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Last year GREEN Home Realty participated in the Upper Cibolo Watershed Festival. This year we are again sponsors but to the newly named event, more catchy - Think Green Fair    Come check us out!  Tell your friends and family. Eat lunch. Listen to fun free music!   Bring your recyclables! Main Pl...
I love Docusign so this is an easy contest for me. If you're not using it then you may want to give it a whirl! Earn some points and get some pointers! CathyGoing Paperless Over a year ago we had you take a look at your business and share with us your plan for going paperless. Or if you had alrea...
I've been saying for years.... "I help you buy, sell, and build to save you money, live healthier, and improve the value of your investment." Of course that opens me up to challenges and of course I am ready to say - game on! But honestly, the appraisers get in the way and Realtors have to make t...
I'm always inspired by amazing, people who have achieved personal and professional success! I look to them for guidance, ideas, and direction. This weekend I was was blessed by the fortunate opportunity to have breakfast with Nikish Parekh, CEO of Activerain! the day before his presentation for t...
Salon Take Over is an awesome show for all business owners. It's funny, interesting, and sometimes unreal - an excellent small business strategy show. Tabitha takes over a hair salon to uncover the operational mess and provides solutions to revolutionize the way they do business. Tabitha helps ow...
Diana Nyad's current initiative—to revive in us humans the sense of our own potential as she explores hers—seems to go very well with this. The ocean is vast and so is human potential. As alien a place as it may seem to us, at night, out in the middle of nowhere, the ocean is a somewhere, as myst...
I am a tree hugger so I had to share this blog this morning. My favorite tools are Google, Evernote (saves tons of scrap paper), and Pinterest. I don't subscribre to Home and Garden magazines; they're full of advertising and kill trees.  Pinterest is a much better resource! My company is paperles...
Many people believe the Enron people were pure evil; that their actions were so obviously wrong that it was cut and dry - but it wasn't. They didn't do anything illegal in the beginning, but it snow-balled into ethics and legal actions when they tried to mask their discovery. It's no different th...
I've been out of the rain this summer mainly because business is so hot it just keeps me running.  I also hired a business coach to keep me focused and in that came some great progress. Why? Because of WHY! I was assigned the task of defining my mission, values and culture. Then Ron said, what's ...
From time to time when I meet with buyers for the first time, I get the question - "Why Should I Use a Realtor to Buy a House?  I could go into a long, drawn out explanation but most likely they'd tune out or fall asleep.  My solution to such a candid but very important question? A handout with a...

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