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Ugh, it's the holiday season. The time of year when somehow the only thing that expresses love is a shiny rock, or something that needs batteries, or something that you'll regret buying within two days.Doesn't have to be quite so all-consuming consumerist. The following companies let you indulge ...
The original Pollyanna,  written by Eleanor H. Porter, published by L.C. Page and Company, 53 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 1913, eventually spewed 15 sequels. I've referred to it myself in prior posts, using the now-ubiquitous, sometimes sneered, definition of "a person characterized by irrepress...
Thank every god of industry (Vulcan, anyone?), Tom Lehrer kept me sane. Sadly, it was "Be Prepared," a rather nasty spoof of the Boy Scouts, which kept racing through my head, sending me into slightly hiccup-inducing giggles because I'm a terrible person who finds cynicism funny, as I again dealt...
It has been a lousy day. I may have taken a client’s children’s favorite toys to donation by mistake – dear readers, cover your ears, the air is heavy with my wrath. The weather is giving me a headache. I haven’t had a chance to eat since early breakfast, and it’s now about 8PM. I’ve been in the ...
Someday I will take boundless joy in paying someone who likes to clean houses to clean my house. Win - win - win. Toss in a couple more wins for good measure, we'll call it a Baker's Dozen. Until I win the Safeway Monopoly millions or the book I'm gonna write becomes a best-seller, I clean my hou...
Business Impact NW, according to its homepage "empowers a talented and diverse community of entrepreneurs, supporting the continuing growth of local small businesses through micro-enterprise. We are at once your sounding board, advisers, and cheering section, your funding source and your access t...
"Step Aside, I'm a Professional!" I know there's a joke somewhere which started that expression. I can't find it, which is making me nuts. "Step Aside!!!" was the first thought popping into my head when I finished Clutter Control: Useful Tips for Getting Rid of the Mess, compiled and edited in 19...
From now on, I'm going to post something about LGBTQ issues every year on this day for as long as I own my business. Why? I don't have to, especially since I am a bisexual who can hide behind a previous straight marriage which gave me the gift of my son. So, why? Precisely because I can hide, whi...
Funniest testimonial I've ever gotten - if I ever write a "my-life-as-an-Organizer" book, "I can't make it tomorrow I'm wiped out" is going to be the title. "Hi Lauren,THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you, but I need to cancel tomorrow. I am super sore and beat after today. It was such an accomplishment...
Canadian Man Finds 1.75 Million Lottery Ticket in Old Jacket Newsweek, U.S. Section 10/7/2018 by Tom Porter at 9:40AM.  IF THIS DOESN'T MOTIVATE YOU TO DECLUTTER, NOTHING WILL."A Canadian man made a life-changing discovery when cleaning out his closet.Gregorio De Santis of Montreal was getting re...

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