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Once upon a time, Gini P was my guest at an Organizer on the Road Show. The Universe granted me a privilege I hope I never fail to appreciate. Gini, 80+ years youthful, only this year embarked on the adventure of becoming a published poet, and formed a writers' support group to craft a novel. She...
Just when I thought it was safe to believe that it’s getting warmer… it snows. And so yet again I took refuge under the covers. My son’s school is studying A Hero’s Journey, the soul-searing premise formulated by Joseph Campbell, a Professor at Sarah Lawrence College from 1934 – 1972, that all my...
I thought I was peeved, but maybe that's too strong. I considered "aggrieved," but that implies I think the Universe is out to get me. "Irked" is a ridiculous word and "annoyed" is just plain too weak. "Befuddled" and "discontented" came to mind this afternoon, and they still feel right. Yesterda...
My gratitude to Carol Williams  for allowing me to repost this. I think it offers great wisdom. Lauren The following came up on my "Your Memories on Facebook" this morning.  I thought it worth sharing here:Watch your thoughts; they become words.Watch your words; they become actions.Watch your act...
Just another day in the Pacific NorthWest. Running early to a Bellevue client, stop at a lakeside park to enjoy myself awhile and come upon these stunningly elegant dancers. Next I know, someone's husband is shouting "Picture. Picture." Not even in NY. I will never leave here.  谢谢   Xièxiè. (Shay...
I wasn't going to review Answers, but this quote, from the 2010 edition, p. 267, last paragraph, startled me out of my complacency: "Q: In your experience, what is the most dangerous substance of addiction for the ADD adolescent? A: Without a doubt, it is marijuana. Rachel Gittleman-Klein, a pion...
Books, glorious books. Bookmark This: 12 Beautifully Novel Ways to Organize Your Books reprinted from with permission from Stephanie Booth is now my online favorite for all time "bit of me here" piece. A word of caution – I do not agree with putting books on staircases – not safe. And...
A lot of the recent talk here on Activerain has been about the weather. The Pacific Northwest has been, by my weakling standards, COLD, and by anybody's standards dangerously (multiple-car, multiple-blocked-lane pile-ups) rainy. Hide-at-home movie time. I like Amazon Prime because it hands you od...
I'm studying for my first advanced Certificate of Study (Level II in Chronic Disorganization) from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. Dr. Brown's book Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults is on the study list. This is not the first book I'd recommend t...
Awesomeness is having your client appointments within a 15-minute drive of each other. More awesomeness if there's a Top Pot Doughnuts in between. And sadness is forgetting the first hour of Breakfast with the Beatles on 102.5 KZOK FM when it's my favorite KZOK program and I had the perfect work ...

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