realtors: It’s a New Day - 07/27/17 06:11 AM
Ever wake up knowing it’s a new day and you are so glad yesterday is gone?  We’ve all heard the adages, for example, tomorrow’s another day, joy comes in the morning, there’s a new day coming.  How would these sayings relate to a real estate career?  We all have bad days that we’re glad to see come and go, but a bad day for a real estate agent can be monumentally destructive.
There are times things appear to be going well.  That closing date is getting closer and you can finally take that vacation or pay those bills.  Two days before closing … (1 comments)

realtors: Make a Difference - 07/23/17 05:37 AM
In the Pensacola Association of REALTORS® alone, there are over 2,000 residential and commercial members.  Students often ask us if there is room for another agent; we always answer yes, there is.  That affirmation comes with a caveat, however.  The industry always has been and always will be flooded with agents who have great aspirations, but who miss the mark.  To be one of the successful REALTORS®, you will need to make a difference.  You will need to set yourself apart from others.  You will need to be one of the best!
This country has its share of entrepreneurs, and sometimes it … (0 comments)

realtors: Love This Industry! - 07/19/17 06:06 AM
The fact that I love this industry still amazes me after all these years.  I have not practiced real estate since about 2006 when I left to enter into a full-time training/recruiting/teaching position that turned out to be a prerequisite to an early retirement that took Bob and me across the country in an RV ministry while continuing to teach for NAR and CTAR.
It took a few years to remember I love this industry and to remember why I love it.  Coming out of an early retirement and starting a new teaching career at 65 was not a difficult decision.  We … (1 comments)

realtors: Have a Plan - 05/07/17 04:14 AM
Do you have a plan for your future?  In my younger years, I didn’t plan much.  It was a “do or die” situation, especially during the times in my life I was a single mother.  Survival of the fittest was a way of life for me and that didn’t include much of a plan.  Then, life turned around.  It wasn’t any day, and it wasn’t a dramatic event.  There just came a time when paradigm shifts came along, my thinking toward life and goals changed, and if someone had asked me if I have a plan, I could have answered yes.  … (3 comments)

realtors: Make Tomorrow Better - 05/05/17 12:16 PM
Ralph Marston once said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”  I have not found any better advice for someone contemplating a career in real estate.  Becoming successful as a REALTOR® or real estate agent takes time and effort.  It’s not the type of career one steps into and immediately realizes gain.  There is the occasional sale or listing that initially comes from a family member or a friend, but for the most part, it takes time to plant the seeds necessary to develop a consistent and successful career practicing real estate.
You can make tomorrow better by beginning today.  … (2 comments)

realtors: What Makes You Special? - 04/10/17 09:56 AM
In the practice of real estate, competition runs high.  The number of licensees has risen sharply since recovering from the debacle created a few years back.  Lower interest rates have prompted many people to jump into the arena, and thankfully, many REALTORS® and real estate agents are making a comfortable living in their real estate careers.  Lead generation and marketing are probably the two most important responsibilities agents have in furthering their careers.  With that said, I must ask what makes you special?
The challenge of setting yourself apart from your competitors is faced daily.  To market yourself honestly and strategically takes … (3 comments)

realtors: Home Sweet Home - 03/25/17 08:08 AM
Traveling has always been enjoyable for me, especially when family is involved in the destination.  I enjoyed the past 10 days with my grandchildren in Illinois even though my daughter was recuperating from surgery.  I found out all too well that I am no longer good at getting little girls out the door fed and clothed properly by 7:40 each day.  That was a bit challenging tiring for me.  In any event, we saw it through, had some ups and downs, but everyone survived, and now I am back to home sweet home.
There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed, … (1 comments)

realtors: Yes, You Can! - 02/27/17 03:23 AM
No doubt some will tell you there are too many REALTORS®.  Some will tell you there’s no way you can make a living in a real estate career.  Others say you cannot afford to change careers or to follow your dreams of practicing real estate.  Yes, you can!  Some will say you aren’t suited to being an entrepreneur.  Yes, you are!
Remember the childhood story of the train who was told he couldn’t do it?  “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can” became his mantra.  Yes, you can; yes, you can is mine!  Students are forever asking … (5 comments)

realtors: Healthy Competition - 02/20/17 04:57 AM
As a new agent in 1983, I began my real estate career with Century 21.  Some of the training offered was ahead of its time and I still use it.  One word, however, was foreign to me, and I didn’t understand the concept until I began understanding healthy competition.  That word was “synergistic.”  Century 21 was big on synergism and never promoted anything but working together with the competition.
Healthy competition in the practice of real estate is an essential.  If competing offices can work synergistically, listings get sold quicker.  If we do not embrace healthy competition, we are left alone to … (4 comments)

realtors: Stay Humble - 02/04/17 02:01 PM
REALTORS® and real estate agents sometimes have strong personalities that aid them in their success.  Even mild-mannered real estate licensees can be successful financially.  I get to observe lots of different personalities, and sometimes I’m really excited by what I see.  Recently, I met a young lady (under 50 is young to me) who impressed me at first meeting.  She had a beautiful smile and dressed with a tasteful flair, not gaudy like some.  She was attractive, had great hair and a pleasing voice.  It wasn’t any of those traits that caught my attention, however.  It was her spirit.  She walked … (2 comments)

realtors: Practicing Real Estate Never Gets Boring - 01/17/17 05:00 PM
When I first graduated from high school, I took a job in DC with a government agency because I thought it would be exciting.  After a while, though, boredom set in, I left the agency and found myself working with attorneys, which is where I stayed for over 15 years.  Working as an administrative assistant and then as a paralegal was a challenge at first, but over the years it became pretty boring, and being relegated to an office all day just wasn’t fun.
What I discovered when I got my real estate license in 1983 was that every day was different.  … (2 comments)

realtors: Let Me Introduce You to Some Agents I Know - 10/12/15 02:08 AM
Laura has been a REALTOR® for about two years.  Her first career is at a local bank and she is a people person.  Through her many contacts from her first career, Laura has been able to make as a high an income in her second career of real estate, as most other agents who profess to be “full time” agents.  We don’t call Laura a part time agent because the proof is in her production.  Laura has no children, but does have a partner, so there are some family responsibilities in her life.
Let’s talk about Candy now.  Candy is entering her … (0 comments)

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