real estate training: The Rules of the Game - 06/25/17 02:09 PM
Although the practice of real estate is laced with many consumer laws and licensing laws, there are rules of the game that are not specifically statutory rules or written laws.  For example, there has always been a rule that says if we don’t have anything good to say about someone or something, we probably should keep our mouths shut.  In the real estate industry, this rule is important because just as sure as you say something negative about another real estate agent, it will somehow come back to haunt you.
Additionally, the Golden Rule has always been promoted by the National Association … (1 comments)

real estate training: How Do You Know? - 06/15/17 09:46 AM
This question plagues me each month we teach a pre-license class.  At least one student will ask us, “how do you know you’re choosing the right office?”  What a huge responsibility that is for us!  I’m always asking the very same question!  We’ve taught at Keller Williams offices, an ERA office and now we are using Coldwell Banker facilities.  So, how do you know it’s the right fit?
When a student asks that question, the answer isn’t always simple.  Sometimes it depends on what the student is looking for in a brokerage.  Some students cannot jump into a full-time real estate career, … (1 comments)

real estate training: Try - 05/31/17 01:22 PM
As an instructor, one of my pet peeves is to hear a student say he/she would like to “try” real estate.  I’m reminded of something my instructor told me that has resonated to me over the years.  He said he could not recall a doctor, lawyer or accountant tell him they were trying their chosen vocation.  So many of us seem to forget the practice of real estate is a career, not a job to try out until something better comes along.
Statistics show many real estate agents drop out their first year of practice.  I’ve pondered that dilemma more than once, … (3 comments)

real estate training: It’s a Time of Renewal - 04/16/17 04:14 AM
Spring, Easter and warmer weather make folks feel good.  For most, it’s a time of renewal.  Whether you are a person of faith or not, leaving winter behind normally makes us feel more alive, ready to pursue the things we’ve put off.
As a woman of faith, it’s a time of renewal in my personal life.  As a real estate instructor, it’s a time of renewal in my profession.  As a real estate agent, it may be a time of renewal for you as well.  When I practiced real estate, my career cycles were quarterly, and each quarter brought a renewed commitment … (1 comments)

real estate training: Growing Through Adversity - 03/03/17 07:48 AM
I fully admit the subject of this blog came from a Facebook post that I found interesting.  Thank you, Barry Moulder, for posting it!  Pondering the post, I realized that growing through adversity is not necessarily an unusual way to grow.  A real estate licensee, especially one fresh out real estate school, is subject to all kinds of growing pains.  Most of those pains come from the learning process that goes along with a newly acquired real estate license.
Tony Robbins says, “It all starts with each individual’s inner strength and resilience.”  Getting a real estate license is the easy part; having … (2 comments)

real estate training: I Love Franchises - 03/01/17 05:33 AM
In the real estate world, franchises play a huge part.  I love franchises.  I began my career with Century 21 and ultimately owned a Century 21 franchise years ago.  I’ve worked with ReMax, Prudential and a rather large independent company.  My last gig, before starting TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, was as a Productivity Coach with Keller Williams.  TEAM Hughes has campuses at Keller Williams offices, as well as an ERA company.  So, as you can see, I love franchises because franchises have a place in the real estate industry.
As Director of Recruiting and Training for a large independent firm in … (4 comments)

real estate training: Does this Happen to You? - 01/25/17 05:00 AM
Tuesday started out nicely.  We leisurely got out of bed knowing we had no appointments.  After working on numerous projects, we went to lunch at one of our favorite haunts.  So far, so good and even the errands were okay.  Does this happen to you?  The day starts out nicely, the day proceeds fairly well, the morning passes into afternoon with all positive things happening.
And then the afternoon comes in.  Could this even be the same Tuesday?  What happened to all positive things happening?  We had real estate class registrations, we had phone calls from prospective students, and we had lots … (3 comments)

real estate training: Get Out While You Can - 01/11/17 04:31 AM
Some real estate agents get into the practice of real estate they heard there was good money to be made.  Some real estate agents get into the business because they need two jobs to make ends meet.  Some real estate agents get into the business because they have huge egos and need to feed them regularly.  If any of these describe you, get out while you can.  Practicing real estate comes with a cost that you may not want to pay.
Many of us got into the practice of real estate for some of those very reasons listed above, and since we … (4 comments)

real estate training: Give Yourself a Present - 12/16/16 04:26 AM
Christmas trees with pretty lights, lovely Menorahs laid out for Hanukkah, nippy cold weather ahead of us and lots of food and drink at parties all set us up for the holiday spirit.  Regardless of your religious affiliation, you must admit the last month of each year comes in with much anticipation.  You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate the warm feelings December brings.  Even more exciting is that this year could be even better and you could give yourself a present.
I know children want toys, video games, books and lots of cool things in December.  Moms and Dads … (2 comments)

real estate training: Reflection Can Be Good - 12/04/16 05:07 AM
Look back.  Did you do everything you set out to do?  Reflection can be good this time of year.  It shows us what we did right and it reminds us of the things we did wrong or should not have done in the first place.  Reflection can be good to sharpen our skills.  If we don’t look back at the past year, we won’t be able to look forward into the upcoming one.
Reflection can be good to help us pay attention.  Many of us write goals, have plans, and dream dreams.  Not all goals, plans and dreams come to fruition.  I … (2 comments)

