casual uncluttering llc: Newbie Pitfalls and You're Never Too Old to Learn - 08/09/22 02:33 PM
NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) Seattle Area Chapter has an extensive lending library. It lives under my bed. Inconvenient, you might say. Unless you're me, a data geek who can't get enough to read. First dibs on donations from colleagues! And thus I just finished Newbie Pitfalls: 50 Obstacles on the Road to Success as a Professional Organizer and How to Avoid Them! by Debbie Stanley, one of the most highly-regarded, Elder members of the professional organizing community. The link is to the 2020 second edition; I'm holding an original from 2004, enjoying the feel of a ground-breaking … (1 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: Oh, the Books We'll Write Updated - 07/30/22 10:39 AM
Oh, the Books We'll Write (and I, miserably, put my own ambitions on hold when COVID hit) is a running list of books I keep, stuffed in a blog post, about the specialized books my colleagues have written. So not general tips, but, for example, how to help musicians in particular. Just found another one to add to the collection, Holiday Organizing Tidbits by Monika Kristofferson, a Puget Sound colleague, YAY!
Bookmark this post. You never know what I find that'll come in handy.

casual uncluttering llc: De nada, San Juan - 05/22/22 09:22 AM
So I get an inquiry from a San Juan client. Don't recognize the phone number. We have the San Juan Islands archipelago. There's a San Juan Island. Answer the question, and offer some date/time options for a first conversation. Get the reply "Hi Lauren! Thanks for your prompt response. I imagine the hours you mention are on Pacific Time, correct? (I am three hours ahead of Pacific Time, I think.)" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. LOVE ZOOM! And proud of myself that I launched my virtual division in a month, COVID-lockdown-impelled. Certified Virtual Professional Organizer®
De nada, San Juan

casual uncluttering llc: A Plea to the Overly-Ambitious, or, Clients, Let Me Do My Laundry - 05/14/22 05:17 PM
A plea to the overly-ambitiousMy client cancelled 1/2 hour before the appointment. I'd already been traveling for 1/2 hour, was 1/2 way there, in such heavy rain I didn't feel quite safe. My client's cancellation was extremely reasonable: s/he'd had a medical procedure the day before and was still feeling shaky. This wasn't a "AWWWW, I dunn wanna!" which I might have encouraged him/her to push past.
Here's my plea: my client KNEW this was a highly likely reaction to the procedure. My client had already pre-emptively cancelled others of our sessions the minute s/he'd scheduled a medical commitment. I'm annoyed that … (2 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: A Client and a Dog - 04/29/22 06:50 PM
One of my former clients texted today, showing off an absolutely adorable moose of a just-adopted-from-a-shelter dog. I admit, unabashedly, I started crying. A competent, seasoned Organizer doesn’t come into a client’s home and start wondering where the pretty baskets go. A qualified Organizer comes in and checks that a client can get to all the doors and use all the appliances. I’ve talked about it before in another post. This new-pet caregiver isn’t that other person: that other person was even more at-risk – there’s a reason the photo in the other post is of thumbtacks. And this now-dog person has … (3 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: UNBELIEVABLE - NAPO HAS A KNOCKOFF - 04/10/22 09:10 AM
Absolutely unbelievable. NAPO has a knockoff - there's a for-profit venture calling itself a society that certifies organizers by requiring its "certified" members to take a 12-module course, an 11-module course, fill out a form and get three testimonials. Certification never expires. Absolutely unbelievable.
I don't dare name it; I can't afford any lawsuits. BUT HECK NO. That's not competency, that's nonsense. NOWHERE does the website go into the details of the courses. Nowhere are the sources of the materials revealed. Organizing isn't "I never lost my pacifier when I was a baby (although I could name a colleague for which that … (0 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: Find and Honor Your Organizing Style (& Then It's About the Stuff!) - 04/01/22 06:32 PM
IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm THRILLED and proud to offer Find and Honor Your Organizing Style (& Then It's About the Stuff), a 60-minute video I've pulled together to give people an organizing boost. Based on my years of experience, 100s of hours of continuing ed training, and work with hundreds of clients ranging in age from 5 to 85 in many many many different environments including a horse barn, this movie will give anyone a quick-start orientation to the kinds of challenges they may face while trying to declutter, some inspiration for getting past the obstacles, and some foundational techniques for taking on any project.
 This … (1 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: Finding and Honoring Your Organizing Style - 03/29/22 08:15 PM
I'm making my webinar, Finding and Honoring Your Organizing Style - And Then It's About the Stuff - available for purchase starting April 1. NAG me if you don't see it! Here's a peak -

casual uncluttering llc: Women with Attention Deficit Disorder Sari Solden - 03/17/22 08:43 PM
Women with Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden had a powerful influence on me years before I became an Organizer, after a close friend asked me to read it so I could better understand her world. And now I can share a more informed opinion of the masterpiece.
Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, Sari Solden

casual uncluttering llc: Two-for-One Book Reviews - 03/15/22 08:08 PM
The next in my book review series, a two-for-the-price-of-one deal. The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization for Professional Organizers (ICD = Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and Denslow Brown's The Processing Modalities Guide. Amazing books for my colleagues.

