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I jumped off the QuickBooks cliff, like a Barnacle Goose gosling tumbling over Greenland crags to get some breakfast. And, like most of them, I survived, banged up but triumphant. I solved a problem that's bungled my reconciliations for months.  How did I manage? Old-fashioned persistence, or, in...
I have some last-minute openings for Casual Uncluttering LLC for the first week of December 2019. I offer gift certificates as long as the recipient isn't getting a surprise...
Reblogging this post from Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl because I HAVE to make sure it gets lots of attention - Lauren Twas the night before Thanksiving, and all through the 'Rain Not a creature was posting to whine or complain. All were sharing friendly comments and thoughful answers Ignoring the wa...
Yes, Stacy London of What Not to Wear. For those very very very few of you who may not know - and you are forgiven if you don't - What Not to Wear was a NYC-based TV show which ran from 2003 - 2013 in which Ms. London and her co-host Clinton Kelly led chic-challenged guests through style makeover...
Sometimes you have to talk something through. Sometimes you need a pep talk. Sometimes you have to have a temper tantrum, talk something through and have someone shake you while he’s proclaiming “You’re being ridiculous!” Mahlon Otero of Shivelight Company, a full-service IT support firm for busi...
I'm never slowing down with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization for Casual Uncluttering LLC. I sat for three Level II Specialist Certificate exams on Wednesday 11/13/2019. Passed with honors. So now I've got all four that are available: ADHD, Aging, Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding. Ha...
EVERYBODY talks themselves out of something sometimes. Going to a party - "I won't know anybody there and won't have anything to say." "I'm ugly, nobody'll want to look at me." "There'll be dancing and I'm a terrible dancer." Giving an opinion at a meeting - "I don't really understand this stuff,...
This is a completely different kind of post than usual for me. FOSSILS!!!!! "Ever wish you lived in the Triassic, Jurassic, or Cretaceous periods? If so, a trip featuring dinosaur fossils may be the perfect getaway. We asked dinosaur and travel lovers to share their favorite spots for seeing and ...
Another fun little blog which features an opinion of mine - How to Organize Your Bedroom Fast-Even in 15 Minutes June 25, 2019 by Whitney Coy for Just in time for the holidays. C'mon, despite Whitney Coy's first paragraph, you know where all the guests' coats are going for the party....
 Some calendar systems leave me absolutely bewildered, confounded, flabbergasted, mystified and perplexed. Which is how I know they are probably PERFECT for some of my clients. The Planner Pad "offers a unique system that helps you organize, prioritize and schedule what matters most to you" in a ...

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