clutter: What does a home stager REALLY do? - 05/16/10 09:51 AM
With the recent proliferation of TV reality shows about home staging for selling, I suspect that many sellers and also many realtors believe that these shows portray what home stagers do....which is not always the case.  What does a home stager REALLY do?
A well trained home stager does NOT go into a client's home and exclaim, "What a horrible decor!  What WERE you thinking?'  (As in many of the TV shows).  Instead, we will first find something positive to say about their house and then say something like, 'We can help make your home even more attractive to buyers'.
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clutter: What NOT to do when selling your home.... - 05/07/10 04:39 PM
Assuming that you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar (and I'm sure everybody does), here are some things NOT to do, from a home stager's point of view.
1.  Do not assume that most buyers will love your decor as much as you do. (Most likely won't.)  
2.  Do not assume that buyers can see past the 'stuff' and see the home for what it is. (They can't.)
3.  Do not assume that it is costly to stage your home. (It's not, considering the return you will get.)
4.  Do not try to mask odours with various products.  (Get … (11 comments)