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I have started a new leads program with my company but sometime they send me Spanish leads.  I don't speak a lick of Spanish so I am giving them away.Here are the rules.Must be a Loan Officer- as I am female and a minority the first lead goes to someone that fits both those categories.  Everythin...
Just when I was about to through my hand up at 2007 things started looking up.  Yesterday I was honored when one of the officers from my Old command called me up and told me that my old commander was thinking of refinancing and he brought my name up and he wanted to speak with me.  When we conta...
Reverse mortgages were specifically created to help senior homeowners more easily access the equity in their homes.  Many seniors have accumulated large sums of equity in their home over a period of years but either no longer qualify for traditional bank financing or do not want another monthly ...
                                           A reverse mortgage is a mortgage that allows senior homeowners to access the equity in their home without qualifying or having to make regular monthly payments.  Based on their age, the value of their home and current interest rates, a certain percentag...
Hi everyone it's been a while since I have written a blog.  Part of the reason is I have been immersing myself in Reverse Mortgage.  I think I have finally found my niche.  I love working with older borrowers because they really show their appreciation when you have done a great job. So I am goin...
    $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 30 yr Fixed 7.75% 358.95 717.16 1075.36 1433.57 30 yr I/O Fixed 8.1% 337.5 675 1012.5 1350.00 5 Year Arm  7.25 % 341.91 683 1024.09 1365.18 5 Year Arm I/O  7.6% 316.67 633.33 950 1266.67 2 Year ARM  7% 333.52 666.17 998.82 1331.47 2 Year ARM I/O 7.35% 306.2...

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