real estate course: Vendors - 10/31/17 09:52 AM
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is in its third week of a Real Estate Broker Course and to make the course as convenient as possible, we asked vendors to sponsor a dinner each night and to give a short presentation about their products and/or business.  Vendors are the bomb!  Without these vendors, TEAM Hughes could not accomplish such a successful broker course.  Historically, the school has presented this course only once a year and preparations for it are time-consuming at best.  To rely on vendors to help take the edge off can be a risk.
After the course is finished, TEAM Hughes … (2 comments)

real estate course: Become a Hurricane! - 09/11/17 12:47 PM
Florida just got knocked on its “keester” with Hurricane Irma, Texas was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and while writing this blog, we still don’t know the calamity Hurricane Jose will cause.  Let’s face it:  this hurricane season was not your Momma’s hurricane season!  Time stood still, businesses shut down, schools shut down, people evacuated, and life became disorganized.
Now it’s time to get back to work.  Now it’s time for you to become a hurricane!  Of course, I’m using a hurricane as a metaphor in your real estate career.  Hurricanes can be scattered, unnerving and unpredictable.  That’s not what I want for … (2 comments)

real estate course: To Be or Not To Be a Broker - 08/20/17 02:46 PM
Many real estate agents think it is a waste of time to go through the time and expense to get a broker license.  To be or not to be a broker is the question.  Some think a broker license is only for agents who either want to manage an office or who want to open their own office.  They couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion!
To be or not to be a broker is a no-brainer in my world.  When I first got a Florida broker license in 1985, I had no idea of ever owning my own company.  I wanted … (4 comments)

real estate course: It’s the Little Things - 08/03/17 10:58 AM
One of our grandsons is visiting from Maine and his time here has been wonderful for me.  I don’t normally get to have grandchildren visit because they all live far away.  Having our 10-year old grandson has been educational, comforting and joyous and I am continually reminded that it’s the little things in life that are the most important.  Having a 10-year old caress my face or hug me and tell me he loves me is at times overwhelming.  I really like having him here.
It’s the little things that count in a solid real estate career as well.  I remember clients … (1 comments)

real estate course: Make a Difference - 07/23/17 05:37 AM
In the Pensacola Association of REALTORS® alone, there are over 2,000 residential and commercial members.  Students often ask us if there is room for another agent; we always answer yes, there is.  That affirmation comes with a caveat, however.  The industry always has been and always will be flooded with agents who have great aspirations, but who miss the mark.  To be one of the successful REALTORS®, you will need to make a difference.  You will need to set yourself apart from others.  You will need to be one of the best!
This country has its share of entrepreneurs, and sometimes it … (0 comments)

real estate course: That Drive in Us - 07/16/17 04:30 AM
I know you have felt it.  I know you have been touched by it.  I know it has consumed you before.  You wouldn’t be in this business if you didn’t have it.  Each of you knows what I’m talking about!  That drive in us becomes so loud sometimes that we can hardly think!  What is that drive in us?
We humans sometimes operate on fuel we never wanted; sometimes a death forces us to do things we never wanted to do.  Sometimes a birth happily pushes us to make changes in our lives.  Many times, that drive in us is unexplainable, yet … (4 comments)

real estate course: Should You Work Smart or Work Hard? - 07/13/17 06:36 AM
Should you work smart or work hard?  There are two schools of thought.  One says we need to work smart; the other says hard work pays off.  In a real estate career, I think we have to work both smart and we have to work hard.
You will see lots of paradigm shifts in this industry.  You begin as novices, not knowing the lingo, not understanding legalities, relying 100% on those who have been there ahead of you.  In the early days of your career, you must apply yourselves to everything.  Training is paramount, trying to learn as much as you can … (2 comments)

real estate course: Raise Your Standards - 07/11/17 12:53 PM
Kyle Skipper is a young man who works with NY Life Securities, LLC, here in the Pensacola area.  I admire Kyle because he has a realistic view on some major issues in life, even though he is someone I consider young.  With Kyle’s permission, I am sort of quoting one of his recent Facebook posts: 
“Your current situation is a direct result of your standards. Think of where you are in life, whether It’s your job, your money, your happiness, etc.  You are in that place because you set that standard for yourself.  If you’re not happy where you are, then … (1 comments)

real estate course: A Clear Path - 07/07/17 05:13 AM
Real estate agents sometimes run around without being organized.  They don’t have a clear path to lead them, and their attitudes are like one that promotes slinging enough mud so some of it will stick.  Organization isn’t their thing, and at year-end they complain because nothing seemed to work out and they wonder why they didn’t make the money they expected.  Several REALTORS® come to mind who needed a clear path in their real estate career. 
The first was a student who got his license on the first try after working hard to get through our one-week Fast Track class.  He … (0 comments)

real estate course: A Few Suggestions - 07/05/17 05:57 AM
When you are newly licensed and have begun a real estate career, you tend to follow the lead of some major players in your professional life.  Brokers, trainers, and top producers will all have a few suggestions as you muddle your way through the first month of filling out forms, attending meetings, setting up sites, ordering cards, and generally staying bewildered and wondering when and if it will ever end.  Once the paperwork is done, and the dust has settled, it may be time for a few suggestions about what to do next.
Granted, not every new real estate agent starts out … (1 comments)

