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My kids often use that word "OLD" that makes me cringe at times.  They define it as 50, but make me and my husband exceptions to that rule.  So I asked my son (15) now that I am officially on top of the hill, why are dad and I exceptions? Think Old, Be Old.  One of our Pastors is the exact same a...
So often we don't see benefits of change because we focus on the energy it takes to adapt.  I happen to be one who likes change, usually, but not always.  It keeps life interesting, it keeps me from getting stuck in a rut, it sharpens my brain, and it adds variety to life. NEGATIVE CHANGE Frank D...
There's a company in town that has the tagline, "Only the Very Best" on their yard signs, website, etc. It's a very well known company with a great reputation, the funny thing is, I haven't ever heard or understood what makes them the very best.  So then, what value does it add to the consumer an...
I think we've all heard the adage, if they like you they'll meet with you, if they trust you they'll do business with you. But where does our loyalty lie when we're conflicted between lender and client trust? The short answer is, the client. But it's a delicate balancing act sometimes.  Recently ...
Back on Market (BOM) is a frequent status I see these days and I'm not surprised. Most often its due to a condition of the home which the Seller is not willing to repair when discovered by an inspection. On ocassion its a result of the Buyer not qualifying.  Regardless of why the house goes BOM, ...
I tend to work with many first time home buyers and I'm finding that in most cases they're saying things like...... My Lender said the Seller pays for Closing Costs If they didn't want to give up that flat screen maybe they should have removed it before listing the house. You said, what is attach...
What do EEMs and Utility rates have in common? Everything! As energy rates rise, so does the demand for Energy Efficient Mortgages. But while FHA and VA are offering these, there is still resistence in the markeplace by lender and real estate practitioners. Why? Most likey due to lack of knowledg...
  If you think about it, most anything of value has a rating system. These days Yelp and Zagat seem to be pretty popular resources to evaluate a restaurant or business before giving patronage. Angie's List is a pretty good option but I don't like the business model being based on paid membership ...
Living in San Antonio has been a joy and I especially love our traditions and hill country views. One of the reasons I am passionate about green is to sustain our living for future generations to enjoy as well.  While it takes a village, a village is one person times many.  So this blog is for y...
  As I sit and watch the 2013 Texas Cavalier's Parade I think about how wonderful it is to live in such a cultural and exciting city.  Founded in 1891, the World Famous Fiesta was kicked off to honor the events at the Alamo. In 1906 the Queen of the Order of the Alamo was created to celebrate the...

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