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I'm reblogging this with permission from Charles Buell, the author. I think he has a critical message! People love to install pull down stairs as the means of attic access,  Stairs tend to make the attic space more useful as one is not teetering on a step ladder to get things up and down.Before I...
Address to Die For is the first in a series of  Professional-Organizer-as-amateur-sleuth novels. My favorite genre is mysteries. My wildly quirky taste lets me enjoy everything from Rex Stout to Ngaio Marsh to Dorothy Sayers to Leslie Charteris to Mary Wings to Ellis Peters. This book was a littl...
Update 6/20/2017 - My friend said I can name her!!!  Stephanie Cohu, HURRAY!!!!!!! A brave friend of mine had a Master of Science degree conferred on her today, Saturday, 6/17/2017, by the City University of Seattle - I'd name her here but I'm not sure she'd ever forgive me.  Brave because she ea...
I believe in mentoring, even if it's only something as simple as giving someone a list of resources to help them explore launching a business. I spent two inspiring hours talking to a young woman who's curious about opportunities as a Professional Organizer. She came armed with a list of question...
I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea that four hours re-arranging supplies, clearing out old stuff, and building shelves could have such power. I naively, ridiculously thought I was going to help "someplace where people can get a few cans of soup to help fill the pantry." The University ...
Why didn’t my husband and I do this years ago? I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but that’s not the issue as I can hire someone to clean and dust. The issue is I became disabled about four years ago and have great difficulty with mobility. We’ve been feeling our home is closing in around us…to...
This is a fascinating book which basically denies the validity of Western, clock-driven concepts of time. Its authors teach internally-driven time-keeping habits based on the Eastern principles of Taoism. Taoism can be viewed as a philosophy or religion: it is holistic, a defining set of practice...
Nothing like banging your head on a new CRM program with a self-imposed deadline to get you to forget all other wants, needs or good intentions. Like blogging. Ugly because I managed to get myself blacklisted as a spammer with my last email service provider. Not entirely my fault, my provider did...
Up at 6 – my usual target, but it can go as low as 4:30 and as high as 8. Out to Everett, a great city with fantastic Farmers Markets, restaurants, antiquing and beautiful parks. Alas, I couldn’t enjoy any of those, as I went straight to a session with clients. Which was even better, when we foun...

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