The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Picking up Garbage     The 6th Annual Spokane River Clean-Up is THIS WEEKEND. Saturday, October 4 at High Bridge Park. Start making your plans now and sign up to volunteer for this years event.  Come join me and hundreds of other volunteers as we clean up the Spokane...
Here are a few quick tips that I found useful and thought you would too!  The coffee groudns really work!  LIGHT BULBS:  VS Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs always trump compact fluorescents (CFL's) in terms of efficiency. LEDs are a little more expensive but it's a compensatory decision since th...
Tucked away in a little corner behind the Looff Carrousel is a staple of Spokane's Riverfront Park that is known by locals, but often over looked by vistors in lieu of the Carrousel, the river, or other sculptures or fountains.  At first sight, one would think it is strange that there is a statue...
  It is finally here!  The NFL Season!  I am sure you have read a lot of the "Experts" choices on who will do what this year, but as always it comes down to injuries.  If our team can stay healthy (and if our running game can come back a bit) I feel confident stacking us up against any team in th...
We all know how athleic clubs are power hogs with the constants running of electic machines as well as the cinsistent use of air conditioning year round.  Well this gym took all these concerns into account and developed a gym that uses a minimalistic floorplan as well as machines that help power ...
  There is no mortgage lending crisis for community banks.  That's because community banks are well run, highly capitalized and tightly regulated.  We are, and always have been, common sense lenders focused on doing what is best for our customers and our communities.  Having never written a subp...

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