real estate course: Raising Your Bar - 06/28/17 07:29 AM
According to the National Association of REALTORS®, there were 1,255,619 active members as of June 1st.  This figure does not include licensees, like myself, who are not members of NAR, but who hold active licenses.  I cannot imagine how many more that represents, but suffice it to say we have lots of real estate licensees in this country!  So, you might agree that raising your bar is necessary to stand out from the myriad of other agents in your area.
Our country grew out of visions of entrepreneurial spirits.  Back in the earliest days of this nation, men dreamed of owning a … (1 comments)

real estate course: My Idea of Fun - 06/05/17 11:57 AM
When I was younger, my idea of fun was quite different than it is now.  Thank goodness for paradigm shifts because I’d miss the mark if I was out every night drinking, dancing and carousing.  When I think about all the times I did things like that, it’s as if I wasn’t the one doing them, but rather, someone else did them in my name.  It’s a funny thing about age.  The older we get, the more “establishment” we become, and the realities of our past become memories that fade along the way.
My idea of fun today has more to do … (2 comments)

real estate course: Make Tomorrow Better - 05/05/17 12:16 PM
Ralph Marston once said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”  I have not found any better advice for someone contemplating a career in real estate.  Becoming successful as a REALTOR® or real estate agent takes time and effort.  It’s not the type of career one steps into and immediately realizes gain.  There is the occasional sale or listing that initially comes from a family member or a friend, but for the most part, it takes time to plant the seeds necessary to develop a consistent and successful career practicing real estate.
You can make tomorrow better by beginning today.  … (2 comments)

real estate course: When Things Aren’t Right - 05/05/17 09:30 AM
Each one of us, no matter our age, has been here long enough to have experienced a time in life when things aren’t right.  Practicing real estate, like teaching real estate, can be a roller coaster from month to month.  Emotions can run rampant if goals aren’t met, worry can set in, frustrations can mount.  So, what is a person to do when things aren’t right?
Some of us hide within ourselves while we put on the emotional face the world expects of us.  We smile, laugh at anecdotes, carry on lively conversations, and then we go home exhausted from all the … (2 comments)

real estate course: It’s Already April! - 04/01/17 04:06 AM
Wasn’t Christmas just a few weeks ago?  I’m pretty sure the holidays zipped by so quickly that January came out of nowhere.  Valentine’s Day passed us by and then March blew in and out.  Now, it’s already April!  Why is the time passing by so quickly?  Did someone shorten the number of hours in a day?
We were concentrating on goals a few weeks ago, and it’s already April.  The first quarter has closed out, and there are only three quarters left.  Only 39 weeks remain until we see the year change.  That means we have roughly 9 months left to do … (3 comments)

real estate course: Spring is Coming - 03/18/17 06:04 AM
Cold weather is soon on its way out and hopefully, spring is coming soon.  For many of us, spring means all things new, a revitalization of the way we’ve been doing business, and a chance to make changes.  Year-end is always a great time to assess goals, but when spring is coming, it seems to be the time to reassess those goals.
I don’t know about you, but I always feel more energetic in the spring, having come out of the dreary doldrums of winter.  When my body senses spring is coming, an excitement follows and I’m like a kid anticipating a … (2 comments)

real estate course: Smile! They Can Hear You! - 03/14/17 02:15 PM
Basic real estate training includes teaching agents how to respond to phone inquiries from complete strangers.  I remember one of my trainers telling us to smile!  They can hear you!  That bit of advice stuck with me over the years, and as a former paralegal who had to deal with lots of people over the phone, the advice was priceless.
Have you ever checked out at a cash register with a cashier who was absolutely just shy of being rude?  The indifference that some cashiers exhibit in their careers is almost intolerable.  I always assumed unhappy store employees were working in a … (4 comments)

real estate course: Winning Starts with Beginning - 03/12/17 06:16 PM
Robert Schuller once said, “Winning starts with beginning.”  At the time I first heard it, I thought it was kind of catchy, and as time went on, it began to make more sense to me.  I now understand that unless I am willing to do something, I can never be good at it.  I also recognize that since winning starts with beginning, it’s going to take that first leap of faith to get me on the road to achieving what I want to achieve.
Many people think about real estate.  Some like to look at it, some like to talk about it, … (4 comments)

real estate course: Burn Out is Our Enemy - 02/18/17 04:08 PM
I am on my 5th straight week of teaching.  You may not see the enormity of that statement, but for someone my age who uses a high-energy level when teaching, it’s huge.  I know my limits and believe me, this week is going to push me beyond them.  I am ready for burn out and I know burn out is our enemy. 
When I practiced real estate as a broker, my compassion was limited for agents who allowed themselves to become burned out.  I preached often that we must avoid burn out since burn out is our enemy.  I saw it … (1 comments)

real estate course: Home Values are Increasing - 02/12/17 05:21 AM
Having survived the financial crisis earlier this decade, initially I don’t get super excited when I read that home values are increasing.  One article said the home values are increasing beyond 13% a year.  That’s a little scary to me.  I worry that the country will follow the same path it took before the bubble burst in the mid-2000’s.
Historically, when we were told home values are increasing, we all got excited, we saw an influx of new real estate agents coming into the business, and finally, we had inventory to sell.  As it continued, it seemed the inventory then became more … (1 comments)

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