’s official status of REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent.
I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in South Carolina, as well as Florida.  I am no longer a REALTOR® because … (1 comments)

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