time management: Me, I've found something to brand! - 09/10/22 09:01 AM
I've found something to brand, something I'd pass out like pens at a bank. Me, a Certified Professional Organizer who's reluctant to give most clients a business card! 
I've come to a standstill trying to teach a certain person, who shall remain nameless, about calendars. And many of my clients dislike calendars - "too confining," "too confusing," "BORING"... So, as I mentioned in another post, I went hunting for calendars with the cool factor. IT'S HERE. My Builder's Book, Inc. Scheduling Wheel Chart is here. IT IS AWESOME.
It's good to 2042 as a perpetual calendar. What's a perpetual calendar?, you ask. A … (2 comments)

time management: Late to the Party - 09/05/22 04:25 PM
I'm seldom late to a party, unless traffic or the weather conspire against me. But I'm currently butting heads with a certain someone who will go unnamed who is likely to start running late to parties, work, passport appointments and all sorts of other "That's gonna hurt, real world" commitments sooner than later. And I know why, and there is an understandable, forgivable reason. But but but...
And this unidentifiable person, whose stubbornness I explain as "Most people, the saying 'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink' is true. This person - I point to the … (9 comments)

time management: Todd Allan, Structured Space LLC, Evernote Wizard - 01/13/19 06:00 PM
Todd, Structured Space LLC, one of my NAPO Seattle Area Chapter mates, will be discussing the magic of Evernote, an extremely powerful digitizing software system
Thursday, January 24, 2019 6:30PM - 8:30PM at
Roy Street Coffee
700 Broadway East
Seattle, WA 98102
Register here.
Get ready to learn how to bring any information you have into Evernote. We’ll cover digital information, paper, web pages, emails and more. Bring your info and get ready to organize it with Evernote. Evernote is by far the dominant application for collecting organizing and recalling information. In this exciting meetup, we’ll get your Evernote system tuned up and ready … (0 comments)

time management: An Oasis in Time by Marilyn Paul, Ph.D. - 11/24/18 12:00 PM
An Oasis in Time: How a Day of Rest can Save Your Life, like It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys is a gentle, good-natured look at human tendencies. But the books couldn't otherwise couldn't be more different. It's Hard focuses on STUFF, anything from the paperwork for paying the bills to the laundry, and only refers to time as a tool for organizing. It's an excellent foundation for An Oasis, so you can always find the only worthwhile THINGS that An Oasis examines: snacks, books, games, a pair of binoculars for bird-watching, the supplies for crafting...  An Oasis examines the … (4 comments)

time management: As simple as your CBAs - procrastination - 10/28/18 04:24 PM
Someday I will take boundless joy in paying someone who likes to clean houses to clean my house. Win - win - win. Toss in a couple more wins for good measure, we'll call it a Baker's Dozen. Until I win the Safeway Monopoly millions or the book I'm gonna write becomes a best-seller, I clean my house.
It's not an unbearable task. I can do it with colorful Nu Yawk grumbling. But why not make it easier?
All definitions from Merriam-Webster onlineConsider:1: to think about carefully: such as
a: to think of especially with regard to taking some action
b: to take into account
2: to regard or … (0 comments)

time management: Getting Organized in the Era of Endless by Judith Kolberg - 06/23/18 07:09 PM
When I read this book, I didn’t feel I’d learned much in the way of new techniques, new ideas, about time, information or stuff management. EXCEPT… Ms. Kolberg presents a framework of time and stuff overwhelm and conflicts, and protections against falling into the traps, in an exciting and novel fashion. This is not how she has explicitly phrased her concept, but I came to think of it as “stimulation management.”
Ms. Kolberg has an outrageous sense of humor. Her first chapter, “A Ridiculously Short History of Getting Organized” traces the trials and triumphs of Mona, the first cave woman who suffers … (1 comments)

time management: The Tao of Time Diana Hunt & Pam Hait 1991 Redux - 04/22/18 08:15 PM
I reviewed The Tao of Time in an earlier post. I've been using the concepts in an entirely unapproved fashion - no affirmations, no visualizations, no consistency. Bad Organizer, bad.
And nonetheless, the book is working for me. Finish your double-take and I'll explain. The book is a guide. It offers centuries-old relaxation and centering techniques which appeal to people with visual/kinesthetic learning preferences - learning by seeing, moving, physically feeling. My learning style is more verbal/auditory. I can think "What do I need?" and usually answer myself with just that prompt. For me, the reminder that I can ask the question, … (1 comments)