casual uncluttering llc: Revisiting SHED Your Stuff - 03/06/22 10:46 PM
I'm pleased to say that I'm launching webinars to share my training, experience and values about organizing and its worth with as many people as possible. SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Julie Morgenstern is one of the works which most profoundly informs my work as an Organizer, and helped me develop my webinars. This little movie is home-made. The webinar is a collaboration with a pro!

casual uncluttering llc: Casual Uncluttering launching webinars - 03/04/22 08:13 AM
I, Lauren Williams, CPO, CVPO, Founder and Owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, am taking the huge step of launching webinars. Take a peek at my book review of Judith Kolberg's masterwork Conquering Chronic Disorganization to learn how the webinar might help you. The book review is homegrown: the webinar is a collaboration with a pro! Lauren

casual uncluttering llc: I used to be a poet - thoughts and a teaser... - 10/27/21 12:48 PM
I used to be a poet. Attended workshops, co-edited some student-run creative magazines, participated in readings. Here's the T. Rex in the room: "I used to..." Imaginative instincts never leave you. They just go fallow. I set myself a challenge, June 1, 2021, to start writing a poem a day. Haven't come close!!! I have written a handful again. Quantity isn't important, effort is. More important, much more, the challenge has gotten me looking around again, noticing colors, textures and all the rest even more than I'd tried for pre-"contest."
And I've recently gotten a real camera - 42 buttons, hugely intimidating … (3 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: It's not my favorite testimonial ever, but it's a very close second - 09/06/21 09:03 PM
My counselor asked me how my session with you went and I told her I wanted you to adopt me! Jessica B., Snohomish, September 2021
But the photo above is still, and will always be, my favorite, from Sam, age 10.

casual uncluttering llc: Humbled by my clients - 08/07/20 09:21 PM

I'm humbled by my clients. Clients on public assistance who, when we clear their spaces, are careful to remind me to bring their items to charity. Who volunteer their time in houses of worship, museums, their hospice communities.
Clients who have helped indigent friends and family pay for my help.
And today, I got a call from another client, someone suffering from miserable physical challenges: they are painful and limiting. This client is now severely isolated. My client needs me back on-site and won't be able to get me in for the unforeseeable, dimming future. And so instead my client wants to hire … (6 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: Keeping the Backbeat at Honest Biscuits - 07/28/20 12:22 PM
Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Virtual Organizer Casual Uncluttering LLC Woodinville WA USA dove into another day of sifting the chaff from the wheat in the Honest Biscuits storeroom. Art Stone, Honest Biscuit's Founder, and I uncovered the usual mix of "Oh, I can use that RIGHT NOW!!" and "What's THAT doing here?" as on any other job. The oven's hot!

casual uncluttering llc: Virtual Organizer on the Road Shows - 07/19/20 08:50 PM
Sunday July 26, 10:00AM - 12:00PM PST - $10, registration through EventBrite
Monday July 27, 11:00AM - 1:00PM PST- $10, registration through Eventbrite
Sneak Peak at the Virtual Organizer on the Road ShowI have a portable demonstration of an organizing session, to let anyone get familiar and comfortable with the process. It's a bin of items my clients and I often encounter in our sessions. The Thing is a sample of what you'll see.
"The Organizer on the Road Show" is practical, educational and great fun.  I have an excellent sense of humor, and I get my audience to laugh AND teach them some tips to … (3 comments)

casual uncluttering llc: Light Bulb Booties - 07/19/20 09:03 AM
Kids' pencil cases, Goodwill find. These are going to get me to smile for weeks. Bet you'd never see something like this in a professional video studio. Look for more virtual Organizer on the Road Shows soon - that's what reminded me that I need to protect the lights.

casual uncluttering llc: Uncharted Waters - 07/06/20 07:22 PM
Casual Uncluttering is going into uncharted waters - catch my radio ad on KUBE 93.3 FM Seattle or 106.1 KISS FM Seattle anytime Tuesday 7-7-2020 through Tuesday 7-14-2020. Tell me when you heard it, where you were, and repeat something you heard and you'll get a prize...

casual uncluttering llc: Virtual Organizer on the Road Show presentations - 05/29/20 08:56 AM

Sneak Peak at the Virtual Organizer on the Road Show 
Friday June 5, 2020
3:00PM - 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time
Tickets on sale through Eventbrite 
Sunday June 7, 2020
9:00AM - 10:30AM Pacific Standard Time
Tickets on sale through Eventbrite Casual Uncluttering LLC portable demonstration of an organizing session, to let anyone get familiar and comfortable with the process. It's a bin of items my clients and I often encounter in our sessions. Coco is a sample of what you'll see.
"The Organizer on the Road Show" is practical, educational and great fun.  I have an excellent sense of humor, and I get my audience to laugh AND teach them some … (1 comments)

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