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New home builders (large corporations) are in fact, usually a conglomerate of financial products including mortgage and title services, all within the vertical line of the home buying transaction. While that might be smart for the builder, it's not so smart for the buyer.  The big question is, if...
One of the more interesting places of interest in San Antonio is the University of Texas Institute of Texan cultures. Being that I have a strong affinity for multi-culture activities, this is my all time favorite San Antonio, Texas place to visit. I like to call it, the best of the best in terms ...
I am not a home grown San Antonio resident since I was a military dependent most of my life. I've lived in Hampton Virginia, Ramstein AFB, Germany, San Angelo, Texas, Honolulu, Hawaii, Wheeler AFB, Hawaii, and Dallas, Texas before moving to San Antonio, Texas. I think that gives me a fresh persp...
I had a great lunch meeting with Greg Garcia, Principal for Falcon Insurance last week. Not only did I discover that his customer service representative is my cousin, Julie Criado, but Falcon Insurance and Green Home Realty share the same passion for GREEN. I asked him ahead of time to be prepare...
I suppose everyone has varying viewpoints on green, and even may have negative feelings about it mostly from a political standpoint. I'm not here to argue that but I am 100% confident that a green home is built better than one that is not. 1.  TIGHTEN THE ENVELOPE:  What that means is to cut your...
It's a fact that respect must be earned, and it can come rather quickly - or not - depending on how you present yourself. To gain respect you first need to know me personally (integrity and ethics), then professionally (knowledge and expertise). Because respect and trust are necessary to have a m...
I think we've all heard that not knowing the law is not an excuse. I learned that when I bought a car with tinted windows from a used car lot and was later issued a ticket for dark tint. FortunatelY for me, the car dealer removed the tint and paid my ticket. But MORTGAGE FRAUD isn't so easy to es...
REALTORS ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. Wikipedia defines an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR as a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement. Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does no...
Freedom is never free. It's not just a saying, its not just a song. It's the fact that many have served for others to enjoy.  Serve them well to say thank you. Monday, May 28, 2012 9:00 am or 0900 hours Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery San Antonio, Texas   Fort Sam Houston is a U.S. Army post i...
It's not just a picnic! SAN ANTONIO -- Members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts nationwide are spending this Memorial Day weekend saying thanks to our men and women who served by placing American flags at the headstones of fallen service members. Boy Scout Davis Chavez of Troop 501 felt great pr...

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