real estate training: Define Your Objectives - 12/03/16 05:03 AM
This is the time of year when we begin preparing for the upcoming new year.  One of the first things I ask a student needing help is to, “Define your objectives.”  How can you possibly prepare a map showing how to get somewhere without first knowing where you want to go? 
Many real estate agents get their license, get trained and start working.  They take floor time, they sit on model homes, they talk to everyone they know and they wear their name badge wherever they go.  Yet, if you ask them to define their objectives, they would most likely say … (2 comments)

real estate training: Change Doesn’t Have to Scare Us - 12/02/16 04:59 AM
We are creatures of habit and many of us fear changes that come about in life.  Change doesn’t have to scare us, however, and we can embrace the changes as they arise.  Not all change is bad and not all change is good.  If we can face change with a positive attitude, it will make transitions in our lives a whole lot easier.
Change doesn’t have to scare us if we understand the change and as long as we can implement it without disrupting our entire life.  For example, in 2015 everyone was dreading the changes that were coming about with how … (1 comments)

real estate training: Exercise by Walking - 11/16/16 08:26 PM
I know a guy who lost tons of weight and got his exercise by walking.  He looks great and can eat pretty much anything he wants because every day he walks his allotted miles and it seems to be keeping him healthy. 
Real estate agents sometimes don’t get enough exercise, especially when they spend hours at the computer.  If they could get exercise by walking, it could serve a two-fold purpose.  In today’s technologically advanced real estate industry, you don’t hear as much about walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors and getting to know people.  This is part of the process they … (3 comments)

real estate training: What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent? - 11/07/16 07:45 PM
Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all political and religious persuasions and all types of morals and character.  The question at hand, then, would be what makes a good real estate agent?  Regardless of all the differences between them, is there some similar trait that you should look for if you need a good real estate agent?
Some consumers want a real estate agent who is outgoing, gregarious, can sell anything; while others aren’t concerned about personality and would rather have a real estate agent who studies the market, does lots of research and knows the inventory.  … (1 comments)

real estate training: The Modern Student - 10/30/16 06:27 AM
TEAM Hughes offers a one-week fast track real estate class in Florida and a two-week fast track real estate class in Alabama.  The modern student of today doesn’t always want to sit in a classroom four days a week or four nights a month or even have to attend class for a couple of months.  We looked at the modern student demographics and found some interesting information.  Google research suggests that demographics is not as important as consumer intent, and for a real estate school, we are trying to attract the person who intends to get a real estate license.  Another … (0 comments)

real estate training: Get Ready for Winter - 10/26/16 10:37 PM
As children, we learned about the ant and the grasshopper, one storing and one having fun.  There were also many stories about squirrels scurrying around in the fall of the year to get food for the winter scarcity.  We’ve been told time and time again as adults that we should save for a rainy day.  All of these idioms have great morals designed to tell us to get ready for winter.
We used to be a nation of savers, but that trend has fallen off over the years.  We lost our way and credit became the norm rather than the exception.  There … (0 comments)

real estate training: Students Learn Differently - 10/11/16 10:04 PM
We’ve come to realize that all students learn differently.  Depending on their age and where they received their education, TEAM Hughes attempts to adjust its teaching techniques to meet each student’s needs.
Because students learn differently, it is important to us to reach each student on the level he or she can learn.  That is why we don’t just lecture to them.  It doesn’t make sense for students to pay to watch instructors work.  We want our students to take ownership of the class they are attending so that they can become part of the process toward their success. 
TEAM Hughes uses … (2 comments)

real estate training: Real Estate Reminds Me of a Hurricane - 10/04/16 09:56 AM
With the weather so precarious this week, I was thinking about the effects of it all, and I realized real estate reminds me of a hurricane.  We’ve been watching Hurricane Matthew do its devastation, and we’ve reminisced about other storms we’ve weathered, such as Hugo, Katrina, Floyd, etc.  The thing I always found interesting about each one was the eye.
Real estate reminds me of a hurricane because like a hurricane, the practice of real estate sees an eye coming.   The eye represents the calmer side of a hurricane.  The storm is raging around us and then, almost without warning, everything stops, … (1 comments)

real estate training: Making a Living in the Practice of Real Estate - 10/01/16 09:55 PM
There are real estate agents barely eking out an existence in their chosen profession, and there are agents who are actually making a living in the practice of real estate.  Then there are the few who are not only making a living in the practice of real estate, but who are living much more comfortably than they could by doing something else.
Most real estate agents enter the practice with high expectations and a desire to be better than the average real estate agent.  They soon learn that to become successful in the practice of real estate, there are certain steps that … (2 comments)

real estate training: What Does It Take? - 09/21/16 09:22 PM
What does it take is one of the first questions someone will ask me when it comes to practicing real estate.  The next question I usually get is something to the effect of wondering who will pay his or her salary.  Laymen seldom understand that most real estate agents pretty much pay most of their own expenses and are considered to be self-employed.  We quickly quash the notion that a typical real estate agent is an employee!
To become a licensed real estate agent in the State of Alabama, you must first complete and pass a 60-Hr. Pre License course.  That course … (4 comments)

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