homebuyer: Predictions Suggest Borrowers should lock in a Mortgage Now - 03/16/20 07:08 AM
If you haven't heard, mortgage rates have reached the lowest point in 50 years! this is good news for all buyers out there! 
Do you think this an ideal time for all borrowers to lock down a mortgage rate? is it going to be worth it? According to experts, it is! since it is hard to forecast a better time to do so. 
Everything is possible, there is a chance that Treasury rates could go lower, however, that does not imply that mortgage rates will follow. 
Waiting for an uncertain event isn't a safe move, locking in your savings to acquire a new home NOW is probably best.
The 10-year Treasury yield … (0 comments)

homebuyer: Home Buying Competition Expected This Spring - 03/09/20 07:46 AM
Experts and economists are predicting a competitive upcoming home buying season, due to short inventory. 
The larget inventory drops where in Phoenix, San Diego, and San Jose, CA. however, sellers assets list price has increased on an average of 3.9%.
Homebuyers are in luck since the 30-year-fixed mortgage rates have dropped to its lowest point in 50 years earlier this week, meaning that it is easier for them to purchase housing in this market. 
Finding a home can currently be hard for homebuyers because inventories remain low, and list prices are increasing. On another hand, the new construction is selling fast which will help to supply the unsatisfied U.S demand.
In … (1 comments)

homebuyer: Win a Bidding War - 02/18/20 08:57 AM
Having found the home of your dreams sometimes is not enough, in many cases, there will be other buyers interested in the same property. Don't be foolish and if you really want it, go for it, and prepare for a bidding war. 
With a current low housing inventory, units are selling fast, and by that we mean, people are bidding and offering more money to home sellers, but don't get discouraged, we are disclosing in this post helpful tips that will teach you how to win a housing bidding war. 
1. If you can, offer to pay cash.
A seller would rather deal with a buyer who can … (2 comments)

homebuyer: How to Buy Newton's Off-Market Properties - 02/10/20 08:48 AM
Housing demand is high all year round, and supply can become short during the winter season. Besides, there are properties that have caught a homebuyers eye, but unfortunately, they are not for sale at the moment. Therefore, we recommend the following for those buyers that are interested in living in a certain house, city or town, like Newton MA, that is wanted by many for its superior schools, low crime rate, ample public transit, or real estate opportunities from large estates to reasonably sized condominiums. 
There are several properties that remain off-market, and would not be known publicly to a general buyer. … (2 comments)

homebuyer: The Best Guide for First-Time Homebuyers. - 04/06/16 02:07 AM
For some buyers, the unpredictability of the experience is the most exciting part. Others prefer to go in armed with knowledge. Whichever you fall under, this simple nine-step guide will help you succeed in buying your first home.

1.     Make sure buying is the right decision for you.
Homeownership is not right for everyone. There are several scenarios in which renting might be a better option, for example: if you plan on moving to a new area soon, you enjoy having location flexibility, or even if you are not … (0 comments)

homebuyer: Non-Conventional Financing Methods On the Rise for New Homebuyers - 10/08/15 06:19 AM
Non-traditional forms of financing new single-family home purchases remained high in 2014, but the use and mix differed significantly across the country, according to NAHB analysis of a recent Census Bureau Survey of Construction (SOC) data. In the West North Central division, only 21 percent of new homes in 2014 were attained using non-traditional financing methods. The share was twice as high in the West South Central division, 42.5 percent, and exceeded 41 percent in the Mountain division.


Astoundingly enough, cash purchases became the premier type of non-conventional financing for the first time since 2007. Cash purchases accounted for almost 13 percent … (3 comments)

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