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Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of the Big G. Goodwill. I like its mission, I like the way it accomplishes its mission. Frankly, when I'm making charitable donations on behalf of my clients, it's sooo darned convenient - Goodwills are as common as Starbucks and mushrooms out here. My Goodwill...
Friends of mine have poured their blood, sweat, tears, hearts, souls and courage into Monroe Lip Sync, a fundraiser for college scholarships for Monroe High School students, every year since 2004. The Show must go on is a time-honored phrase originating in circuses - even if the elephants stamped...
I reviewed The Tao of Time in an earlier post. I've been using the concepts in an entirely unapproved fashion - no affirmations, no visualizations, no consistency. Bad Organizer, bad. And nonetheless, the book is working for me. Finish your double-take and I'll explain. The book is a guide. It of...
You read "Turnkey Furnished" just now, here, on AR, as "Turkey Finished" and you think "It's not Thanksgiving" without a blink of an eye. And then "Charming Dacula Home in Sought After School District" as "Charming Dracula..." and you try to puzzle it out. I hereby declare I'm staying online for ...
Hello Activerain Fellows! It was my birthday on Thursday 4/12/2018 - the big 55. I WANNA make my 100,00 points for my birthday - OK, so I ought to have started this solicitation a little earlier, my bad and anti-Organizer. Comment, share, whatever it takes. Please, pretty please???? I only need 8...
The Client Side – I love this review as advice for anyone thinking of hiring an Organizer, forget whether someone chooses to work with me or not!!! Robin has so perfectly captured how a pro can help, I’m in awe. If the process can’t be fun, it (almost, grin) might not be worth it. Lauren “Faced w...
I stumbled on this while waiting for a manager at my bank - The Woodinville Weekly, Vol. 42 No. 23, March 12, 2018 Front Page  (and page 6)  featured this terrific article, Duvall Valley Bombers Mark Wahlberg helps propel Cooperstown trip fundraiser, about his spontaneous, heartfelt support for a...
Do you call your Mom when you wash the dishes? Catch up with your best friend every time you fold the laundry? You hunt down your first high school boyfriend’s little brother, 30 years later, just to have someone to talk to because you have to do the clearing up before the housekeeper comes – tho...
Pesto out of postponement. Take a last-minute client cancellation and: (1) finish improving data in QuickBooks; (2) finishing scrubbing old information from my phone list; (3) continue following-up on Monday's GSBA Matchmaker conference MUCH sooner than otherwise and (4) experiment with pistachio...
What was I thinking?!?!?! 8:00AM - 4:00PM (up at 5:30AM) at Starbucks HQ Monday 4/2/2018, participating in the Greater Seattle Business Association Matchmaker conference. Taught a BIAWA class 4/3 morning and turned around to the Sno-Valley Senior Center in Carnation (worth a day trip, by the way,...

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