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BUYER AGENCY is a concept that rolled out back in the 80's when many buyers felt that they were not getting a fair deal in real estate transactions.  Many states, such as Texas, adopted the policy of INTERMEDIARY (assignment of duty to avoid conflict if Buyer and Seller roles are by the same real...
NAHREP SA (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals)  announced at yesterday's luncheon the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is proposing a "Qualified Mortgage" rule making it even more challenging for banks to lend. I found this statement online to support the announ...
I just posted a pithy comment and I read the blog from which this was derived. I'm impressed with the quality of Realtors here that go outside the box for ideas. Love it! Suggest it! THE SECRET TO NICHE SUCCESS   "But what if you don’t want to follow the crowd?    That’s noble, but the pioneers a...
Welcome Back! Okay well I'm assuming that you read part 1 that I wrote yesterday:  The Happiness Formula - What Can You Control? Understanding how much control we have over our happiness, regardless of life circumstances, is an integral part of being happy.  I mentioned that although what we do ...
I'm reading "Successful Women Think Differently" by Ms. Valorie Burton, a Certified Personal & Executive Coach.  I find she writes well and is well researched; she;s backed by other material that I have read by others. Valorie shares the Happiness formula, in the diagram (right), starting with th...
Being a military Brat I love exploring cultures. One of my favorite places to do that is right here in sunny, beautiful San Antonio, Texas - just another reason why to retire here!  If you too are military and are thinking about moving here, ask me about my "Military" promotion. The UTSA Institur...
We've all heard that all-too-familiar saying, "Think Outside the Box," but what does that really mean? Real Estate Coaches and Brokers say it, so Realtors buy into it - "Don't re-invent the wheel."  We farm by neighborhood, type - condo, multi-family, etc., we may even have a good SEO program wit...
I started an action plan to post a daily Green tip. One of my colleagues has suggested that I blog some that have heavier content so, for day 19 of 2013, How many trees do you save by recycling paper? Not much but when you consider everything helps, see below. Green Tip Day 19 - When printing, sa...
Wed, May 1, 2013 7:30pmMajestic Theatre (Courtesy of   Mejia Ballet International’s program, “Romeo and Juliet,” will feature Mejia’s most popular works “Jeux” set to music by Claude Debussy, Webern Pieces set to music by Anton Webern, “Café Victoria” set to the Tango “Contrabajisi...
An all too common discussion with women is the choice to work in the work place full-time, part-time, or to be a full-time mom. I came across an interesting blog post by Robert Kiyosaki, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and truly appreciated that their writing team took the time to research from various persp...

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