Well, we did it!  Cripple Creek FINALLY is getting some press in a popular magazine as one of the Best Places To Buy an Affordable Vacation Home!  Thats right....Money Magazine actually put a photo of our little burg during one of our local events and named us one of Americas Best Places to Buy a...
One of my favorite places to visit, the Cripple Creek District Museum! This wonderful Historic Museum holds a wealth of artifacts for the District History Buff!  Mining memorabilia, photos and furniture and maps of the spectacular days of the Cripple Creek and Victor mining era!  Here is a list o...
This year, in the light of the tragic deaths of the Lofgren Family and a DU Student by Carbon Monoxide poisoning ( Governer Ritter has signed into law HB 09-091, otherwise known as the "Lofgren and Johnson Families Carbon Monoxide Safety Act". Briefl...
Yesterday was a typical Easter for us in the High Country.  I woke early to let the dogs out, start the coffee and brush the demanding cat.  She won't shut up til I give in give her a good brushing.  It was, as usual, still dark outside.  I stoked the fire, glad to see the 20 yr old daughter that...

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