time management: Pesto out of Postponement - 04/07/18 06:32 PM
Pesto out of postponement. Take a last-minute client cancellation and: (1) finish improving data in QuickBooks; (2) finishing scrubbing old information from my phone list; (3) continue following-up on Monday's GSBA Matchmaker conference MUCH sooner than otherwise and (4) experiment with pistachio pesto several days ahead of schedule. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pistachio pesto was a success, despite the fact that the spinach and kale were both frozen. Warmed it in a doubleboiler, it brought out the flavors anyway. Asiago wasn't the best choice for the cheese, too sweet with the sweet pistachios, so back to classic parmesan in the next batch and a big … (3 comments)

time management: Sneaky Santa - 10/24/17 08:51 AM
Like shopping, especially around the holidays? Maybe ought not to shop – get just a little too enthusiastic? You know what I mean: no idea where the trinket will go on the tree, five oh-so-cute miniature Santa hats for the dog instead of one, $100 out of pocket instead of $10…When you find yourself in an unstoppable mood to fill the reusable bags with stuff, do what Michelle Wicks-Cypher of Travel There and Back does: Get sneaky.  Shop for a cause.
If your charity of choice has a gala, contribute an item. If your child’s school, church, office sponsors a Giving Tree, pick a family, … (0 comments)

time management: Looking for Motivation: Effective Time Management - 07/10/17 03:18 PM
Client cancelled today. Shrug shoulders, take the opportunity to do other things. Except what I've chosen to do is so very low priority it's annoying the heck out of me that I'm doing it. Until I realize that it's actually prep for vacation next month. INTERESTING EXERCISE, to really trace back motivation. Something some of my organizing books teach...

My March 14, 2017 post taught you the best time management technique ever. The second best time management technique ever is a little more complicated. I hope the visual helps.
Whenever I have a task which has a time frame which is limited by something outside my control, like store hours, a deadline when I have to turn something in, a time-zone difference for a call I need to make, I give that task its own marker on my calendar. And that marker is set to the length of time of the problem outside my control. Using the calendar above, in my world, "Chorus Festival" on … (4 comments)

This is the best time management technique anyone will ever teach you, so there, nyah! Somewhere always on your person or at least in your car, keep a list of the places which you most frequently go to: grocery stores, pet shops, dry cleaners, big box stores. My list, which I keep in the Notes app on my phone, includes all of the above and a half dozen Goodwills, Homeward Pet animal shelter in Woodinville, my Post Office, my bank, the management office where I live, and used to include places like the Zoo, the Aquarium, and every trampoline and bounce house within an … (2 comments)

time management: Professional Organizer Insider Tips - 11/23/16 04:50 PM
Every wonder what Professional Organizers do to keep themselves on time, mindful, unstressed and decisive? Take a look at these techniques...
11 Smart Things Pro Organizers Do Every Morning, Goodhousekeeping.com  
But here's the biggest secret of all. We don't all of us do all of those things, and neither will you. If it doesn't work for you, or works against you, DON'T DO IT. Organizing is all about finding systems and structures and habits that work to your strengths and preferences. It's all about learning and thinking styles. I never make my bed.

time management: C'Mon, You Know You're Wasting Time on Facebook - 11/23/16 03:53 PM
Ever curl up under the covers on the bed, surfing Facebook for a couple of hours? Read this for the surprise ending.
C'Mon, You Know You're Wasting Time on Facebook, EverydayPowerBlog.com
It seemed right for February, except of course if you're reading this in the Bahamas, Venice, Senegal, Costa Rica, Melbourne, a North American ski resort, New Orleans, Sri Lanka, Kerala or Malaysia (list courtesy of Conde Nast Traveller for "Top 10 Holiday Destinations February). Just listing the travel possibilities for a different kind of daydreaming.

time management: 5 Time Management Skills To Go from Busy to Productive - 11/03/16 10:52 AM
Everyday Power Blog is an awesome site to bookmark.
This is my second piece for Jeff so far and reposted with permission.  Seems just right for the start of a new year.
"5 Time Management Skills To Go from Busy to Productive."  … (2 comments)

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