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If you know me you know I have become fit focused. I'm on Day 2 of my newest journey but was swamped with work yesterday so I'm going to double blog today; Day 2 will appear this afternoon.  I am going to try to blog daily about the T25 experience for accountability and to encourage others. Today...
If you don't know Josh Altman from Bravo's Millionaire Listings show, you should! He's not the arrogant guy you see on TV; he's a witty, charming guy that knows how to market himself and close deals.  I had the fortunate opportunity to hear him speak at the Luxury Summit in San Antonio last week....
Eight years ago,  if you asked me to run a 5K I'd of said no! Today I run 4.25 miles twice a week and training for a 10K run (6.6 miles).  My WHY is to live healthier, have a higher quality of life with my children and future grandchildren, and to be the very best I can be. An agile body = an agi...
Listening to the radio the other day I heard a funny story that I'll share to illustrate my point about Trolls, and the harmful effects. Radio Host 1:  I've been in a crappy mood since yesterday so my daughter asked what's wrong. I told her somebody that I thought was my friend posted something n...
This morning the City of Austin is discussing a new home construction ordinance to help wheelchair-bound home owner guests.  The Ordinance:  The ordinance requires 30" wide doors and light switch height requirements for ADA Compliance (American with Disabilites Act) Hearing arguments disabled spo...
Of course we all know that giving great customer services creates referrals, but do we all understand what's the difference between average and great? I think in today's fast paced electronic age we tend to lose sight or maybe never had a high level of customer service therefore settle for medioc...
Things you should consider before office investing:  The average space per person, parking spaces, and trending concepts.  In 2010, Cassidy Turley real estate services firm says in owner occupied buildings the average per person space was calculated to be 225 square feet but reduced down to 213 i...
I posted my daily Thanksgiving reflection today and thought I'd share this on Activerain for a thought provoking day. Day 8: I am Thankful for my dad believed in me; and that I was capable of more than what I had already achieved. That belief instilled in me a personal Mantra, TQM, and I hope I h...
On my 10K training ground there's new grounds, coffee grounds that is. Twice a week I run 4 miles around Lady Bird Johnson Lake which takes me through Festival Community Garden.  A unique concept to improve sustainability and promote cohesion. A unique and innovative idea to reduce landfill, Grou...
Recently my friend Bill Willis inspired me to write my book when he gave me an autographed copy of his autobiography, "Base Jumping, The Vagabond Life of Military Brats."  I shared my story with him and he urged me to go forward because "You are obviously very passionate about the topic Cathy but...

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