cathy baumbusch: Pictures from Extreme Makeover - 09/05/09 07:16 AM

Getting Ready. Brian Block, Nancy Alert, Linda Tyres, Cathy Baumbusch. 3AM 8/28/09

Nancy and Linda chuck some debris

Cathy and Brian haul some trash

Icky dirty trash! (I'm wearing a SKORT!)

Nancy and Brian serving breakfast to the laborers

Ryan Sanford, Nancy Alert, Cathy Baumbusch, Brian Block 9AM 8/28/09

Shift Change. Front, Cathy, Nancy, Linda and Brian. Day shift is behind. Includes Charlie Bengal, Robin Burdette and others.



Thanks to Linda Tyres and Brian Block for … (6 comments)

cathy baumbusch: Extreme Realty - 08/24/09 03:12 AM
I'm happy to report that I won the lottery! No, I didn't come into any money- but it many ways, this is just as good.
Earlier this month, our company announced that we were asked to participate in an Extreme Makeover Home Edition project in our area. There would be a residence in MD and a community center in DC. I attended a pre-project rally on Aug 13 and was fired up and ready to get started on it. I even got a top, top secret line on the address of one of the projects and drove by to check it … (5 comments)