before: BEFORE & AFTER - 12/11/11 06:57 AM
A few of my latest 'before' and 'afters': … (20 comments)

before: Brand new Smilebox! - 09/26/11 05:21 PM
Here are a few shots of my latest work. These photos actually show a few rooms of my three most recent stagings. One was a vacant flip, the other two were occupied stagings. I actually find the occupied homes more work than the vacants. I think it is because I have to deal with all the 'stuff', the homeowners don't always agree with my choices, etc. In a vacant flip, I can just start from scratch and everything seems to go so much easier. Does anybody else feel this way about occupied vs vacants? … (16 comments)

before: Bachelor pad...NOT! - 09/24/11 08:20 AM
This is a stage of a 3 story downtown home which was essentially a bachelor pad.  With some rented furniture along with my own inventory, I staged it to appeal to the young professional.  It had a conditional offer in 2 days!
                         Master bedroom BEFORE                                             Master bedroom AFTER

                   Living/dining area BEFORE                                                 Living/dining area AFTER