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Today a Friend of mine needed some help. He is selling a house and it needs some work more than just staging.  So looking at the home, it was decided that a French County Style is the best theme of the home. After all it has the beams, and the brass fireplace and the stain glass windows.So after ...
Do the opposite of what everybody else is doing.  Most agents come to the door, or in the letter. "Hi... you are in trouble... I will sell your home...Blah Blah and Blah!"How about giving a foreclosure five ways they can save their home, or six or seven.  "Hi I know that you don't want to move, I...
Super Target is coming soon! Walmart is relocating and bumping up to a Super Walmart. Ralphs, Starbucks, Washington Mutual, Longs Drugs, Walgreens, Hollywood Video, Mac Donalds, Albertsons to name a few of the top names are already here. The community center of Apple Valley is here. But all you h...
In Just a few weeks my Son Arron will go into the military. As a mother, I am concerned and proud all at the same time. We all watch our children grow up. Some of us think we know what they will do as young adults, others of us wonder. I am a wonderer. My Son is choosing military chaplaincy. It i...
When I was Studying for my license, one of the more obscure things in the study matter  was a Kiosk. Little did I know that a year later I would work with Exit Desert Ocean Realty and that one of my greatest lead generation machines would be a Kiosk.Exit Desert Ocean has an exclusive kiosk at Vic...
This is a Great Day.I take a listing today.I put a listing in escrow today.I live my dream.I find encouragement by encouraging others.I am a powerful salesperson.I bring clients to making a decision in their favor.I always present the truth in the best possible light.I have energy.I eat right, th...
Jure Harper is a personal friend and an outstanding trainer. She has been a DRE instructor and is currently teaching classes in the Victorville(the high Desert), So I recieved a personal coaching session on Short Sales. Here in a nutshell is what I learned that may really benefit you.1) be Totall...

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