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I have heard it said that FEAR is the great motivator. My experience has been that fear can cause homeowners to become professional AVOIDERS. Dodge the phone, leave the mail unopened, don't answer the door. And, I totally understand that fear and motivation to stick your head in the sand. I have ...
Get on board! Our goal is to reach 3000 registered attendees to! The event is free being presented by 28 of the top minds in RE technology and social networking. Currently we have 1500+ registered attendee.  To reach our goal we need your help.  Fortunately, we have a ringer ...
We Realtors(r) have the distinct privilege of defending our nations' wealth and the cornerstone of our financial security. When times are good and appreciation is steady, we can happily take some credit. Conversely, in this economy, we must take some of the responsibility.  By our own Code of Eth...
  Great information--couldn't re-write it any better!   Stephanie Jarman Realty Executives 913-244-6820 Licensed and Experienced Realtor in Kansas and Missouri Find me on Facebook:   Has your short sale or loan modification be...
Major news organizations are reporting on an emerging problem with Drywall/Sheetrock imported from China.   "While the study of 51 homes detected hydrogen sulfide and formaldehyde ... at concentrations below irritant levels, it is possible that the additive or synergistic effects of these and oth...
This weekend, I heard some heartbreaking news. My friends' 17-year-old son took his own life after a series of cruel and malicious hazing incidents surrounding his football team. In Dakota's memory, and the memory of my two other friends who have taken their own lives, I am writing what I wish th...
I think we don't ask each other this question enough. However, it's at the very core of who we are--what motivates us. Why do you get out of bed? What's most important to you? For me, the motivator is my daughter, Ashlyn, who is three. She is fascinated with ladybugs and loves singing in front of...

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